WEEK - 07

Vision 1-

First appears a baby turtle and it is emerging out of its egg shell.  One sees that for it to do such it has to stick its neck way out.  Then one is given to see the same in a way for other life forms and realizes that such is the condition for all in some fashion or another.  It is as if for one to get anywhere in Life then one must stick one’s neck out. 

Vision 2-

There appears a large red energy dome over a certain land mass on Mother Earth.  It is almost like some nuclear event and there is a great rippling effect spreading out in all directions from the center of it.  Then all becomes real still and quiet.


WEEK - 06

Vision 1-

First appears a streaming shower of white energy that is headed by a ball of white light.  Within this ball is the Space Shuttle, and one gets a sense that all was in order as it began its decent.  Then one sees a person holding a flashlight and looking for something in a fog while another is sitting at a round table and reviewing the entries within a note book of sorts.  Then the person that was searching joins them at the table and they begin discussing something with each other.  There is a sense that these two are time and record keepers of the Akasic records.  One then gets the sense that all is in order as relates recent events and that there is a new opening or beginning as relates the condition of beings and incarnating here on Mother Earth.  It is like humankind has reached the knot in the sacred circle that ties the end and beginning together.


Vision 1-

There is a person sitting at a round wooden table.  They seem to be pouring over the details in some papers or plans before them.  One gets the sense that they are in the process of making certain choices and decisions.  One then notices an individual that is sitting there as well and that the decisions and choices will directly involve them and others as well.  Soon a rainbow appears, and one gets the sense that there is still hope and that all is not lost as of yet.

Vision 2-

First one sees what appears to be a tunnel through the snow with the end of it opening to the top of a volcano.  One gets the sense that the volcano is quite active and soon to erupt perhaps.  One is then transported to the side of it where there is a lava flow that seems to be ready to take a segment of the side of the volcano with it.  One does not get a sense of peril over this condition, yet one does sense peril as for the Future in some way.  The Spirit of the volcano seems to be stating that these natural forces are a part of Mother Earth and one senses a great dynamic as well as power within such.


WEEK - 04

Vision 1-

There is a great mound of snow.  Then one sees within it that there are several White Rabbits nesting inside. They wake up and one starts making a tunnel in the snow whereupon it soon finds a water hole.  It drinks from it and shares it with the rest.  One gets a sense that it knows that more snow is going to come and waits with patience and Faith that the Creator will provide and all will be Ok.

Vision 2-

The setting is at the perimeter of a large fireball.  It seems like the core of a volcano as soon lava seems to flow to the rightmost edge.  There is a pyramid shaped stone formation with a dark gem embedded within it.  The Mineral Spirit is not afraid and sits undaunted within the flowing mass of lava.  It does not get melted, and even seems little affected by such.  It is as if  it seems to know something about its own Future.  In time, all is changed and one then sees a wooden structure like a house or barn.  One then sees that the stone now supports it in some manner, as if the stone’s plan and purpose was for just such an expression.  One then recognizes the beauty of its Life and sense of Purpose, and starts to consider that of oneself as well.


WEEK - 03

Vision 1-

The setting is near the waters edge and up some kind of estuary or rivulet an arena like a domed stadium appears. Then there appears a sunset behind it in some way and one gets an ominous feeling of something soon to occur.  After a while, one sees a tornado that seems to dance upon the top of it.  Yet, little damage to the structure is apparent from that activity.  Then one looks inside the stadium that is now empty.  Finally, one’s attention is given to a workman whom seems to be placing some potentially destructive device of some kind in the framework of it.


WEEK - 02

Vision 1-

The setting is an island environment where a large volcano has recently uplifted Mother Earth.  Its development and growth process of self expression is obviously still in process, and smoke and flames can be seen from the core at the top.  It is surrounded by a forest and the trees do not seem to mind its presence and expression.  Soon it is also obvious that there are human inhabitants of the island and soon they decide and choose to take their leave of it, as they are seen to leave by paddling large canoes with some of their belongings.  The leave from the southern shore of the island and soon are seen to head in a southwesterly direction, which has the Medicine of physical enlightenment.  One can tell then that they realize that their path is unsure as well as their Future.  Yet, obviously their past is just that at this point.  Even so they continue forward in Prayer and choose to let their Faith instead of Fear to guide them forward to their next new beginning and Future.


WEEK - 01

Vision 1-
(About This Year)

There appears a great Eagle that is flying high above the orb of Mother Earth.  It can see easily where there is a line of darkness on one side of it and light upon the other.  Then there appears to be an effort of the darkness to take over a portion of the light in the upper hemisphere.  A sense of peril as well as potential earth changes is then obvious and felt by it.  The effort seems to wane or fail rather quickly.  Then there appears a symbol that is in the darkness and it seems to be almost the pattern of the creator or Medicine wheel at times. One then gets a sense that this is about the region known as Korea and that a great trial and conflict is soon to occur there that has global impact to all Life forms.  The Eagle then lands upon a ledge in space and patiently waits and watches to see what is next.

Vision 2-
(About This Month)

Again a sphere is shown and this time it seems that the top half, which is red and molten is erupting above the dark lower portion.  It is like the dark portion is a cup that is holding the highly active upper portion, much like an ice cream cone of sorts.  Then there seems to be some eroding of the edges of the cup, as the molten portion remains active.  One gets the sense that many changes and forces are in process and that ultimately, all will be affected by such.  Then there appears to be a molten lake across the surface of the dark portion, and one senses that a New Beginning can now be realized.

Vision 3- (About This Week)

There again appears an orb, and this time it is suspended from many tethers in space.  Also the orb is clear and again has two halves that rotate in a nonspecific path.  Then there appears some kind of activity on the surface that comes from the air, and it spreads like a disease over a portion of the surface.  Then there appears a man that is sitting and reading a newspaper and soon because of some decision, there is a remedy put in place and soon the disease is vanquished, at least for the present term.



Most of these weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.