Understanding -



Part 1

      Many years ago I asked the Creator how it is that I should aspire to Be, as I just had learned that there truly was no good or bad, as these conditions are only perspectives about a thing, and He told me that I should always to aspire to be "Proper".  I then asked how it was that I might do that and He told me to Walk the Path of Life in the Round Way which is the Medicine Way of Onement and to use the Prayer Proper about any decision that I should make, ever including asking Him for guidance in the process as well.  He told me that the Prayer Proper is also the way to test for the positive potential or Truth about a condition or thing and it was given as being "Does it Walk In Balance and With Harm to No One Being or Thing, Including Myself", then it was always the Proper choice in a thing to do. 

In learning more about the Prayer Proper I began to understand more of the value of Balance in any and all conditions of being as if I were to cause disruption to the Balance in another being or thing as I aspired to reach a goal of my own, then the resultant effect of the attainment of that goal was never as fulfilling as when I was more patient and considerate of the effects to others in my own personal attainment, as ever I have received much more pleasure and fulfillment in the helping of others than in any personal attainment anyway as I have always enjoyed sharing that way.  To gain further consciousness of the nature and importance of Balance, one indeed must also develop a fuller understanding of Walking the Path of Life in the "Round Way", which is also about Balance as well.  In asking the Creator about How to Walk the Round Way, He told me to Grow like the Tree, ever expanding from the inside and the Heart of self and then through the Mind and ever in the process causing the splitting of the Bark of my Ego and making it give way and to be like the tree and seek to Grow in all directions at once in a perfect and thereby Balanced expression of Growth. 

He then told me to most easily do this is to walk the path of life in the Medicine Wheel Way and thereby ceremonially include Him in every step and process.  He had already given me the Understanding of Onement and how the All of His Creation was as elements or centers of Light that were woven into and interconnected with the everything else that He had made and how this Great Web or fabric of His Creation was ever connected also to Him.  He also showed me how whatever any element such as myself did, affected thereby everything else in it including Him.  I was given the understanding that I should personally seek not to change any thing in any other being or thing of His Creation except to keep manifesting the greatest Balanced condition of Growth in myself, as I would have a more positive effect in the All and especially those beings and things of His Creation around me and thereby in my arena of influence, by behaving in the most Balanced and thereby stabilizing way as when another being might be unbalanced and disruptive in the Web, then in my stable and Balanced condition I would act as a shock absorber and thus dissipate the negative energy that was being transmitted to me and not only stay in a better condition of self, but make it much easier for all of those other beings and things that were also connected to me, and in the greater sense of this I understood that meant every being and thing, including Him.

      I later was given to understand as relates to the condition of and Incarnated being, there are four different conditions of Balance to consider with one being that of the Physical Body, one being that of the Emotional Body, one being that of the Spiritual Body, and one finally being the of the whole of the structure of oneself.  Each and collectively all, of these conditions of Balance are both reflective and influential to the four Wills of oneself and dynamically reflective and influential upon one's two Attitudes.  He also showed me that the key element of oneself that is both regulatory and most influential to these arenas of Balance being that of one's Perspective Operative - Essence. 

All conditions of imbalance to the other Bodies or the Structure of oneself is always preceded by an out of balance condition to the Emotional Body first in each and every condition and event.  Becoming out of Balance to the Emotional Body is the most frequent occurrence in the Physical realm as it occurs whenever a condition of a need for awareness to danger or peril occurs and is not only extremely effective in its potential but also is a most Proper condition that way only when one's condition of Balance is quickly returned through emotional release and Ego surrender as one again restores a condition of Balance to one's Perspective and then Attitude with all of the elements in the Structure of oneself also assuming their normal and Balanced condition and state of function.

      The condition of being in Balance is indeed a dimensional consideration as well, as Balance is in reality a moving, not static condition.  As one must be in a condition of movement in the very process of expressing one's Growth, a being or thing is indeed most perfect in it's condition of Balance in each of it's Growth moments.  One can better understand this reality as being similar to the condition of a vehicle containing several beings enroute to a destination in which condition the vehicle and the beings are in a condition of Balance as long as the vehicle is Properly moving forward and hence closer to their destination and thereby in a condition of Proper Balanced motion.  However should a disruption occur, such as the condition of a flattening of a tire or the running out of fuel or any other condition stifling the flow of their progress, then the vehicle and all of the beings within will immediately become in an unbalanced condition or state, even if it was planned that way at some level of consciousness and Prayer, which also is indeed also ever the case.

      It is also much better to seek Balance in being than in endeavor, as Balance in being will in it's own consciousness ever manifest a consciousness to Perspective and thereby facilitate Balance in endeavor, but as one might rightfully speculate, indeed the reverse is not true in any way as endeavor can be and often is, used to escape through being in consciousness to fulfillment of desire from being in consciousness to one's Balance in Growth.  To indeed be in the way of true Medicine to another being or thing, is to be most aware and in Balance to consciousness and focus and thereby Balance of Perspective with clarity and then resonate in Harmony thereafter.  One cannot consider the condition of Balance without considering the influence of one's relationships and Relationship Proper which is The Respectful Sharing of the Experience of the Expression of Being, and One’s Allowing for Others to experience and express being Themselves in ways and means of their own Choice which Walk in Balance and With Harm to No One Being or Thing and are most comfortable to Themselves.  In truth this allowance should also be made by them for the Pace of oneself as well and this is where the condition of Balance is to be considered in even measure to each member and the combined consciousness of the group of those involved also.  Being in Medicine to another being is being in sympathetic resonance to the thoughts, Mind, Heart, Spirit, and being of another child of the Creator's making and in a condition of resonance to their as well as one's own expression of Being and also the very direction and ideals of it and most important, the Value System that is being employed in the process of it.  Beings that are in a most positive condition of Medicine with each other, share a Value System that is supportive to the Balance as well as freedom and ideals in the personal expression of each as well as the Union of both.  This facilitates any and all expressions such as Care to flow outward to and through the connective linking each, both, and the Union of them not only to each other and self but the All else of creation as well






These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.