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Understanding Care can be really tricky at times. The reason for this condition is perhaps that many different things are called Care as well as Love in this English language. One might tell another that they Love them. And in response, the other might say that they really Care for them, but do not Love them as well. This certainly might be confusing to an alien or the like, much less to us here on Mother Earth. Part of the confusion is perhaps that one's Care is in Reality an Essence-Operative element in one's Personal Structure that has been mentioned and described before. Being an Essence-Operative in design, one's Care element has limitless Potential of expression, meaning all kinds of ways about different things, all at once. And it can even express what one might consider to be conflicting Desire Prayers as well as Feelings. To Love and dislike another at the same time, is a possible condition and is one just example of such multiplicity. And as Love Proper was basically defined by Great Pop as being the Gift of ones Care, it seems prudent to Understand what Proper and Real Care is all about, hence:





To be of Care Proper is to express from one's Heart and Conscience, one's true and innermost Value of a thing or being, through one's action of expressing one's Desire for its Wellbeing and Balance in its Growth. One may easily seem to operate solely from the expression of one's Desire, as it truly is Desire that is the Prayer that brings forth from the Creator, whatever it is that one chooses to next experience. However, Desire can operate as a vehicle or tool from either the Ego of self in the form of want or need, or from the Heart as a tool of Prayer to support one's Growth in the ways of experiencing and expressing Love Proper to oneself and others.

Care Proper is indeed the tool of expression of oneself that can be a conveyor of the force of Love that one uses to bring Love to oneself, and to distribute Love through oneself to other things and beings. Care can also convey negative expressions of Fear and Ego as well, however. If Proper, one's Care is an expression of one's Conscience and Heart and thereafter becomes that of an expression of the Wills and Passion of self. Being an Operative-Essence in form and nature, there are as many was to express one's Care as there are things to express Care about. One can indeed express one's Care Proper to another being or thing without one's Receiving Care back in resonance and accord. Yet even in this circumstance, the expression of one's Care Proper will in the very least benefit oneself and be Proper and fulfilled. This is Real and True because, as with Love, Care Proper is best manifested as a Gift.

The Value of one's Care is truly priceless and immeasurable, and one should not Give it where it is not Desired and thereby Appreciated in the very best expression of Compensation Proper between all parties involved. This is Real and True because there are many beings and things of His Creation that are Desiring, and thereby more Deserving of it. Care Proper may also be used as a measuring tool of the condition of a Consciousness as being to the Heart or Ego of a being. This is because one's expression of Care indeed directly relates to one's Consciousness, Desire, Respect, Value, and Perspective, and can easily reflect where and what one is focused at, or not.




These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.