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To find the Spirit of a stone it is given to describe a technique which will help the user to sense or "Read" the unique vibration that is the Spirit that is present in any stone. Fundamental to this process is the understanding that all is vibration. As anything that is created by The Great Spirit has Spirit, the Spirit can be sensed, seen, or felt by its unique vibration. Just as some people can see the aura or halo of vibration that exists all about the human form, all can learn to sense the vibration of anything made by Him with the hands.

First in the process is to practice projecting and sensing energy by holding the hands together closely, but not touching, as if one is rolling a small ball between them. Work at sensing and transmitting energy between them as they get closer together, without touching. This energy is a kinetic projection of energy which we all do, but are usually not conscious of. As you work at this exercise, you might even visually see the waves of energy being compressed and should feel a tingling sensation in one or more area which might be concentrated or compressed into a hot spot. The center of the palm of the hand is usually the area that is most open to this sensation, however often the fingertips will often become quickly sensitized as well. Continue to work on this exercise daily and continued improvement of sensitivity will soon be experienced.

For those individuals that might experience trouble at first, it is recommended to place a small Quartz Receiving Crystal, meaning point to the side, in the palm of one hand with the other hand being then placed over it and the exercise continued for improved results. The goal of this exercise is however to develop the feeling senses of the hands without anything between them. For future reference, all stones should be placed in the palm of the left or receiving hand for examination and the right hand placed over it in the sensing process no matter which hand that is used in the writing process. However, do whatever works best for you as there are no absolutes. This is a good exercise to practice at anytime and is a good ability to develop so as to impress small children and large dogs. Not to be taken too lightly, this enhancing exercise will continue to help in hands on healing applications and is a really good one for everyone to use.

Having opened up the sensors of the hands, the next step in the process of finding the Spirit is to learn how to read or sense the different vibrations of the different colors. Take several pieces of plain white un-ruled paper and place a primary color spot or either red, blue, yellow, white, and black upon each piece. I use acrylic paint however marks-alot or any other medium will work. I usually make the spot of color about one inch in diameter on a two inch square of paper. The colors needed are at least white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, brown, and violet for the best effect.

Start with a red and blue colored set at first. Sense the color by placing a hand over it and feeling the vibration that is present. If trouble is encountered in feeling a difference in the vibrations of the two colors I usually place a receiving Crystal over the color spot for amplification. Some people may feel a sensation in different parts of the body from different colors as well as the hand and either or both may be used for identification. I prefer to relate each color to a sound as well as all vibration has a quality of color and sound and the sound may be an Aah or Eee or the like. This work at distinguishing the vibrations of the different colors is most important in that it is this color vibration that we need to ignore in finding the Spirit of the stone. This exercise is most important and may enhance other hands on or sensing work as well so try to develop great proficiency here. During the exercise, you may notice what feels or appears to be humps of energy emitting over some colors, while others appear to draw energy like a sponge.

These are important things to recognize about the Medicine of color and may be used in every day situations for mood setting and healing work. Of confirmation here is that Yellow, not Red, is the hottest color and projects the highest and strongest vibration with a high Eee sound. Red usually is sensed as having a drawing energy with a slow Aah sound, and there is really only a slight difference between black and white! Now having mastered color, we are ready to move into the final phase.

The next step is to work with two Citrine stones which are as close as possible in size, color, and shape. Place the two stones as far apart as possible in the palm of your left hand. Next hold your right hand over the two stones, moving the hand lengthwise and then side to side and finally in a clockwise motion. Move the right hand closer and then farther away until you detect the pattern that is unique to each. Citrine is chosen as the starter stone in detection both because of its Medicine and color for obvious reasons. Exclude the vibration of the yellow ray which you previously learned to detect and sense the different pattern of each of the two stones and you will now be in touch with Mineral Spirit. Next hold each stone separately to your cheek next to your ear and you can receive the voice within and receive its message. As you continue to work with Mineral Spirit this way it will enhance your life immeasurably. Next try two Agates and then Crystals of all types and whatever other stones you might choose. As you continue to work with the Mineral Spirit stones this respectful sharing way they will often tell you when they need energizing in the sun or moon, go on journey, need cleansing in salt water, or just want to join you for the day.

Many stories have been told about the Medicine Stones that I have given away. One such story was about a stone that jumped off the console of someone's car at a stoplight. The driver reached down to pick it up just as the light turned green causing a bit of a delay. Just as the driver returned to his normal position a large truck ran the red light going the other way, obviously saving his life by the delay. Countless other Mineral Spirit stones have enriched the users lives, so help yours best help you by learning it's Spirit this way.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.