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In the material about The Medicine of Selves and in particular Tribes, I finally started the last chapter of it.  I put it this way because actually it is all being done in channel so to speak and I just assist, not control or Originate it, like is the Medicine of the Number of this week.  I do the pictures and cause the words to appear as they do on this Writing Machine, but I clearly am not the source of such.  In fact, at this point I do not have a clue as to what the next word will be or how it will all end up.  Of course that is pretty much the case of my Life at this time in it as well, ha, ha, ha.

At this point in my current sojourn and thereby Life experience and expression on Mother Earth, Great Pop has given me many insights and Understandings as relates the What of it, the How it all fits together, and in the most part works.  Of course, this has actualized a great Peace in myself in the most part as well as Awe and even greater respect for Great Pop and His Brilliance.  Yet, to this point it has done seemingly very little to increase my lot or comfort in being in Life here in the most part, even though I do at times apply some of the different methodologies that have been given for me to Understand in it all.

So the question for This Week is


How come my Life conditions are not better if not even perfect at this point in it, especially with such insight, ability, and Understanding?


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