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Like the Message, the Understanding for This Week comes from Great Pop and the Medicine of Selves as He explains to White Eagle:


How to Champion Personal Issues.

      As you have figured out by now Little One, all Care expressions of a being or thing result and operate in Cosmic / Communal Selves, period. In actuality, even the maintaining or Care of one’s physical body when incarnated, is expressed and experienced in just such a Self as it were.  That is the reason that I defined the process of any remedy or Renewall of such in the previous topic.  As We have already discussed the Cosmic / Communal Self in detail, I will only remind you here that it is in these types of Selves that one actually interacts with other beings and things.  This includes one’s profession, spouse, parents, automobile, employer, and so forth.  These are also the most extended Selves as regards their relative condition to one’s Real Self.  While the Potential developments that might give rise to one having some type of difficulty or negative reaction to some condition or experience in them might seem diverse, in Reality it is not.  Therefore, while the symptoms might seem to vary, the Real cause and remedy does not. In fact and Reality, the only condition of imbalance and dilemma that can arise in a Cosmic / Communal Self is that of what can be called one’s own Failed Expectation in such.  So with that understanding then the first step becomes:


Identify the Expectation and Loss.

      In all cases one operates in a Cosmic / Communal relationship with another being or thing as a result of one’s Choice of Care and Desire to experience and express oneself in it in some fashion of form.  Therefore when difficulties, imbalance, or problems occur within one, one only has to determine What has changed that now makes such to no longer be a viable condition for that Care and Desire Potential to be realized or continue?  Also, it is important to identify what one Really expected to happen, verses that which in Reality now has developed.  Little One, you knew that there was a Potential for Jack to exit when He did in the beginning of that Cosmic / Communal Self that you both shared.  The same holds true for many experiences of loss, like that of your mother and earth father.  Yet, you also maintained Hope as well as an expectation that you might continue to operate in those shared Cosmic / Communal Selves with them for a period of time that was much longer than was realized. 

      Therefore, in these particular experiences and expressions, in Reality at some point you did have to face and recognize your loss of Hope and Potential in these shared Cosmic / Communal Selves.  This is the same for any loss or disappointment that one might experience and express in one’s Life.  One’s facing and accepting Potential loss or failed expectations is also an important part of maintaining Consciousness and Focus of Perspective to Reality.  Therefore Little One, as you now Understand, this makes for a condition that one must be Real and hence completely Honest in this important first step.

      Once this first step is complete and one’s feelings are Understood, then the next step is:


Recognize and Realize the actuality of one’s Success.

      Little One, as important as the recognizing a loss and mourning it is, so also is the Realization that one indeed did have a great Potential realized in the Cosmic / Communal Self that was shared with that being or thing.  This is Real and true as well as is always the condition and case no matter what actually occurred in it, period.  Also, if a Potential is Realized in any fashion or form, then that is by definition is a Success.  This is actually is the difference between operating from Need mentality verses Have mentality in one’s Perspective and Attitude.  You see Little One, even Cosmic / Communal Self expressions and experiences that embody dysfunctional relationships are in Reality always Successful.  And, once the success has become Understood, then the next step is to:


Inventory what one Expressed and Experienced.

        Yes Little One, you might liken this to being the West activity of the Medicine Wheel of expressions and experiences in Cosmic / Communal Selves.  The relationship and Potential that was embodied and experienced in the Cosmic / Communal shared Self as well as all of the preceding steps can be considered as being South activity.  This “West” step is where through introspection and “Looking Inside” as you call it, one realizes one’s participation and thereby Potential.  In doing such a review and inventory of one’s experiences in total Honesty, then the greatest measure of profit can be realized from any experience, period.  This is also the place of the Give Away and one’s Real morning of the loss should in fact be expressed and understood to completion here.  Actually, one might liken the experience of this process as being the arrival of oneself after withstanding the rigors of a long trek or journey. Once one has arrived at a new destination, it may not have been so easy or be entirely what one expected.  Yet in this review of one’s participation in it, one will always find the potential one’s Success in it no matter what outcome actually developed.  Once this step is accomplished then the next step is to:


Reclaim that Cosmic / Communal Self.

      Little One as you are now beginning to realize, each and every Self that is expressed from one’s Real Self requires continuous maintenance and Energy.  This is Real and true in all conditions and circumstances.  Therefore if one Really desires to Realize the greatest Expanding Potential of Real Success in Life, it is very important to reclaim any Self that is expressed from the Real One when the Potential in it is no longer to be considered as being viable or possible.  This step can also be considered as the North position as relates to the Medicine Wheel of expressions and experiences and hence it is where the Real work is s accomplished.  As you like to say, this is the time and place to retract and clean up one’s Care hose that was extended into that Cosmic / Communal Self in support of it.  If this process is done with Real respect and Value, then one will naturally embody as much expansion as is possible from Understanding all of the experience.  In this step one is to not only let go of that relationship and Self which no longer is viable or potentially fulfilling, but also one is to reclaim and hold as precious the openness, desire, willingness, care, and trust that one offered in it.  Once complete, then the next step is to:


Integrate one’s feelings about the condition or situation.

      Yep Little One, this is the East work of the process, very good!  Yes, in this part of the process, it is recommended that at Proper times and in Proper circumstances one describes and discusses one’s feelings about the experience and expression.  Through the integration of one’s feelings in this manner, one can again regain a Proper sense of value, completeness, balance, and control, especially in regards to one’s Bark on tree, Ho, Ho, Ho!  Also Little One, it is important to be as Honest here as it is not to dwell too long upon any loss or other negative conditions that might have been resultant from the expression and experience.  The means to effect such integration is to let go of the past and simply Choose different for the Future.  Remember here Little One, Real Success in Life is not about winning or loosing like some are led to believe, it is simply the realization of some Potential through one’s personal experience and expression.  Once this step in the process is complete, then the next and final one is to:


Become one’s next new Expanded Real Self.

      As you now recognize Little One, this is where one again begins in the South of the Medicine Wheel of expressions and experiences.  The important thing to consider and remember here is that at any point one can and should Choose to become one’s next new Real Self.  Also, at any point one can Choose to again experience and express one’s Desires and Cares through experiences and relationships with other beings and things in New Cosmic / Communal shared Selves.  Another important thing to consider here is that one should endeavor always, and in all ways, not to become the product of one’s past experiences and expressions.  Instead, one should direct as much Openness, Focus, and Energy as is possible towards the Realization of one’s unlimited Potential of one’s Real Self in one’s next expressions and thereby Future”.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.