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The information and knowledge that is presented in this section is derived from the material that is available in the Books offered in this website as well as developed from additional specific material that was channeled through White Eagle by Great Pop for such specific purpose. While there might appear some resemblance to what one might find in a daily horoscope, the origin and intent of this information is quite different. However, some might choose either or both to guide them in their daily lives. This perhaps is where there might be a great separation between such forecasting vehicles as the material presented in this site is for the purpose of supporting one in one's choices and expressions, not make them for one, or restrict one in them. While the horoscope is primarily focused upon external influences, This Forecast is based upon Medicine and thereby Essential Natures as well as cycles which are internal ones that exist in anything and everything that exists. Certainly one might do very well or poorly using either or both, as how well one does is only controlled and responsive to one's own attitude and personal expressions of Prayers of Desire and intent thereupon.

In the experience of The Odyssey of Origins, it is learned that Every single thing that exists, even a thought, is a Potential. All Potential are made by the Creator whom some call God and White Eagle refers to as Great Pop. Each Potential is fundamentally composed of one or more Consciousnesses as well as Essences contained in some form of an operative element or structure. The composition of the Essences within any particular Potential can be considered to be it's Medicine or Essential Nature. Now, when Great Pop made these Potential, that include the very Being of oneself at some point (Actually He made them pretty much all at once in a way), He made no two of them exactly the same. Therefore the Potential that embody what might be considered as Mirroring or sameness Medicine might seem to be identical in many ways, while in reality they are not!

So, when people decide that there shall be seven days in a week, it can only even be considered if somewhere Great Pop has made a Potential for that to be. In reality, there exists a Potential for eight days to be in a week as well as six. However, when people chose to assign seven days in a week, a (There are more than one) Potential that had among other things seven days in a week as a part of it's Essential Nature and Medicine thereby, responded so as to be self realized and actualized in that way. This is to say that it chose to be outwardly expressive of the Essential Will of The Creator and to Operate for a period of time as an incarnated Spirit in the physical realm and on Mother Earth in particular, as there are more of them elsewhere as well. One might now be wondering, Does this mean that there is an incarnated Potential and by definition thereof, a Spirit of the Week? And the answer is a resounding - Of Course!

There is a Spirit of not only each week, but also each month, year, day, hour and so on. If there is anything at all, called whatever, it is a Potential that is operating as an outwardly expressive Spirit (Meaning Outside the Essential Will of Great Pop). The type of Spirit or Potential, as these are pretty much the same thing when outwardly expressed, of the Potential of the week, month, or year is what can be called and Elemental Spirit. Some other Elemental Spirit forms are the Wind, Rain, Fire, Time and so forth. One's next question might be whether or not the Spirit of the week, month, or year ever changes? And the answer is another resounding - Of Course! If the Spirit of 1997 did not exit and let a new Potential incarnate and operate for the term of 1998, then it would be still 0000 or something of the like! After all, is that not what all of this New Year's (A separate Potential as Well) celebration is all about?

Anyway, back to the basics as regards the content of this portion of AspiritWalker.Com and This Week. Each year, month, and week have separate and individual Medicines and Natures that one can use more beneficially to support one's own life experiences and expressions, if one knows what they are. There is an animal nature that closely resembles each of these as well as plant and mineral Spirit. If the animal of a week month or year is an Ant, then that time group will have an underlying supporting energy available for any and all to draw upon relating to caretaking, house cleaning, Renewall and so forth. This does not mean that one can or should not be about building some type of industry during this period as well. It does mean that it will be much easier to increase efficiency in an existent one throughout that period, than to start one at certain times in it. And through the wisdom and perfect design of Great Pop, these periods do overlap, such as there will be many more animal natures of the Week within one of the month or year to draw one's support from!

And of course all of the other parts of This Week's section of AspiritWalker.Com, such as the Message and so forth, all have something in common with the Medicine of This Week. Recommended is reviewing the information about the year and month after that of the week so as to develop an expanded awareness of all of the Potential available which will make one's planning efforts go much easier as well as provide more fruit perhaps. Also provided are warnings that certain feelings or things might develop. These are provided not to make sure that they do develop, only that if they do occur, then How one might best respond to that particular stimuli or energy. Remember this site and service is about Support, not doing it for you, as that would not be in the Medicine and Proper Way!

So we Pray that the mailman always brings good news!


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