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At this point in my Life I have had what some call a “Near Death” experience many times.  When I am in that condition, I still think and can recall each aspect of what happened in the most part.  Yet, even with this history of Real experiences there still is a tangible element of the Fear of death that still occurs that I have to deal with periodically.  I am sure that this is normal, especially since next Month I will turn 58 years of age.

Lately, I have been given to ponder what is Real in as far as our being, and being in the Physical realm.  In this I mean to say am I a body that has a mind, or am I a mind that has a body?  Clearly there are even more difficult questions to consider such as about death and so forth, but to me the most important one right now seems to be that of:


Can we ever Prove that we are in Reality

 Something more than just a biological process

 in the substance of our mind and physical body?


And the second part of this question is:




When you think that you know, Select:


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