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 To Behave Proper is for one to continually seek guidance from the Creator, and then act upon that guidance with the Prayer Proper in hand.  The Prayer Proper is the question of whether one’s next expression or Choice does in Reality and all perspectives “Walk in Balance and With Harm to No one Being or Thing, Including that of Oneself”.  To Behave Proper is to continually seek to become an agent and emissary of the Creator's Will in and of oneself.  To Behave Proper is to also continually seek to be operative as an open channel of His Light and Love, in any and every way possible.  To be of Behavior Proper, is to first become of consciousness and awareness that ones every expression, including the next one, effects and affects the All of everything that is the Web of creation.  To Behave Proper is to thereafter seek that expression that least causes any disruption in the Web by ones next action, much less so as to experience one's own next expression or Growth.  To Behave Proper is to indeed Walk the path of ones Life in a Prayerful and Meditative way, and thereby include the Creator and the All in each step and experience of it.

To Behave Proper is to seek understanding and the roundest condition as well as balance as one endeavors to Grow.  Yet being Proper in Life is not about the realization of any particular objective at all, and certainly not Growth.  Yet, Growth in some fashion is in Reality an inevitable condition for all beings and things, at all times and in all circumstances and places.  This is Real and True simply because such is a Potential and byproduct of the process of making one's own Decisions by lesson taking through the experience of them.  In Reality any and all Potential that become outwardly expressive of the Essential Will of the Creator do not do such with any mandate at all, much less the idea of lesson taking or Growth.  Such fostered ideas about Life and expressions therein, are just that.  Instead, most make outward expressions and thereby become extant in Life, simply for the experience of such.  And this Motive alone is most Proper in all cases and conditions, that Walk in Balance With Harm to no Other Being or Thing including that of Oneself.  Truly if there is any doubt about any choice or Decision to be made, it is truly most Proper to seek guidance from the Creator about such.  This condition is valid about any and everything, and always is the best choice that one can make anyway.  In Reality, The Creator has no specific requirement as regards Behavior even.  Of course He certainly is not uncaring, and clearly does Desire the very best of experiences for each and All beings and things, at all times.

 As all Prayers are answered in some way or form, to Behave Proper is to walk the path of Life with one's Mind directed from one’s Heart to one’s Conscience and pay as little mind to Ego as possible, except in matters of personal safety for which it was designed.  Experiencing and expressing one’s Life in this manner will allow for the very ease in one's own Being and Behavior Proper.  And if also desired, such a Choice and expression will also support the realization of the greatest roundness in Growth.  To Behave Proper is to always consider oneself with one's Consciousness to Heart as to be an ever Perfect and changing child of a Loving and Benefacting Creator.  To Behave Proper is to ever be willing to take one's own next first step.  To Behave Proper is to also ever Prayerfully and Meditatively seek guidance and direction from The Creator in the Heart of oneself in the process of it.  And to be of the very best Behavior Proper, is to be ever respectful and Thankful for the All of it.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.