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The Question for This Week is about a subject that I continue to have trouble with and that is money.When I was growing up right after world war two, my parents always said that there was not enough money for this or that.So early on, I just figured that there was a limited supply of money, and that most other people had already gotten the lionís share of it, so to speak.I remember when this person named Howard Hughes had most of it so it seemed, and He was the first and only millionaire that I remember hearing about for quite some time.This was about 50 years ago and things were much simpler then.Also, there were a lot less people back then.

At the present time, there are now at least three times as many people on Mother Earth as there were at that time.Also, and now there are many billionaires as well as millionaires.With all of this going on, I am still wondering how I will be able to continue to live, or even keep this website going.So the question for This Week is:


How can there be so many millionaires now, than there used to be?



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