The Following are descriptions of Visions that were given to White Eagle by The Creator whom he calls Great Pop in His Medicine Drum. The Visions are descriptions only of Potential events that may, or may not occur. These are not meant to cause alarm, only inform. It is recommended the each individual Meditate upon them and seek their own interpretation and personal Guidance from The Creator.


WEEK - 23

Vision 1-

One sees the top of a mechanical looking device in the darkness of a mountainous area and soon recognizes it as being that of a locomotive.  It is all black and dirty with soot and is slowly moving through the rubble, like the remains of a blast or earthquake.  After a while it pulls up to a depot that also seems to have debris scattered about.  The depot is a sandy color and appears to be in the desert regions of Africa or Asia.  There seems to be some foreboding as to some kind of lingering danger, yet it stops anyway.  One only gets the feeling that one seems to have fewer options and more to do from the experience.


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Most of these weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.