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Please Help Us Get Volume 3 In Print & On the Bookstore Shelves



Recently I added Volume 3 of the Medicine of Selves into the Books section of this website.


To look at one of the chapters, press Here.


       Several years ago I had more than one of my military friends commit suicide because of their not being able to handle the effects that their participation in the fight against terrorism had upon them.    Each time I asked Great Pop (The Creator) what I could or should do to help keep such from continuing to occur.    His response was that it was not time for me to do any such thing, yet.    As one will find in the material of Volume 3, I have personal experience in this Survivors Guilt thing, in fact a whole lot.    It was after another good friend of mine killed himself that Great Pop finally told me that it was time.    Volume 3 was recently completed around the first of this year being that of 2010.    It is a book for all people, of all time.    I say such because of its content and potential benefit and remedy.

       Over these now many years of writing these now many books, I have looked at the many various offerings towards publishing.    There are a lot of options from E-Books, Vanity Presses, Publish on Demand, and so forth, if you have the money.    And those people that I know that have tried such, all have boxes of their books in their closets and garages.    Sure one or two might get a semblance of distribution, but few have or last long.

       What I feel this material deserves is support from someone that is or knows of a widely distributed published author that has books in stores and libraries.    The reason that I put it this way is that those individuals have contacts with publishers and literary agents that are necessary to effect such a result.    If one is wondering, my current status is that I am again displaced and staying with some friends in South Carolina, hence of quite limited resources financially at this time.


    If you feel interested in becoming an Angel to this effort, please send me an E-Mail to  and I will be glad to reply with the completed (unedited) work as an attachment to that E-Mail. 


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