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In the Personal Structure of a Being or Thing, the Perspective and Attitudes are very connected in their function and influence. Thereby it is given to describe the nature of these together here. The Attitudes of a being are added elements to the Incarnated Form of being that are absent in the True Spirit Form as they are not necessary to support expressions and lesson taking and thereby Growth in that condition of being. Each of the Attitudes are directly associated to one of the lobes formed with the twisting of the Essence of one's Perspective Operative - Essence during the incarnating process. The Heart Attitude is associated to the Heart lobe at the right, and the Ego Attitude is associated to the Mind lobe at the left of one's Perspective.

The Perspective can be both an inward as well as outward beacon and reflector of Light and Love. It is from the condition of one's Perspective Operative - Essence that causes and directs and colors the resultant expressions of desire Prayers as also being expressions of Attitude. The Prayer of whatever a being next desires to experience, be it from an internal desire or external influence, is fastened to and reflective in its presence upon either or both of one's Heart and Ego Attitudes in every way. It becomes also present in one of the facets of the Lens of Perspective so that it can quickly recognize it when that desire is found unto that being.

To infer that essentially all beings do is to generate Prayers of desire and Hang them out to the universe and the Creator on their Attitudes like walking billboards of desire, and then keep their eyes covered with some type of device or glasses that only show them those things that they are specifically looking for, is pretty close to reality and illustrates how very significant that each of these elements are in the desire fulfillment process. It has often been also said that a being was blinded by their desire, and now one can see that this condition can indeed be easily true. However it can be only true in an out of balance condition, as when in balance, then the Prayer of desire is released to the Creator both knowing and Trusting in His choice for the time and ultimate fulfillment to be received and the Perspective is kept aware but not obsessively focused upon that desire.

Consciousness in the way of being conscious of anything at all truly is a quality of Perspective more than a simple state of Mind. One can see in this manner how important True Consciousness is necessary to achieve in order to develop and experience one's roundest expression of fulfillment and Growth. Simple awareness is indeed a quality of Mind but the purposeful and thereby conscious, Will expression of a Desire of the coupling of one's awareness with Perspective Proper can indeed bring forth conditions to Focus and Truth and thereby Reality. One's Perspective Operative - Essence is the very tool by which a being does indeed experience lesson taking and thereby express their Growth as it ever is a facilitating device this way.

While one's Attitudes might enhance or prioritize certain events to occur before others, as being resultant from the dynamics and structure of the myriad of expressed desires thereupon, it is one's Perspective that indeed truly determines which event and what parts of it are next to be received unto oneself so as to learn from the experience of it based upon it's particular Focus. It is indeed the ability to apply Focus upon a desire that strengthens one's ability to receive it and as one might consider it to be an application of muscle to one's Will to accomplish any of a thing, it truly is the muscle of one's Focus of Perspective that is being employed in these circumstances. Once a being's Focus of Perspective becomes centered upon a particular goal and thereby Prayer of desire, the other desires receive less energy of magnetism and thereby are seemingly less important, allowing for more energy to be directly applied to the process of realizing the Focused Desire unto oneself which in all cases and conditions is simply recognizing that which is desired when it is manifested to oneself by the Creator, making room in the consciousness and being of oneself, and then simply picking it up and beholding it to oneself in receivership and if Proper, ever thanking the Creator and asking what one should do now with it and for more as is best for Him, oneself, and the All of His creation.

To say that to become more desirous of a thing is simply to become more in the way of Focus of Perspective is indeed truly the case and way and this condition does not have any conscious to need, as in thirst or hunger as even these basic needs will pale in comparison to expressions of the Heart in each and every circumstance. To receive any desire Prayer most easily and rapidly unto oneself, one simply has to apply the Focus of one's Perspective Operative - Essence upon that which is truly desired and release any consciousness of anxiousness over any condition of it. Any anxiousness will only generate a Fear Prayer that one will not receive that which is sought in the time desired and hence stretch the fabric of time and thereby realize that Fear Prayer, and apply Faith and Trust Proper and thereby patience.

It is one's Perspective Operative - Essence which also allows for a being to receive any of a thing as well as if one cannot truly Perceive the rightful condition of being in Receivership of that which is sought, one will not be able to make room for it in the being of oneself and thereby be able to behold it to oneself when it indeed is presented and made available to oneself, or simply stated if one cannot Perceive through one's Perspective Operative - Essence a thing to be possible, then it can and will not be. One can readily recognize and thereby Perceive, the very weight and value and significant ability and influence that the Perspective Operative - Essence element has in the structural dynamics of a being and indeed it is the element that is most significant to employ in both cause and remedy as it is a misguided condition of Perspective that gets a being out of Balance and it is the tool of Perspective that facilitates the return to Balance and Renewall as well. All out of balance conditions will initially begin in one's Perspective and thereby it is the very tool to quickly use to remedy that condition in oneself before more significant problems develop from the condition of it.

