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The Medicine of Pokeweed is the High Road in Life and Consciousness.  The medicinal parts of Pokeweed are the root, leaves, and fruit.  Pokeweed, like the red color found in its stem, is very orientated to the circulatory system and Flow.  Oftentimes, I have used a few of the berries or some of the flower head to help induce the moon time process in women that have had difficulty in such.  The juice of the fruit has been used in the treatment of everything from cancer to hemorrhoids and tremors.  The dried root or leaves in potions and teas is anodyne and cathartic, and is a good laxative as well as remover of pain.  In poultices, Pokeweed is good at relieving pain from joints and reducing inflammation.  In preparation of this Plant Spirit for use in meals such as in Poke Salad, it is recommended boiling the leaves twice, as insufficient cooking of the plant can be poisonous, so use caution here.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.