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This Week we will continue with the Understanding about the four Selves which are associated to each of the four Wills of self as follows:


Heart Will Operative - Projected Self

Ego Will Operative - Imagined Self

Soul Will Operative - Real Self

Free Will Operative - Cosmic or Communal Self


A while back we learned from what Great Pop told me in Origins that is available in this website, that the place that we actually go in what I call the Dream world is actually the Emotional Body of our Personal Structure. He also explained that we go there and create plays so to speak to deal with fears and issues so that we do not have to experience them in the physical plane.

So the first question for This Week is: 

What is the Self or Selves that actually goes into and experiences one's dreams?


Also earlier this year we learned again from Origins that there are 5 types of energy being that of:

Primal - The stuff Great Pop makes things seemingly out of nothing with

Life Force - The energy that composes our Spirit and it uses to express itself with

Kinetic - The stuff that the physical realm uses and operates with

Thought - The stuff that we send out as our Prayers of desire and so forth

Memory - The stuff that events and experiences are recorded with and as being


The second question relates to energy, the Dream world, and Desire and Fear prayers specifically which is:


What is the actual type of energy is it that one uses to create the setting and experiences of ones Dreams with, and what specific Self is used to generate or design each drama episode.


The final question is:


What happens to the energy of a Dream episode after it is experienced?


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