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Potential - MONTH - 04

(To find the specific directional influence of any Month in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the month in question.) 



As the East is the place of Share and Review as well as Reflection these will be the Primary ongoing influences for this month. The Medicine of the number Four is Medicine itself, as well as Resonance and Cycle.  Also, Four and Seven are the root or foundational numbers by which the All operates with so to speak.  Hence with this Consciousness to foundation, This Month will tend to inspire most to consider dealing with fundamental Life considerations and choices.  And it is also important to note that the year can be easily broken up into Fours as well being that of the four seasons, with of course 3 months in each, again making a total of Seven in that manner as well.  And this Consciousness and energy of Cycle and Resonance becomes even more amplified because the sum of the digits of the year also just happens to total four as well! 

The Four of the Month with the digits totaling Eight of the Year, realizes Twelve and Ceremony. Hence Celebration and Ceremony is the resource and consciousness that will facilitate the greatest measure of Fulfillment for any and All.  The East is the Flowering time of the tree.  Similarly April is the time when the Flowering of the trees are again evident and show us the way of Cycles to realize Completion and Fulfillment. Therefore, Resonance, Ceremony, and Resource as well as Share and Distribution will be some of the predominant and available resources that will be available to all beings and things in this Fourth month of this Year.

While certain projects might be started this month, more success will be resulted more easily in applying more of one's efforts towards tying up loose ends of projects and issues that have been already started or are ongoing.  Certainly April is an optimum Month to make relocations of home and careers as well as invest in new opportunities, just like the flowers spread new beginnings of Life about the surface of Mother Earth.  Also, this is an excellent opportunity to recognize and appreciate that which one has realized already, before making one’s next endeavor of attainment of more.   As the East and West are places of Balance as well one will find oneself considering one's own condition of Balance especially as relates relationships and outside influences. This is a month to finish up ongoing projects and tasks and to be considering all of one's Life conditions and desires as well as reviewing one's actions and choices in the recent past. This also is a period to Spend Some Time Alone in Reflection, but also Contact Family and Friends that have been somewhat estranged as well as clearing out old things that are no longer of use. This is also and excellent month for Planning New Beginnings such as career, and so forth and sowing the seeds of one's desires to the Winds of Fortune and Change. However, this is also a month to be patient, as this is Not a month to make big changes or starts, but Plan for those that one wishes to instigate Next month.

More Dramatic upheavals and climatic shifts will be experienced in the latter part of This Month, as well as shifts in consciousness towards what is real and more permanent. This is can be an excellent time for moving and travel as well as the meeting of old friends and making of new relationships. This is a perfect time to clean the closet of one's past so as to make room for more pleasure and fruition in the Future. This is a time to do one's own part in making things better for those to come as well by making one's voice heard and taking the initiative to stop the waste and mismanagement of resources that is the current pattern of the prevalent culture. There will be more uprisings in the masses against enslavement or any restriction of freedom of movement and life style.  As this is when certain “Taxes” are due in certain regions, demands for more Economic changes will be felt from the masses, globally.  As long as some people allow one individual to control their destiny, then all must suffer the consequences and spread of such a Dis-Ease.  More governments in the Prevalent Culture are at risk from internal collapse due to mismanagement of resources than from any Terrorist, and we all feel the need for some Heavy Duty “Spring Cleaning” during This Month.


The Color of this month is Plumb which is that of Fruition with a resonance to Renewall and Wealth, and the Animal Spirit is that of the Buffalo whose Medicine is that of Strength of Heart and Courage and the Understanding that All is Capable Within Oneself. The Plant Spirit is that of the Everlasting with a Medicine of Strength of Conviction. The Mineral Spirit is that of Lapis Lazuli which has the Medicine of God Consciousness as well as that of All Can Be.  The Consciousness or Word for This Month is O-Ayte or The Creator and the Sound for the month is OH!.


This is the Month to:


Begin A Fresh New Beginning,

 In the Life and Being of Oneself.

And thereby possibly Realize,

A Betterment for Oneself and the All of Creation.



Thought of the Month:


Be not About

Serving the Will and desires of others in

The Busy-ness of the Bee Hive game and Way of Life.

But Instead

Prayerfully and Meditatively seek to

Be that which is Real and Everlasting in Oneself,

And do such in a manner that,

Walks in Balance

Aand With Harm to No One Being or Thing at all.



So, I pray that your path of this Month of April be full of:

Positive Changes, Fulfillment, Hope, Happiness,  and Love!




These monthly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.