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To be in the Way of Obligation Proper is to express one's Value and Respect for an act of the Respectful Sharing of another being or thing through its expression of Care so as to provide for the Receipt of a Benefaction or any other expression of the Creator's Light and Love unto oneself.  In all conditions and circumstances of the Receivership of anything, there is ever a condition of it being a response from the Creator to a Desire Prayer for that experience.  This certainly applies to any Benefaction unto oneself.  In the Way of Obligation Proper, one becomes in Proper Receivership of it from any other being or thing that through their individual expression of Administration Proper, transferred it to oneself so as to provide for one's continued Support of Wellbeing and Growth through the expression of that transfer and one’s own Receivership. 

In any condition of being in Receivership Proper, one indeed becomes automatically if one is in the Way Proper, in the Obligation Proper Way as well as the Caretaking Way thereafter of that which is Received.  This condition of Obligation Proper and the Proper Way thereby increases its Value to the Wellbeing of the All by one's making of the very best utility of that which is Received through the Proper Administration of it in the betterment of the condition of oneself and the All.  One should certainly begin to be in the Way of Obligation Proper with that most Precious and Valuable Gift that one has ever Received, which is the Medicine and Being of oneself.  One can see clearly that truly that All beings and things of His creation are ever in a condition of Obligation anyway.  Thereby to Be Proper, is to Behave Proper in the Administration of one's Gifts and Benefactions so as the be in the Way of Compensation Proper and thereby ensure in the continuation of the Flow of The Creator’s Providence and Benefactions, and hence provide one's Support in the Balance and Wellbeing of the All.  Obligation Proper may indeed be likened to a latching or interconnect type of mechanism at the other end from oneself of one's Care hose or tube of the Care Essence-Operative of oneself. 

One cannot truly be in the Obligation Proper Way without being also in the Care Proper Way as well, and one's Administration Proper provides the gasket that seals the precious Flow of the Benefaction and Light and Love from any source as provided by the Creator.  It is indeed through the Care Proper hose of oneself that one Receives that Providence to oneself, which is enabled only by the coupling device of one's Obligation Proper.  In all conditions of being in the Way of Share Proper, one is indeed entrusted and thereby also in the Way of Obligation Proper.  In any condition of a Share as in a loan of material goods or things financial, one is also in the way of Compensation Proper, whereby one is indeed to return as expediently as possible, that which was Provided in like and kind or in terms agreed upon in the consciousness of being in the most Loving and Thankful of Ways so as to ensure in the continued Flow of the Creator's Benefaction to oneself and the All else of His creation.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.