Understanding -



To Attain Proper is to give away one's Ego in Humility and see in clarity and truth, the perfection of one's position upon one's own staircase of Growth and then surrendering any and all idea and attachment to that in the next expression of ones willingness to continue to follow the Creator's plan in and for oneself, by the taking of the next step when given.  To Attain Proper has no condition to the becoming of, beholding of, or receiving of anything, especially what some call status.  Truly, Attainment Proper is a Perspective of one's Consciousness in regard to the relative condition of oneself in respect to one's capacity for unlimited Growth in the Heart and thereafter Mind of oneself.

To Attain Proper is also to reach out a helping hand to others in their expression of Growth, so as to help assist them in the process of centering and thereby Balancing themselves upon their own step of their own staircase, and not one's own.  This other condition truly can never be as each being has their own staircase of steps in Growth.  To Attain Proper is to Accept and Behold to oneself, the Creator's Grace for Oneself and then to become His new idea of Oneself with both Humility and Thanksgiving and then continue to surrender one's own Will and Ego in the process of it.  To Attain Proper is to experience a truly metamorphic event of change in self as one might consider oneself becoming the Butterfly that emerges from it's cocoon and needs guidance as to what it is to do next.  In its expression of Attain Proper, it then with great Heart and courage pumps the fluid of self so as to spread its wings to fly, and then with Faith, Lovingly goes about the Endeavor of it, as Guided by Great Pop. 

To Attain Proper might also be seen as to be like the bird that looses a feather in the wing on one side of itself, which then in Faith and courage, plucks out the corresponding feather in the other wing, Trusting that they will then both be replaced again in time in order that it will have Balance and thereby ease in its journey of experiences in it's life.  To Attain Proper in this manner is to pluck out one's feather from the wing of the other side of self is to give one's Ego away and any self aggrandizement over the condition of any Attainment of self and thus is most Proper.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.