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Clearly recent events have heightened awareness to not only one's possible vulnerability and the sacredness of Life, but also the conditions at present that threaten the Future for any and All beings and things of creation. Terrorism is clearly a threat and present danger. Yet, it pales in comparison to the many other behaviors and conditions that have put the Future in jeopardy. The singular most important threat and jeopardy to the Future and the condition of Balance and Wellbeing in the All of creation is not Terrorism, it is overpopulation.

In volume 4 of Origins that is available in this website which is about the Future, one will find a chart listing some of the alternatives to the current Pole Shift event that is in progress. In it also is described not only the threat of the present overpopulation expansion in detail but also what can be considered the Sacred Egg theory as well. Also given within Origins is Great Pop's Original idea of Life on Mother Earth as well as His desire of behavior for all living things including that of Beings.

One will learn as well from Origins that there was a mandate given that when any one individual or Lifeform type threatened the continuance of any or all others, then the Overseers had a mandate to curtail it by any means necessary. That is what happened to the dinosaurs. Beings were Originally established in regions about Mother Earth with direction and guidance in support to experiencing Life in Balance and With Harm to No one being or thing. When the Original populations expanded beyond the supply of the resources at hand then they were taught to split apart and migrate to other areas that would support that expansion. They were also taught of the dangers of overpopulation as well.

This has been the way of aboriginal peoples and societies since the beginning. Also since the beginning, the Medicine people of those societies supported the maintaining of a healthy number of their population. They use Plant and mineral Spirits in healing. And they also used them in population control. The Creator not only condoned such uses and practices of these things, He taught it though His guidance to the Medicine people. One such example is the plant Spirit called Tansy that has been used by the aboriginal peoples of North America since before records were ever kept by anyone.

When invaders make conquest upon a population in more recent times relatively to that, the practice was and still is to kill the men and children and rape the women. The idea is to manifest a genocide of the original population and Value System this way, and at the same time establish a new one under their Power and control. While there might seem to be an immediate drop in the present population of the effected area, the impregnating of the women would ensure that there would continue to be an expanding one for the invaders to use, abuse, and control. It really was not for the purpose of killing off a population as much as a Value System, and they had help. Yep they had help, and that help would ultimately be known as Religion.


So the first question of This Week is:


Can the Catholic Church or any other religion that condemns the practice of Abortion be held accountable for the current condition of increasing overpopulation?


(A) Yes

(B) No


And the second Question is:

Why is it beneficial for the Catholic Church or any other religion that condemns the practice of Abortion to do such, or even care?

The Answer is:

(A) For increased Wealth

(B) For increased Power and influence

(C) To save people from damnation and hell

(D) All of the above

(E) Both (A) and (B) of the above


And the last question is:

Should any government or religion have any direct ability or power to restrict the behavior of its membership in such matters?

(A) Yes

(B) No


When you think that you know, Select:


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