Message –

The following is from the Medicine of Selves as Great Pop tells White Eagle the recipe for Real Success in Life:


Do one’s part, Take Action.


      While many might in the conventional thinking of the prevalent society consider this to be the most important part of the process and recipe for Success in Life, it is not.  Mind you it is significant, but not the most important part.  As you also remember, when you asked Me, I told you that Life is  “Doing Thing”.  Yet, Ho, Ho, Ho, doing nothing can be also considered as doing something!  Actually, Little One, what I am getting to here is that timing as well as Motive are very important to consider in regards to the realization of Real Success and thereby the Fulfillment of one’s Life Objectives and Potential.  As you Understand and know, to plant seeds in the winter for a crop to be grown that will flourish normally if planted in the spring, will severely hamper the realization of the Potential in each of the seeds.  Yet, some individuals do just about the same thing in the guise of being “Busy” at something in Life.

      And just like when you asked me about taking action about realizing certain Objectives that have a relatively high priority in your Life and Plan, sometimes inaction is the best action that one can take for a while.  Actually, some Potential do not even need any action of oneself at all after one has issued forth a Prayer of Desire expression about such.  Therefore, just to be stirring the pot about such Potential at times can hamper the speed or eventuality of such being realized.  So you see, doing one’s part can be and oftentimes is Really separate from taking action in most every sense.  In this step Little One, one should also consider the employment of the Proper tools for each job so to speak.  An example of such is to use a precious and fragile object to drive a nail.  All too often, individuals seem to consider that the end justifies the means without consideration to the damage that is effected upon other beings and things when they take action in pursuit of an Objective.

      Therefore, in this step one is to consider both separately and collectively the responsibility that is ever associated with expressing one’s ability.  Also, one is to consider the consequences of each Choice of Action that one takes, including both the near and long term of such.  Naturally, the test of appropriateness is found in the question as to whether it does in Reality Walk in Balance with Harm to No One Being or Thing.  If one does find such to be the case then by all means, to Realize Success in one’s life then one can and should do one’s part and take action accordingly.