It is quite valid to consider that if one's Perspective is kept in Balance and Proper condition and order, then one's being and life experiences will be also in the very best and most pleasurable of conditions and experiences as well as it is ones' Perspective Operative - Essence that is truly both the initiator and administrator of each of these or as might best be stated, any and all conditions and things that happens to and from the being and expressions of oneself, is truly and wholly resultant from, and reflective in, one's Perspective.

In the True Spirit Form, a being has no possible condition of one's Perspective becoming in a condition of being out of balance or warped as one might say, as the Essence of it is not twisted. The condition of the Essence of one's Perspective in the True Spirit Form facilitates the Mind and Heart to singularly Perceive and Express all desire Prayers as one common element and expression. In True Spirit Form the Heart Operative has true predominance over the influence of the Mind and in that condition, which is without the influence of an associated Ego, the Mind does not "Mind" this condition at all as it is happy simply helping the Heart fulfill True Value System generated Prayers of desire which are embodied in it's Perception Operative - Essence and Emotional Body. These Prayers of desire are then expressed as either as Soul Will expressions on and of itself, or as Free Will expressions by way of it's Care Essence - Operative to other beings and things of the All of creation .

The True Spirit Form of a being, as does the Incarnated Form, makes all choices and decisions of the Heart and Mind in the arena and facility of one's Perspective Operative - Essence and it is because of this condition that it's influence is primary over any choice or decision that is made thus making it's particular influence over the Growth and Well-being of any Form of a being both primary and of the greatest potential at any given moment or condition.

Being a combined form in its composition and structure, the Perspective Operative - Essence like the Care Essence - Operative, has a condition which facilitates, through it's Essence nature and portion, the condition of being unlimited in it's relative capability if perception or expression. While in a balanced condition of being and Form this is indeed a truly enabling facilitation and design in the Structure of beings, this same facilitation provides the very flexibility of expression that enables these Operatives to be manipulated by other elements in the structure of self as when one becomes imbalanced and thereby is ever in a condition of potential to disruption by the effects of one's Ego and become displaced.

The Perspective Operative - Essence is the first element that the Ego tries to influence so that it may get its way so to speak, and the Ego in the condition of a being becoming imbalanced, will move one's Perspective Operative - Essence in this condition so as for it to reside beneath the Mind so as to maintain direct control and influence. The Ego also attempts to shrink the width of one's displaced Perspective Operative - Essence as much as is also possible, thereby reducing the breadth of one's Perspective in order to reduce the potential influence upon it from one's Heart Operative. Prior to and during this process of becoming imbalanced by the influence of Ego, the Essence portion of one's Perspective is also shifted out of balance in its distribution and center or overlapping part, so as to give greater weight to the Mind portion or node verses that of the Heart as well. In this manner the Ego gains control by using the Essence of Fear to influence and flood the Mind with illusion and keep one's conscious from Truth, Love, and Heart. All beings that experience dilemma or an out of balance condition are always seemingly affected by Obsessive and Fearful Mind behavior, when in truth it simply is a matter of a misplaced, misshapen, and out of balance condition of
their Perspective Operative - Essence.

The potential of this condition of imbalance is ever present depending upon the condition of one's Ego and one's relative Spiritual consciousness and desire. The easiest remedial action is as an expression of one's Soul Will to again, through the giving one's Mind and thereby Ego away, seek the Creator in one's Heart and Conscience which is ever facilitated by both the Essence of Prayer and Meditation as well as the Conscience, Soul Will, and the Spiritual Body within. One should then seek His support in the Renewall of oneself back to Balance, Truth, and Perfection and in the bringing forth one's Perspective back to Proper position and center as well as balance of the Essence within and from Proper Perspective bring all other elements back into alignment as being a Soul Will expression of the True Desire of oneself.

One can easily test their relative condition of Balance and Perspective by the condition of one's Attitudes as they are ever reflective of the condition of it. If one can consider both sides of a personal problem or issue with true peace and Care for the other beings well-being and satisfaction as well as one's own then indeed with Feeling from the Heart that is relatively free from Ego and only Love and Care, then one is indeed in a Balanced condition of Perspective and Attitude. The remedy to an imbalanced condition of Perspective is to seek one's Conscience and the Creator therein , and realize in one's consciousness and Mind what one's True Love and Desires are from one's True Value System in their relative position of priority and importance in one's Heart, and then redefine one's Attitudes towards the attainment of the desire Prayers and thereby condition one's Perspective Operative so as to again be able to facilitate the realization of them.

