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As the number influence of this 32nd Week is that of Feeling that will be the subject of this week's question. In the experience of the Odyssey of Origins it is discovered that Feeling is actually one of the five Founding Essences, meaning that any and everything that exists, has Feeling in it. It is important to differentiate Feeling with emotion at this point as these are actually two different things, although somewhat connected in a certain way. Also it is important to differentiate Feeling with sensation as these also are separate and different things as well. In the Odyssey of Origins one will also find that Feeling is actually the source of a certain kind of light and that whenever the Essence of Feeling is expressed a trail of light is associated with it. Also in Origins, one will discover how when the Essence of Desire offered some portion of itself to the ThunderBeing for Him to make the first Operative and Potential for the Group Consciousness to express itself outwardly through, the Essence of Feeling also did the same.

Now understanding this much,

The question for This Week is:

Can any expression of Desire now be expressed

by Great Pop or any Being or Thing,

without some quantity of Feeling also being expressed as well?


(A) Yes

(B) No

(C) Maybe

(D) All of the Above


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