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To Honor Proper is see the truth of self as being the child of a loving and Benefacting Creator and behave in a manner that exhibits the Heart of Him in the conscious part of self.  To be in the Way of honor Proper is to ever walk in an exemplary manner of channeling The Creator’s Light and Love in the most Honest, Caring, and Truthful way.  To Honor Proper is to balance evenly the Endeavor of Attainment of one's own Growth, and the Receiving of one's Desire with the respectful consideration of others, and this means All other beings and things of His creation.  To walk the path of life in the most Honorable way is to walk the path in a manner that maintains direct Consciousness to the Creator in the Heart of oneself and seek direction from The Creator about each and every step upon it while being constantly aware of the Reality that one does indeed affect each and every thing of His creation along the path of it, by what one might do or say. 

To walk the path of life with Honor Proper is also to accept and acknowledge one's own responsibility and participation, be it conscious or otherwise, in and for each and every circumstance and event in one's experience of life.  To be in the way of Honor Proper is to also take ownership of the fact and Reality that one has truly manifested or caused in some way, one's own individual experiences so as to experience such and possibly grow from them at some Spiritual level. To best seek or endeavor to walk the path of life in Honor Proper is to not walk the path seeing oneself in the reflection or mirror of other's eyes as to endeavor to please or appease their image of self or to seek any form of Esteem as one's objective, will only serve to find oneself encountering their and one’s own Ego through vanity and ultimately Shame. 

Shame is indeed a wonderful tool of the Ego which it tries to use to detract or keep us from returning to Clarity, Heart, Proper Perspective and Consciousness and thereby the Love and Providence from the Creator.  Unlike the tool of Fear used by the Ego to control and restrict the Growth of oneself, Shame is a double edged sword that one can also use to cut through the fabric of Illusion and return to Conscience and Heart from Mind.  Once that is accomplished, then one can then heal oneself through embracing Humility in the Heart of self, and thereby experience again the Forgiveness of oneself, by oneself.  Once healed, one can then return to an Attitude and Desire of Honor Proper, as without the attachment of Mind to Ego and Illusion, there can be no Shame.  To be in the Way of Honor Proper is to be in the Way of Humility and Thankfulness for one's own Being and the Creator for His own design of it all, and ever be willing to Endeavor to keep one's Ego at bay in the process of one's next expression or Growth.


 These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.