Mineral Spirit -



Sometimes referenced by several different names, Flint is a member of the Quartz family that has been one of the Mineral Spirits that has been the mainstay as it were of Beings, since their first appearance here on Mother Earth.  While its Medicine is seemingly as vast as is its utility, Support to Process might be the single most idea of it.  A part of Flint Medicine can also be considered as Brotherhood in most every sense and way.  Be it in the process of starting a fire, the procuring of food as a point of an arrow or spear, or the use of it in all kinds of tools, like axes, scrapers, and knives, Flint has always been a readily found Enabler, which perhaps is the very best idea of its Medicine.  Actually, it is the relatively hard and even at times brittle nature of this Mineral Spirit that has facilitated its use in so many ways.  One can easily recognize that like it sheds its outer most parts in flakes so easily, like releasing its Bark on tree of Ego, all can learn much from the Nature of this particular Mineral Spirit, in so many ways.

Flint actually appears in many colors, yet the most common found is that of a grayish hue.  I personally wear Flint often as arrowhead adornments which ever are about direction and path, as well as how to be in Life.  Flint is always a good South stone in the Medicine Wheel as well as west, however because of its Essential Nature and thereby Medicine, it is always welcome and serves well in any direction.  Flint for obvious reasons can be used in one’s Medicine Bag, Jewelry, or Prayer Stick, to represent Direction, Path, or goals.  In Healing applications and Bodywork, Flint can provide positive support about the head, neck, feet, and lower back.  In fact, any issues with the skeletal system at all, will find support to Remedy from Flint.   



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.