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The Consciousness that is to be considered in the word and Medicine of Metamorphosis is pretty much the same as the current idea and use of the word in the prevalent culture and society.  However, the Consciousness that is to be considered in the Medicine and Proper Way to be associated with the idea of Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with the individual that is called Christ in the persona of Jesus.  Nope, the Consciousness that is to be associated with the use of the term of Christ Consciousness in the Medicine and Proper Way is that any and All things including that if oneself, are All children of a very loving, nurturing, and benefacting Father and Creator in the way and persona of Great Pop. 

In this concept of Christ Consciousness, it is also important to realize that any and All are even in Great Pop’s value, esteem, and idea of them as well as His care, support, and Love.  It is this Consciousness of being even in the eyes of the Creator with any and All that He has made, that is to be considered in this use of the term of Christ Consciousness.  The connectivity between this relationship and Metamorphosis exists in the sense of Renewall which was what the event of the resurrection accomplished.  In the Medicine and Proper Way, this idea of Metamorphosis is more than that in that at any point one can ask for and embrace Renewall, so as to become what one has yet to become before.  Hence, it is this reality and Potential that is to also be considered as being the Consciousness and Medicine of the number of fourteen.  As with most of the other if not all of Consciousnesses in this material, the Consciousness that is to be considered with Metamorphosis and Christ Consciousness Proper has no condition to judgment or measurement of any kind.  This condition and consideration also naturally precludes any influences from one’s Bark on tree as well. 

As with the others, the Consciousness of Metamorphosis Proper is another expression that is both inward and outward, and thereby is of that influence and nature.  There is no mistaking the symbol for this one, yes the symbol for the number of fourteen is indeed that of the Butterfly.  This is most appropriate in that the Medicine of the Butterfly as well as the number fourteen is that of Metamorphosis.  The Medicine of Metamorphosis and the number fourteen is not only that of a simple rebirth or new beginning and Change in that way, but instead it’s Medicine is that of a great Renewall and becoming what one has never been before.  This is reflective of our constant mission in Growth, be it in the Spiritual sense and realm or that of the physical.  In the symbol of the number fourteen, this Medicine of Metamorphosis is evident in the splitting, shifting, and Metamorphosis in the founding symbols of the Law of One.  It exemplifies thereby that all Change in the expression of Metamorphosis and fourteen must begin inwardly in the Consciousness of oneself, which is reflected in the position of the Red color at the edge of the Butterfly’s wings as well as the number within.  That is exactly what is to be inferred regarding the Consciousness and Medicine of fourteen. 

Even in the life cycle of beings, when this second expression of seven is completed, it is evidenced in the condition of Metamorphosis known as puberty.  And of course not only is the splitting of the symbols of The Law of One in the symbol reflective of great and significant Change in Metamorphosis as the Medicine of fourteen, but also that of the completion of the second cycle of Seven.  The purposeful placement of the color Green at the bottom of the symbol reminds us that we can not exist without Love, and the Blue at the top reminds us of the constant source and supply of that Love, which is Great Pop.  The core axis of Prayer embracing Change reminds us also that in the way of fourteen, we must continuously Pray and embrace Change as our ally in order to continue to become our next new self in Growth.  Of course in the Medicine and Proper Way, the Consciousness of fourteen and Metamorphosis Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Purpose, or one plus Thirteen as well as reflects the Union of Ordination in the way of two times seven.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.