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The following is a segment from the first volume of the Medicine of Selves.  At this point Great Pop is giving White Eagle whom He calls “Little One” the Proper Way to experience and express Renewall. 

If one does not Change something in regard to one’s method that is not working at the time, one most often will continue to Realize the same result, period.  And this brings Us to the next topic, which is that of:


How to Experience Renewall (Verses Recovery), and Healing.


      “Yes Little One, in Reality it is as you have oftentimes mentioned, All Physical conditions of anomaly are resultant from Spiritual issues.  Yep, in a sense one can accurately say that the Spirit, and thereby one’s Real Self, defines and drives the physical form in all instances.  Yet, it also is one’s other Selves that are the one’s that manifest any problems in the condition of balance and WellBeing of the physical form.  And while in most instances, the dilemma and anomaly in the physical form is temporary, it can and will oftentimes recur until the Spiritual issue is dealt with.  This is especially true for allergies and the like, which always develop as response expressions to issues of Control.  Also as you are well aware, there is a great difference between Renewall and recovery. And while attempts in the mindset of recovery might realize certain recovery may limited results that most likely have temporary benefits, Renewall is what is going to only be considered here.   So the first step in the process of Renewall and Healing any condition of oneself is to:


Take a Personal Inventory of Selves.


      This is necessary you see, so as to determine the Real causes of the symptoms that are being manifested in the physical body.  Also, while Renewall can and should be considered and Chosen as an expression for other things and reasons in one’s Life expression, I will discuss the process entailed in Realizing it to oneself singularly in this topic.  So, as you are now wondering, just how does one go about taking this personal inventory of Selves?  Actually, it depends upon the status of one’s Lists of Cares, Desires, Values, Fears, and Assets that have already been made.  In this I mean how recent, honest, and accurate they are at the point of dilemma.  If they are relatively current, then the work is pretty much done in this regard already.  And if not, it is as simple as making new ones.  In addition to those lists, one can and should also make a list of Projected, Imagined, and Cosmic / Communal Selves as well.  These lists will define and include the current expressions that are ongoing in ones Relationships and current endeavor of goal attainment and thereby, Potential Fulfillment.  Again, Honesty is the Key word and necessary requirement here.  As one lists goals and relationships of involvement in that part of the process, one is to also rate one’s current position as well as progress towards Fulfillment in them.  And of course you will now make and include worksheets to support this activity, and include them in the Appendix as well, ha, ha, ha.  Once this first step is complete, then the second step is to:


Redefine Oneself.


      In this step, one is to consider what it is that one Really Desires to Be Now and in the Future.  Also it is important here to first Give Away all of the conditions of the Past, period.  It is important to know the source of one’s condition, only in as much that one can now Choose to no longer participate in the experience of it anymore.  And one can start their definition of their New Self with that of being in a condition of Reality, Balance and WellBeing, both physically and Spiritually.  Also, it is important to be now not only Honest, but also Realistic as regards one’s Real Potential to achieve such.  In this I mean that if one has chosen to experience not being able to walk by loosing a leg, then it is not Realistic for them to expect and therefore Desire, to grow a replacement one.  However, in such a circumstance it is Realistic for them to be able to walk still and even run, as some individuals have shown in their choice of an expression of this process.  And these definitions should be now included at the top portion of the Lists that one already has fashioned as relates to one’s True Desires and Cares.  When that process is complete and Understood, then the next step is that of:


Commit with Passion and Focus, All of One’s Wills to embrace Renewall and Change.


      Yep, Little One, this part of the process is as simple and quick as one makes it.  But here we are talking about Real Commitment and expression of Desire.  Also, it is important that no Energy is applied in any fashion to other things other that the Fullest Realization of this Desire, and Renewall to it, in and of oneself, period.  This is also the way of Miracles as you well know, and the All of the universe can and should be called upon in the experience and expression of it.  And in the very next moment of Life, one is responsible for maintaining the Transformation that if Honestly sought and then when given is beheld to oneself, will be Realized.  Also, at this point, one will Realize the greatest ease and Success in Life from this moment forward by remaking their Resource Wheel.  By doing this, they will thereby define their next New Real Self, and then can and should, maintain Consciousness and Focus upon it in their daily Lives and Future”.


      Next, Great Pop once again excused Himself and got up and left the room for a bit..  He had left the little box on the table, probably knowing that it would pique my curiosity. As I was considering taking a peek inside, He told me to include at this point, the material on Renewall from the Proper Way, so here it is: 


RENEWALL PROPER -  Renewall is a process provided by The Creator by which any and all can make a fresh new beginning and start in their expression of Being, and being in Life.  To Be in The Way of Renewall Proper, one must embrace to one's Consciousness the true condition of one's Ego and all of the Desires and controlling mechanisms inherent in it, such as one's Fear, doubt, vanity and so forth.  This is necessary as these are the things which have lead one to one's own illusionary perception of oneself and one's idea of being, and being oneself.  To be in the Way of Renewall Proper, one is to then express a Desire for Change and Renewall.  And when Chosen and accepted, embrace it to one's Heart and beg for Grace and Mercy from the Creator in one's best effort and Endeavor of Humility Proper, give it and all else in one's limited perception and Consciousness away.  Renewall Proper is then realized by one’s asking the Creator to make oneself over so as to be of Renewall, and thereby Renew All aspects of one's being, conscious and otherwise, to His Idea of oneself.  In this one will thereby replace the old distorted pattern of oneself that one has made as the image of one's Ego of self with a new and Proper pattern of His Idea of oneself.  Renewall Proper is further realized by again expressing a Real Desire from the Heart of oneself, and then surrender oneself to it so as to become the vessel of oneself that is truly the channel of His Light and Love and Benefaction to oneself and all other beings and things of His creation.  As one certainly can not change one’s past as it is over, one can through the Realization and expression of Renewall Proper, leave the influences of one’s past behind, so as to become as Born New in Renewall.  The Expression of Renewall Proper is than realized in oneself as one begins again to walk one's path of Growth as the Renewed and bettered pattern of oneself that He is ever so willing to provide to oneself.  The Creator is most willing to support one in this manner at any instant in one's Life, and as many times a day as is necessary, so as to ever be embraced, Supported, and Loved by Him.  In the process of Renewall Proper, it truly is a New agenda in life that one seeks as the Creator provides all of the tools necessary upon each and every step to make ease in the expression of one's Growth.  Renewall Proper is a wonderful technique in locating and identifying the tools through one's Prayerfully and Meditatively looking to the Heart of self for direction and guidance from the very best Source of such, which is the Creator.  Renewall Proper is much like the wonderful process that the caterpillar goes through.  The caterpillar goes into and emerges from the cocoon so as to experience and express Renewall.  The once self indulgent and needy consumer of plant material, Renews All so as to become a beautiful Supporting and Benefacting Caretaker of the plant Spirit kingdom in a Renewed form of a Butterfly.  Yes, instead of continuing it's previous limited Idea of self as a ravaging parasite that preyed upon the plants, it chooses different, and Renewall is the process that such Change can become Realized in itself.  All beings can also continue to become a Butterfly in oneself, through continuing the process of Renewall Proper in oneself at any moment and as often as found necessary, so as to bring forth the Greatest expression of the Creator's Idea in and of, each self.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.