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Potential - MONTH - 07

(To find the specific directional influence of any Month in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the month in question.) 



As the North is the place of Growth in the time of the Tree as well as being "Where Great Pop Lives", these will be the ongoing influences for the Potential of this month. The North is also the direction where one Puts into Action the steps of the Plan that was decided upon in the last period of the West. As the Medicine of the Number Seven is Ordination, and Becoming of a new Purpose as well as idea of self or Mission, these will be the undercurrent and prevalent available resource for this month. In realizing this part of the Medicine of the month of July, is it any wonder that this is the month that most take vacations, move, or change careers as well as jobs? While one is the furthest distance possible from one's beginnings in the South of the Medicine Wheel, in this cycle most will find only comfort and confidence in being also closest to the limitless supply of Love and Support of Great Pop. Many will find themselves stretching themselves almost to the limit from the great energy supply that is available in being close to Great Pop, so the caution here is to Pace Oneself and Do Not Worry about what needs to be done, just take the next best step in doing it! And of course that next best step is usually found from asking Great Pop for His Guidance and Support in one's daily walk in Life this month.

The Medicine and dynamics of the North is of such a nature that many will find themselves in a Whirlwind of activity, be it social or otherwise. One will be very surprised this month in how very many things will happen or get done, so very quickly. The Message here is To Enjoy whatever comes one's way, even if it is having quiet and time to oneself for a while! Luckily this Month also embodies a Potential with a Medicine of Confidence as well as Expectancy and hence one can easily stifle one's Fear in it. Remember, in the Medicine and Proper Way it is important that one does not invest in the outcome, but only in the motive and method instead. Therefore, this is a Month to Be Active and Focused in pursuit of one's objectives both near and long term, including bettering the conditions about one's home, relationships, occupation, money supply, and comfort.

This high energy seventh month of new beginnings is also a Month of Discovery as well as Passion. Therefore, many might find themselves either chancing upon or directly seeking, new experiences in relationships. Yep, July is the month that most find new Loves or stray away from the Nest. The talk of July Heat is not only about the temperature, you see! This is not to say that one should be of suspicion as to the faithfulness of one's partner, but one should Creatively Inspire their Attention towards oneself instead.  Speaking of heat, there will continue to be abnormally high temperatures and the drought will become even harder felt.  Higher surface and atmospheric temperatures allow for more moisture to be absorbed in the atmosphere hence the drought continues.  This is what the greenhouse effect is all about, and will even worsen until mankind changes it ways.

Remember also the North is a Place of Action, and one might find oneself suffering under the strain of children that have too much energy and no way to positively apply it. The message here is to Plan ahead, but one day at a time as well. This will allow for the ongoing energy of Change that will occur during this period to not become too unstabilizing as relates to one's own condition of Balance. Plan trips, excursions, and so forth, but be sure to Make Alternate Plans as well so as to have a backup agenda of sorts. This is recommended because Changes in Plans will almost be a Theme of this period due to the influences of the many Prayer Sticks of the individuals involved.

One can safely say that this seventh month is a month of Action and one of the best activities is the Emotional House Cleaning of Choice making. Also, there is increased pressure for certain individuals to make a statement in this period so be of extra caution in all regions of the globe!  More Economic pressures will surface this period, especially as regards Debt.  The reality of spending what one does not have is now a global problem and it requires a global “Cure”.  This is the fallacy of the foundation of the Prevalent Culture with its Religion of Materialism, and its sword of Fear that it has used to manipulate the masses is finally its own undoing.  The Better Way always has been that of the Rainbow and thereby Respectful Sharing and Co-operation with each participant doing its fair share of that which is necessary to thrive in it not only for themselves, but also for the Seventh Generation Yet Born of all Beings And Things, else there will be none.

Therefore, This is a great month especially for making New Beginnings, as well as Important decisions and Changes. It is also a great one for getting things accomplished, so have a Open Mind as well as Happy Heart and feet in it!

 The Color of this month is Green which is that of Growth, Balance, and Love, and the Animal Spirit is that of the Whale which is about Caretaking, Community, Brotherhood, and Discovery. The Plant Spirit is that of the Grape whose Medicine is that of Festival, and the Mineral Spirit is that of Rhodochrosite which is that of Union and Motherhood. The Consciousness or Word for the month is Tiah or Light and the Sound for the month is LAH.


This is the Month to:

Let Go of the Past and Become of The Future,
By taking Mindful and Respectful steps in each day!


Thought of the Month:

One cannot Receive anything More into their Cup Of Life,
 if it is already Full.

Therefore it is much better to openly and courageously
Share and Partake of Life,
Than to simply Hoard the memories of One's Past.

So, I pray that your path of this Month of July be full of:

Hope, Wonderment, Openness, Love, and Adventure!




These monthly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.