In the process of rebalancing the Attitudes and Perspective of oneself it is most easily done in relative condition to what one's Fears are, as these Fears are the elements that initiated the imbalanced condition by virtue of, and expression of, one's Ego to begin with and then release or discount these Fears as being not so important as or as hindering the fulfillment of one's True Heart Desires. A True Heart Desire that is ever present for each and every being is a desire to be Loving of another that also Loves you in the same way and measure, or to feel the Creator's blessing, favor, or presence in one's life in some way and these desires may be used from the relative feeling in one's Heart and then consciousness, to differentiate other desires as to whether they are from the True Value System in the Heart or that false value system resident in the Ego Operative of oneself.

The Heart Attitude indeed is the outward expression facility of the Heart and Heart - Will Operatives of an Incarnated being and facilitates the outward expression of desire Prayers of the Heart that are, or are not, also expressed through one's Care Essence - Operative as one can thereby express the Creator's Love without being connected to another being or thing through relationship and thereby one's Care - Essence - Operative. The Heart Attitude is also only capable of issuing forth expressions of True Value System generated Desire Prayers from the Heart and Love. One' Heart - Will - Attitude is directly attached and connected to one's Heart - Will and is directly supportive and associated to the Physical Body Essence of an Incarnated being and this condition facilitates the ability to instantly support and increase the well-being of any condition of it. These expressions of support may be through healing or any other expression of Love in the most Direct hence fast and thereby powerful way, and this ability of the Heart Attitude's influence to the Physical Body is what gives it stability as well as balance, well-being, and facility.

If one does not truly allow for the Love of the Creator to pass through the Heart - Will - Attitude of oneself to the Physical Body in support of it, then one will inevitably become ill and perish. It is this Love expression of the Heart - Will - Attitude that not only feeds the Physical Body but it also is the very material by which it develops and fulfills one's Spiritual expression in it as well as one's Growth. The Heart Attitude of a being that is in balance is also associated to the Emotional Body by way of a connective linking the two as well and this connective provides an alternative expression ability whereby one can first test the waters so to speak, as to the potential of an expression of a desire or the potential of the receivership of one that has already been issued and provide feedback as to the relative impact and condition to balance that may or may not be experienced by the fulfillment of it. The Heart Attitude is much like a public bulletin board of one's desire Prayers that are waiting fulfillment with each desire Prayer being a magnet to bring forth that of which the Prayer of desire encompasses and these magnets of attraction are constantly being reviewed and amended or changed as decided by the Heart, Mind and Perspective relative to the True Value System.

The Heart Attitude is the receiving and sensing platform for the expressions of Heart and Love in a being and provides feedback to one's Perspective and Heart and Mind as to it's status and relative success in expression. It also is one's Heart Attitude that is first most influenced in the process of one's sending or receiving of desire Prayers from the Heart and Love. This feedback capability of the Heart Attitude is also facilitated through it's connective to the Emotional Body and in this way, whatever affects either the Physical or the Emotional Body can be sensed and either stabilized or buffered by it as well as Desires expressed and feedback received through any of it. One's Heart Attitude is also superlative in its relative potential over that of the Ego Attitude as the very nature of it's expression of Love and Loving desire Prayers are much more powerful than anything that the Ego can generate. In the condition of imbalance resulting from Ego takeover, the Heart Attitude is shifted away and disconnected from the Physical Body and the stabilizing connective to the Emotional Body is then severed so that the Ego can then inflate the Emotional Body. In that condition the Ego can then, through the imbalance and instability thus attained, distract consciousness from Heart by the shifting of Perspective, and thereby control all aspects of the Mind so as to be in a reactionary behavior of a response to the Fear Essence being expressed through it.

It is one's Heart Attitude that contains a registry and display of all of one's Hope Prayers of desire and one can easily recognize a feeling from one's Heart Attitude as it is the kind of feeling that truly embraces the Spiritual expression as well and heightens the vibration of the physical form thereby making it feel real good if not totally elated and ecstatic. One's Attitudes are the easiest element of the structure of a being to get in touch with or amend and the easiest way to realize the condition of one's Heart Attitude is to consider doing something nice for someone that you do not even know. One's Attitudes are the easiest part of a being to be influenced by others as well and it is the changing of one's Attitude of Heart to accommodate another being or in a sense fit in, and one must thereby have change to the True Value System that makes for the uncomfortable feeling that one senses about being with them.

It is the Ego Attitude of a being that is the most potentially beneficial or seemingly harmful element within the structure of a being as relates to the outward expressions of oneself. This potential of one's Ego Attitude is totally dependent upon the relative influence of one's Ego upon one's Perspective and the resultant affect upon it an the other components within the structure of oneself at any given moment. This condition makes one's Ego Attitude also the very most facilitating tool to use at any moment to check on one's relative condition of Balance and influence of Ego as it can easily be assessed by the current condition of the Prayers of desire that are currently being expressed upon it. There are as many rightful and thereby potentially positive expressions of one's Ego as there are negative or harmful one's as is generated by one's Ego Operative and Ego - Will Operative and these are ever in some condition only made available by the relative condition of one's Perspective Operative - Essence.

