The Following are descriptions of Visions that were given to White Eagle by The Creator whom he calls Great Pop in His Medicine Drum. The Visions are descriptions only of Potential events that may, or may not occur. These are not meant to cause alarm, only inform. It is recommended the each individual Meditate upon them and seek their own interpretation and personal Guidance from The Creator.


WEEK - 46

Vision 1-

It begins in a mountainous region where one person is carrying an assault rifle. Then there are many army type trucks that show up in another location carrying troops and materials in a convoy through a large metropolitan area. Next there is shown a larger vehicle like used to carry gasoline. One can tell that it is a weapon or target for some that wish to inflict great harm. Then one sees a man with a toothbrush working at cleaning up some metal object found at the site of the NYC attack. One finally gets the sense that much has yet to be discovered about what has happened and that there is a lingering potential for greater harm and destruction of life and property.

Vision 2-

The setting is about a waterfront harbor like that of Sydney Australia. Ahead appears a white structure like the Opera house that the city is famous for. One notices a big black helicopter that is hovering over one of the larger buildings there. One can tell that those involved are not up to anything good. Next a ladder is descended and then some armed and dangerous people climb up and inside as if making an escape. One can sense that they left something very dangerous behind, and were going to create the same or a bigger problem elsewhere in that region of Mother Earth.

Vision 3-

Inside a tunnel, there appears the front section of a large cylindrical shape that appears from the darkness. On the very front of it is a label or sign of warning. Many people are about taking it or doing something with it. It seems to pose a Very dangerous threat, like some nuclear or biological warfare rocket. The people start moving it out of the tunnel and start to prepare for launching it at some specific target. One seems powerless to intervene, except perhaps the knowledge of such potential may in fact alter the outcome which is very soon.


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Most of these weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.