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To be in the Way of Growth Proper is to be about the only real and true expression of, or exhibition of, one's condition of Being. As all things are made by the Creator and are connected to all other things of His creation and to Him in the Web of an ever expanding continuum of His creative force, indeed unlimited Growth is the only Real and therefore Proper condition of one's Being. To Grow Proper is to Prayerfully and Meditatively seek guidance within the Heart of self and thereby from the Creator, as to how one is to best be about the lessons of one's experience in life and how one might best in the process of them, be a Proper and therefore positive influence upon the All of His creation in the expression of one's only creative force which is indeed that of one's Prayer of Desire.

While the pathway to Real Growth is through Understanding, clearly Growth and Change are likewise seemingly inseparable. Yet in Reality, unlike Understanding and Growth, one can Change without Growing at all. On the contrary, any expression of Growth can only be realized via the Founding Essence of Change, which is limitless in its supply and nature as well as is embodied in each and every thing that exists in a perpetually and infinite renewing supply. In asking the Creator as to the Proper way of Growth, I was given to Grow like the Tree, and thereby also walk and express oneself from the inside out, and in the most roundest of ways. Indeed like the tree, we should all Grow from the expansion of the Heart first, and thereby ever expanding in all directions outward, the rings of the Mind. And by doing such from the Heart through the Mind and only in that way, will we Really be able to express our Growth as well as make any other expressions from the Heart of Self and our connection to the Creator within. Also like the tree, we must keep working at stretching the confining protective coating of Bark of Ego so as to allow more of our Real Self to be available and expressed, than any other idea of oneself.

To Grow Proper is to walk one's path of life in the roundest of ways so as not to throw the structure of it into a condition of disharmony and imbalance. In so doing, one will then and thereby allow for the All else of His creation to benefit from one's own ever expanding expression of self by channeling His Light and Love and Benefaction to self and through self in an ever expanding continuum of such so as to Receive more, so as to Give more, and so forth. To Grow Proper is to seek to see and embrace to one's Perspective and Consciousness, the true nature and order of the Universe as one perceives it and the All of His creation which is ever beyond that. To Grow Proper is to not only express one's Desire, but to also take action in one's Endeavor of doing one's own part in bringing forth a Betterment to the condition of Wellbeing, Balance and Harmony and to Support the Growth in the condition of the All of His creation.

This manner of expression and Growth is most Properly realized by ever Praying for the Winds of Change to provide new opportunities for Growth experiences for oneself. Truly to Grow Proper is to be the very best that one can be as the Creator's child, and seek constantly within the Heart of oneself as to what it is that He Desires of that child. And this is to be considered as relates to both its identity and expression of Growth. To be of Growth Proper one will then also not be of, or perceive oneself from one's own Ego, which most oftentimes only wants to become God in self. To Grow most Proper is to be flexible in one's bark of the Ego of one's tree, and ever Endeavor to make it real stretchy and thin. One should do such so that all can easily see and benefit from the Creator's Light and Love inside oneself. To be in the way of Growth Proper, one should never consider oneself too big or too old to dance and play in the continuous learning experience that such is Life, Everlasting.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.