The relative condition of the Ego influence over one's Perspective and Balance can easily be sensed and measured as being directly parallel to the relative condition of one's consciousness being more or less of Fear than Hope, which is also an expression of one's Ego Attitude at any given moment. The more Fearful of course, the more of a negative influence of Ego and the more Hopeful, the greater the positive influence of Heart and cooperation of Ego in expressing it. The Ego Operative will cooperate with the Heart Operative if it can not get it's own way, usually ever trying to take credit for any or all measures of success so as to increase it's influence thereby. The Ego Operative will support these positive expressions of oneself as it wants to keep some measure of influence over the expressions of a being no matter as to how much control that it currently might have over the structure of oneself. In the same manner as that of the Mind Operative which simply likes to stay busy doing something whether it is valid, or important, or just busy for busy sake, it thereby feels fulfilled and is happy, the Ego Operative of a being has a great desire and Passion to be involved in all aspects of the beings persona and being themselves and thereby any and all expressions are sought for it to be involved in some manner or way.

The sympathetic nature of the Heart and thereby also the Heart - Will - Attitude facilitates the Ego to become involved in each and every way as the preferred method of Heart is Balance cooperation, and Harmony while that of the Ego is associating so as to take over control in order that it may have greater influence or power and thereby feel god like in some way. The Ego also knows that it is a temporary element associated to the Incarnated being and this consciousness to its own impermanence makes it try harder to gain control so that in time it will not be discarded or let go which is small justification for some of the improper things that it does in the facilitating of a being's Incarnated experiences in the Physical realm. This consciousness is given to describe as it is ever being mirrored in the associated Attitude of one's Ego as well in the Incarnated form.

The Ego Attitude of a being in the Balanced condition is a overlapping Operative extension of the Ego - Will which is suspended from the Essence of Fear that is overlapping the Operative of one's Ego which is overlapping and directly associated to the Physical Body of a being. The overlapping of the Ego - Will and Ego Attitude facilitates a quickening of and stronger expressions to be expressed in the control of, and thereby expression of, the Ego Attitude through the expression of the Ego - Will portion being embodied within it, which also can be very positive or negative in some way. It is also because of this manner of structure that makes it more difficult to distinguish one's Ego - Will - Attitude from one's Ego - Will in some of the expressions that are being displayed in the Ego Attitude of a being, especially as being seen and experienced by other beings and things.

The Ego Attitude is also facilitated in its potential of expression by having a connective associated between it and any Essences of Relationships with other beings and things, and this connective also can be of both a positive or a negative benefit in some way, however it does fulfill the important purpose of providing feedback to one's consciousness by way of Perspective in the way of signals of danger that might have a negative effect upon the Physical Body hence it's design that way. In this manner of structure the Ego Attitude is indeed the most outward expression of an Incarnated being that is in balance and in most circumstances it is in the Ego Attitude where the first and more often expressions are indeed sensed or felt in any and all associations and relationships between Incarnated beings in some way. It is through the facility and structure of one's Ego Attitude that most of the expressions of desire Prayers of self fulfillment and achievement are made, as well as the concerns over the condition of the Physical body such as in one's personal health, appearance, performance, status, and social condition and position in every sense and way.

In as much as the Heart Attitude seeks to only expresses one's desire Prayers related to the giving and receiving of Love and Care and supports Proper change in oneself to manifest the balanced Growth expression of oneself that way, the Ego Attitude seeks to manifest change to the conditions outside of or external to the being of oneself in any and every way so as to express one's Ego influence and receive status, power, and recognition without making any change and thereby Growth in oneself in any way. The Ego Attitude might project a consciousness from one's Ego that if one only had this ability or thing then one could become something else than oneself in some easy way, which is truly not seeking to manifest a Proper change in oneself in Growth, but only an expression of a desire of Ego to defeat oneself in some way through an endeavor of illusion and attainment. The easiest way to become conscious of the condition of one's Ego Attitude is to consider what one is most and truly afraid of, or which desires are associated with fear and anger as well and these are ever present upon one's Ego Attitude. In as much as the Heart Attitude contains all of one's True Hope Prayers from the True Value System in one's Heart, the Ego Attitude has both all of one's Fear Prayers from Ego and it's False Value System, as well as many positive Hope Prayers mirroring those of the Heart as well.

To state that at any time all of one's desire Prayers are resident in the Ego Attitude is not correct, however at any moment they might well indeed be, depending upon the condition of balance in the being at that time. The Ego Attitude can indeed serve good function in many ways both in the support of safety as well as Proper desire Prayer attainment, and it is this Attitude of a being that has the greatest capacity for quick and immediate change and it also is this very Ego Attitude of oneself that a being most often is conscious of and trying to amend in some way.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.