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Potential - YEAR -

 The following information is for any “Normal” year. To find out Why the Mayan Calendar Stops at 2012 please select: About - 2012.

To find the specific directional influence of any Year in the Medicine Way start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 01 in the South then 02 in the West until one finds the location of the year in question. The Yearly Potential restarts with each new millennium and cycles about 140. That means that the year of 2141 will have almost the very same Potential as the year of 2001. Like any new millennium, the Year of 2000 was a Center Year in the Way of the Medicine Wheel with 2001 being in the South. In Origins, one will find that everything that exists including the very idea of a year, is actually an outwardly expressed Potential that Great Pop made. Also by definition if it is an outwardly expresses Potential, then it is a Spirit. And if it is a Spirit, then it has unique qualities and Essential Natures and thereby Medicines.

The Potential & Medicines For This Year Is

Number Medicine -

Each year is a Potential that has a Number assigned to it that identifies several specific underlying influences and thereby Medicines inherit in it and that will be available for use during the term of it. There are 2 major influences to be considered in the Number of any given year and they are the common reference of the last 2 digits and the sum of all 4 digits with the 2 digit reference being superlative. The 2 digit Medicine is “Causative” and is about what one will desire to Manifest or do. The 4 digit Medicine about what is to be Accomplished or Received. Also to be considered is the relative position of each year within the Renewall cycles which occur every 7 years. While we most often consider the 4 seasons of each year, its position within the ongoing Renewall cycle of 7 dynamically influences our “Inner Drive / Desire” during the term of it. According to Great Pop, all Renewall cycles are reset with each new millennium so 2007 is in the 7th position and 2008 is in the 1st position etc.

For This Year Of

The Medicine of the 2 digits of           The Medicine of the 4 digit total of

This years postion within the current 7 year Renewall cycle is - which has the Medicine of -

Directional Medicine

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