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Potential – MONTH - 03

(To find the specific directional influence of any Month in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the month in question.) 



As the North is the place of Growth in the time of the Tree as well as being "Where Great Pop Lives", these will be the ongoing influences for the Potential of this month. The North is also the direction where one Puts into Action the steps of the Plan that was decided upon in the last period of the West. As the Medicine of the Number Three is Trinity, one will find greater Fulfillment in the cooperative participation and enlisting the support of others in realizing a common goal or ideal this month. This is also the month to prepare the fields for new Life beginnings and Future resources.  While one is the furthest distance possible from one's beginnings in the South of the Medicine Wheel, in this cycle most will find only comfort and confidence in being also closest to the limitless supply of Love and Support of Great Pop. Many will find them selves stretching themselves almost to the limit from the great energy supply that is available in being close to Great Pop, so the caution here is to Pace Oneself and Do Not Worry about what needs to be done, just take the next best step in doing it! And of course that next best step is usually found from asking Great Pop for His Guidance and Support in one's daily walk in Life this month.

One can safely say that this Third month is a month of Action and Choice Making.  The Medicine and dynamics of the North is of such a nature that many will find themselves in a Whirlwind of activity, be it social or otherwise. One will be very surprised this month in how very many things will happen or get done, so very quickly. The Message here is Enjoy whatever comes one's way, even if it is having quiet and time to oneself for a while! The resolution Medicine of This Month is Innocence, hence one can easily stifle one's Fear in it. Remember, in the Medicine and Proper Way it is important that one does not invest in the outcome, but only in the motive and method instead. Therefore, this is a Month to Be Active and Focused in pursuit of one's objectives both near and long term, including bettering the conditions about one's home, relationships, occupation, money supply, and comfort.

This high energy Third month of new beginnings is also a Month of Discovery as well as Passion. Therefore, many might find themselves either chancing upon or directly seeking, new experiences in relationships. March is the Blowing Wind month, and since Fortune and Change is inherent in Wind Medicine, many will feel a desire to seek out new relationships and means by which to be self expressive in some manner. This is not to say that one should be of suspicion as to one’s current associations, but one should Respectfully Share in their pursuit of Fulfillment instead.

There will be more activity felt as Mother Earth expresses herself primarily in the Pacific Rim and “Ring of Fire”.  Parts of Europe will fall as a result and not just geologically.  Fire as well as water will be a concern for those in the northern regions including contaminants within what one thought was now “Safe”.  Water is necessary for Life to exist at all so Why can’t we get people to quit ruining it for All beings and things in their carelessness and greed?

In this month, One will have an ample supply of energy and support in getting things done as well as decided upon.  This is also an excellent period to garner Resources and save some for the Future! 

Yep, This is a great month, especially for making decisions, changes, and things to come or happen, so have a happy heart as well as feet in it!


 The Color of this month is Pink which relates to the physical and has a resonance to Sensativity and Harmony.  The Animal Spirit is that of the Wolf which is about Earth Wisdom, Family, Tribe, Resource, and Protection. The Plant Spirit is that of the Nutmeg whose Medicine is that of I Will Always Be, or simply put Stability, and the Mineral Spirit is that of Bloodstone which is that of Remembering and Cooperation. The Consciousness or Word for the month is Wokah or It is Done and the Sound for the month is Pah-Yo-Kah.

This is the Month to:

Ensure in the Potential of The Future, by taking Mindful and Respectful steps in each day!

Thought of the Month:

We are here only as visitors on Mother Earth and have the privilege as well as responsibility to behave as such.  Each and every being and thing here on Mother Earth belongs to itself and the Creator only, and should be not suffered or abused for any reason whatsoever!  Therefore as visitors, we must not spoil the potential and resources of the Future for any and all beings and things, by any act or behavior of oneself in the present.  Otherwise there will soon be a point that this wonderful opportunity to experience being and expressing oneself, will no longer be possible for any being or thing simply by the mismanagement and behavior of a few!

So, I pray that your path of this Month of March be full of:

Hope, Wonderment, Discovery, Openness, Love, and Adventure!





These monthly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.