Message -

To my son,

Nolayte StarShine Eagle

Who's Birthday is This Week.


I think of you each moment of everyday, and long to be with you in them.

I Pray constantly for your Wellbeing and Joy.

I will continue to try to be in your life somehow and way.

I do so Love and cherish and adore you.

You have to do nothing to please me, ever.

That you are, is enough for me to be of joy and happiness.

You are perfect in my mind and eyes, in every way, no matter what.


Nolayte's mother left me and took him away only a couple of weeks after he was born.  While I am sure she had her reason, I never would have left her, no matter what, as such is the meaning of my word and commitment. That was many years ago and I now am thanklful that she allows me to be in contact again.

Many beings and things have become estranged from or will miss family and friends this season. I pray that one takes ones feelings to heart as I do and will. Because whether they hurt or not, I would not want to not have them or become insensitive. It is risky to care and love as well as trust. And things do not always turn out like we hope or plan. But Life is a path of momentary expressions and experiences. While I still miss Jack who exited suddenly in 1968 and so many others be they family or friend, I will continue to feel blessed by the moments that I did share with each and every one of them. That is my choice and option, and it is available to any and all beings and things.

So I thank you Nolayte, Nolayte's mom, Jack, Jim, Mom, Dad, Sandy, Dayna, Heath and Jackie and their mom, Spirit, Spot, Sparkie, Hal, and so many others that have shared their Earthwalk experience with me, as well as care and Love for a time in it. I am truly wealthy from these you see, as they helped make my Life as it is and has been. And for and in that, I am most blessed and appreciative.

And when I feel alone, down, or sad, this season, I will keep choosing to be thankful to each of these as well as those that are now in it. I will also then choose to continue to walk that path of my Life as Great Pop guides me and use what is called the Prayer Proper to continue to make choices and expressions that:

Walk in Balance with Harm to No One Being or Thing, Including Oneself!



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.