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In the process of our being, we really can only create only one thing and that is our Prayer as all of anything Real and True is ever in a condition of being manifested only by the Creator. Whatever we bring forth as a condition to ourselves in any experience of our being, is only an expression of His Benefaction and Providence in answer to some Prayer of Desire that was expressed through the Will of oneself for the potential experience of it. While we can seemingly create a table, lamp, or anything of such nature such as a building or airplane, we only in that instance change the form or utility of some Real thing of His creation so as to make use of it in this fashion. Our Real and only potential creative force is that of thinking in one's Mind and Consciousness of new things to Pray for and thereby receive or not, from the Creator so as to experience something. The following diagram defines how any thing is truly brought forth to be experienced by oneself:



Indeed the expression of one's Desire to Receive any of a thing is much like the casting of one's baited hook upon the waters of the sea of His creation so as to become in a condition of Receivership.All Real things are made by the Creator, and He is indeed the only True Source of anything. If one does not Believe Proper in the Potential of the Creator and Trust Proper in His Love and care for oneself, one indeed can never become in Proper Receivership of anything.It Really is the case that if one does not Believe a thing possible for oneself then it will not be, and be Proper in the condition of the Balance and Wellbeing of oneself.

There are many instances whereby one seemingly had not openly thought that they might be able to Receive a Godsend so as to speak, only to have the True Prayer of a secreted Desire from the Heart of oneself become manifested for their own Growth in learning Hope lessons through the experience. But it Truly is one's Belief that is the line by which one does ever Receive anything to oneself in the condition of being, and this Belief can be at or in any of the various levels of one's Consciousness. It is one's Desire that is the bait that one uses to Receive any of a thing.Ones Desire bait is ever in a condition as to be considered as to be in the like in kind way or as you sow so shall you reap in the harvest of one's Endeavor of Desire.This is especially true as concerns the Wellbeing of others than oneself. One's Desire or bait is ever in a condition as being an expression of either the Heart of oneself or the Ego of oneself, and either expression will be answered by the Creator as both will support one's Potential of Growth.Usually the Fear Prayer of Desire will become answered quickest so as to stimulate one's Potential of Growth through the experience.

Hope Prayers of Desire may take a little longer as to use a bigger hook for a bigger fish, and the bait of Desire of a Hope Prayer is indeed everlasting as is that which is Benefacted by the Creator and Received to oneself from such.It is the Hope Prayers that are answered that strengthen the very fibers of the Tree of Self.As one can see Desire is the bait that one fishes with upon the sea of His creation and all of one's Desires are ever an expression of the Will of oneself.There are two types of hooks that one can use being either that of Hope or Fear with Hope coming from one's Heart, and Fear from oneís Ego.It is one's Belief that is the line with which to retrieve that which is Desired, and itís strength is ever dependent upon the strength of one's Relationship with the Creator.Trust is the knot that one uses to fasten oneís hook of Hope or Fear to oneís belief line and it is fashioned from one's Trust in the Creatorís continuing Love and providence for oneself.One's Faith is the pole or retrieval device which makes for ease in which to pull in the object of oneís Receivership and behold it to oneself.It truly is one's Faith that makes room or a receiving area in the pattern of oneself for which to put that which is Desired and Received into, so as to behold it precious to one self as in all conditions it should be.

All things that one Receives in this Proper Way should be seen as a very special and precious Benefaction to oneself by a Loving and Benevolent Creator.Through being in the Receiving Proper Way, oneself and the All else of His creation are most benefited by the expansion in the Potential of oneself through the experience of it, whatever it was if seen Properly. In the True process of Receivership it is much more significant as to the strength of one's Faith or pole, one's Belief or line, one's Trust or knot and one's Hope or hook than simply in the strength of one's Desire or bait that will land the biggest fish.This is Real and true because if one's hook of Hope or Fear is too weak, then it will bend and the fish will get away and such conditions are the same for one's Belief line, Trust knot, and Faith pole.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.