Prayer -


Dear Great Pop

Father and Creator of All Things

Again, I do so Thank You for all that You Are,

And All the You Have Done.

Yet again I Pray for Your support in each and every Moment in my daily life and Future.
I Pray to be a Proper Emissary and Agent
Of Your Will,
And to support the Realization of Your Idea of Me
And this wonderful place of experience and expression That is Mother Earth.

Please Father,
 Help me to stay conscious and mindful of You,
In each of the moments of my being,
As well as in any choice or expression that I may make.

Dear Father,
As I do so call upon You often,
Know that I do so,
Not so as to shirk away from the responsibility
Of making choices.
But instead,
I do such as I now better understand and realize
The greater dynamics and importance
That is resultant from each and every one of them!!!!

And Yes Father I ask such from You Now
 So as to effect a greater potential and Future for the All of Your Creation,
Through the present and Future moments
Of my being Here. 

I do so Love and Thank You Great Pop.

Most Sincerely,

 Your Little One