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Potential MONTH - 09

(To find the specific directional influence of any Month in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the month in question.) 



As the South is the place of Seed Planting and New Beginnings as well as being a "Doing Place", these will be the Predominant and ongoing influences for this Month. Last Month was a Balancing and consolidating period and there has been naturally some carry over influence of that Medicine into the Consciousness of this Month as well. The Medicine of the number 9 is Openness and hence This is the Month to make fresh new starts as a new cycle is in process and therefore the All will support one's endeavors quite easily. As the North and South are places of Action, one will find oneself with a heightened sense of energy as well as ambition during this Month.

One will find oneself continuing to Expand one's Openness to new opportunities of experience such as Career, Relationships, and Travel in this period. Also one will find support from others more readily available during this period as well. However, it is also important to play in Life as well and be careful to Not bite off more than one can chew so to speak here as with the heightened energy supply, one can easily over commit or take on too much for any one individual.

Just as the last period had the influence of Resource as the nature of the Potential of it's number, This Month will have a measure of the Medicine and Potential of nine and thereby, Openness. There will be a sense of consolidation this period as being resultant from having a certain confidence and comfort that Great Pop listens and cares. This is resultant from the energy of the Spirit of the harvest time that is present during the period of this month and this energy will be available to any and all to draw upon whether one has had any recent experience of success or fulfillment, or not.

Also there will continue to be a natural tendency to be in a rush to reach one's targets much like starting a journey. However, remember here just as in taking any journey, One will miss out on all that might be gained from the experience if one is to focused in arriving at one's target or destination. And in the same consciousness, The End, Never Justifies the Means in the Medicine and Proper Way!

Also, one should Share in one's abundance as well as solicit and Employ Assistance from Others during this period. This will be a very good time for Establishing new relationships of all kinds as well as developing new Skills, Interests, Businesses, and Life Conditions and Directions. Of course remember, one will receive from any of these things only that which one invests in them! Remember also, this is the Seed Planting time and therefore long term projects should be started here, but do not expect immediate results for all of them. This is to say begin many new things in one's Life here and now, but do not always expect immediate results. Give time for the seeds planted here in this period to sprout and grow.

There will be more climatic changes and more volcanic activity in this period as Mother Earth continues to reject the abuses that are continually being perpetrated upon her. As one will find in the last volume of Origins, this is a Continuation of the Pole Shift that we are currently in the process of and since mankind has not changed anything in the individual or group Consciousness of itself, what else would one expect? Prepare for a very cold and dark period that is soon to come. How? Be a beacon of Warmth, Light, Support, and Enlightenment so that it will not be as hard for the All to endure.


 The Color of this month is RED which has a Medicine of Passion and Change, and the Animal Spirit is that of the Eagle which has the Medicine of being the WayFinder as well as Vision and Perception, Honor and Loyalty, Trust, Commitment, and Communication. The Plant Spirit is that of the Sarsaparilla with a Medicine of The Spice of Variety in Life. The Mineral Spirit is that of Tourmaline which has the Medicine of Being The Stone of Magic or Prayer Answered. The Consciousness or Word for the month is Ptu-Kah-La-La or Forever all is in the Love and embrace of the Creator and even in that. and the Sound for the month is Taay.

This is the Month to:

Let go of things of the Past,
So that one has room for the new Potential,
That is of the Future.

Thought of the Month:

All thoughts are heard by Great Pop and the All of Creation ,
And hence so also are one's Prayers of Desire.

Therefore One might best support the Wellbeing and Balance
In the Condition of the All in the Great Web of Creation,

Simply by keeping and passing along a good thought.


So, I pray that your path of this Month of September be full of:

Openness, Hope, Care, Love, and Joy!



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.