Mineral Spirit -



Bone and Ivory have great Memory Medicine and help us to remember the fragileness of life on the Earthplane as well as the structure and foundation of the many dimensions of self. Bone also may be used to reinforce one's connectiveness to the Spirit plane, and has for a long time been used in the calling of Spirits from that place. Ivory has great memory, and can be used to go back in the fabric of time in vision work and also represents the preciousness of time and place.

Ivory can be used in the healing way to aid in calming nervousness and the Bone can be used to enhance strength. Both Bone and Ivory make good material for use in fetishes and totems for obvious reasons, as they remind us of the integration of Mineral Spirit and Spirit in this place called Earthplane. Use in the Medicine Wheel of Bone and Ivory should be in the South and Center and they make good additions to any Medicine Bag representing power animals and memory. Bone and Ivory make good adornments to any part of the body and in the healing way they are most effective for use about the head and spine.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.