Understanding -



Part 2

Perspective to oneself and one's Balance in relationships is established at birth. One's relative condition of Balance as well as the nature of one's relationship to one's "guardians" will indeed color all future relationships. This is accepted as well as given as taught behavior. The condition of one's Perspective to Balance does in fact begin here. Also at birth, one's condition of one's Ego is also at best described as being predisposed. That is to say that it is partly governed by one's Medicine as well as past lives. Yet also, an equal measure of influence to the personal condition of one's Ego is also given by one's "guardians" as they are also the most influential originators of taught Perspective to one's Balance as well as behavior. This condition of influence is in the way of "guardianship" which is the nature of parenting most commonly employed in being. It also is most significant in it's positive influence or potential as relates to the condition of Balance and Perspective as well as the Value System of developing child. These conditions therefore, and one's own condition of these things, clearly should be considered by both members before becoming parents in any way.

One's Attitude, the projected seemingly singular one which is ever a outward expression of one's Ego, continually influences and reflects one's own condition of Balance and Perspective, especially as relates to relationships with other things and beings. The best method in managing this Attitude is through continually endeavoring to establish Clarity in the Lens of one's Perspective, as one will thereby establish also Balance in the process. To do so essentially is to fix everything in the structure of oneself and hence renew Balance in the being of oneself and thereby continue to Grow. Intimidation, which ever is and expression of Ego Attitude, is the most often taught and used imbalancing energy that beings are now often employing to achieve their personal and most often Ego founded expressions and goals in a secular and competitive societal structure such as exists at present. In this circumstance, Focus is more often desired and employed in singular use in goal attainment and is both reflective and dependent upon one's awareness and consciousness or not to true spirituality. In reality, we are all one and the same and what everyone does to another being or thing, they truly are doing to themselves. Therefore instead of continuing to use the aforementioned secular approach, any and all can choose to work together in The Medicine and thereby Way of Harmony. In such a case, Growth and Balance are supported, and can easily become realized by the All.

In consideration to Balance, one must also consider the influences to and by the conditions and Attitudes of the other beings and things that one is connected to by relationship or care. Remember fear is care as well so this includes those that are friendly as well as those that are not. The relative condition of one's own state of Balance is ever influenced by and influential upon them as like in Mind and Emotion is like in Perspective and thereby Balance. Balance also is a relative condition of the connectives that exist between all beings and things in the Great Web of creation including the Creator and Law of One. Indeed, something that is found to be stimulating can be considered as positive or negative in its potential of influence to the condition of Balance of oneself or any and all other beings and things in every way. That is because each has a potential to reinforce inertia in Growth or to stifle it. Awareness is always much better to aspire to than simple focus for the enabling effect of it's positive influence to Balance with the ample use of Perspective. The Key to achieve a Proper and positive condition of oneself is to use the potential of one's Perspective Operative - Essence and Attitude Operatives to redefine and realign the structure of oneself, and again walk the path of life and express one's Growth in Balance and thereby the Proper Way.

To better understand Balance, It is given to next describe the conditions of imbalance beginning with that of the Emotional Body as follows:



The condition of imbalance to the Emotional body can be a Proper manifestation of the Ego in a protective way and thereby can be and is very Proper and positive in a problematic condition. However, it is as an expression resulting from a negative influence of Ego that a being will alter the pattern of oneself in a sympathetic expression of Heart. One does such in sympathy to Ego through expressing a Hope desire Prayer so as to make easier the fulfillment of a seemingly important, yet unattainable desire or need. So as one can tell, in such a circumstance one is actually feeling sorry for one's Ego in a way. If a desire stems from need or is not seemingly easily perceivable or attainable, then most likely it is indeed a false aspiration and expression of Ego.

Ego does such things in an endeavor to fulfill an expression of Willfulness and Fear in the manner of a truly Hopeless Dream and not a true desire that one is able to receive unto oneself under any circumstances or conditions. The Ego often uses the sympathetic nature of the Heart to sabotage the structure and system of self and thereby Balance within it. It does such so as to bring for an absolute condition of distrust and Hopelessness so that one will detach one's consciousness from the Heart Operative of oneself and allow for the Ego Operative and its False Value System to then takeover the Mind and very being of oneself. It often does this through continuing and increasing expressions and consciousness of it's associated and favorite Essence and expression, which is that of Fear, in an expression of it's ever constant desire for control.

In the condition of a being that is not in Balance of the Emotional Body, the Ego first causes an imbalance in one's perspective so that one's Ego Attitude - Mind lobe is much larger. This act is followed by the subsequent displacing of the Perspective Operative - Essence so as to be located below the Mind. It then inflates the Emotional Body and shoves the Heart Attitude to the side. Next, it relaxes the Emotional Body a slight bit in the first release of Fear or anger so as to control consciousness. Then it disassociates the Heart Attitude from the Physical body as the endorphins are kicked in. This results in causing a loss of Perspective with the clouding of the lens of it by the Essence of Fear or Rage thus allowing for the Ego to detach the Heart Attitude from the Physical Body and its connective from the Emotional Body of self.

In the process of this transformation of the structure to an imbalanced condition of being, the Ego gains control over the Free Will Operative. It does such so as to relocate these elements. In this process, the Ego enlarges the operative size of the Free Will Operative by associating the Fear Essence directly between itself, the reallocated Perspective, and the Free Will. The Ego also increases the size of the Operative of itself as well, so as to have more influence in this way. The next change to the elements of the structure of oneself becoming imbalanced, is for the Ego to then move the Care Essence - Operative so as to become an external overlapping expression of the Ego, the Ego - Will, and Ego - Will - Attitude Operatives.

It then makes a displaced connective associated then between the displaced Care Essence - Operative and the Free Will of other beings and things so as to seemingly obsessively, effect and control all beings and things around oneself as a false expression of Care. The final changes to the structure of a being resultant from Ego takeover this way, is for it to then alter the overlapping portion of its Ego - Will Operative so as to be a shared portion of Ego instead of Attitude. It then shifts the Ego Attitude Operative so as to overlap and support the inflated emotional Body Essence. It does such so that the new design of the structure can feed and regenerate from the sensitivity being felt by it, and thereby stay out of balance that way. In reality, this restructuring is what occurs each time a being becomes angry or afraid and thereby out of Balance in some way. Also it is perfect, especially when a train is coming and one is sitting on the track.

In fact, one might well experience it many times each day from differing stimuli. In a sense some beings even take it to sleep with them. In reality, many often do just that so as to recover from the effects of it that way. Yet some will still awake, not to a brand new beginning as we each should thankfully do, but instead carrying over the imbalance from the previous day and spreading it like some type of social disease. After a condition of Emotional Body imbalance due to Ego take over has been realized without a return to Balance in the normal manner, any of the other conditions of imbalance may then be realized such as that of the Physical Body, Spiritual Body, or Personal Structure. However, there is Hope and resolution. It is as simple as being Thankful. This is real and true because the act and expression of Appreciation automatically restores Balance to the Personal Structure, immediately!




These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.