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As regards the first Question of:

Are names really important?

The answer is:

(A) Yes

In fact they are incredibly important and can be very positive or extremely damaging.  In asking Great Pop about such I posed the question of “Father why is it that we have names?”

His response to me at that time was “Little One to remember What and Who you Really are”.

From that response one can certainly understand the dynamic impact and potential of such a thing as a name.  Also one can readily recognize the Potential harm and influence that calling another person an ugly or malicious name can be as well.  Even if one does not buy the lie so to speak, having the thought energy associated with certain name calling only serves to cause imbalance and other types of negative or restrictive influence in another individual being or thing.  Such is real and true even though they do not accept such as being the “Reality” of themselves. 

Words are thought energy that is outwardly expressed.  As such, they are real Potential and can in fact do Real harm.


 For the second question of:

Is giving someone a nick name Proper?

The Answer is:

(B) No

This is Real and true for obvious reasons, if one fully understands the answer to the first question.  This is real and true even for the “Cutsie” ones.  To give another being or thing a nick name is to claim the power to define them with one’s own idea or desire of them.  That clearly is not an expression of respect and value, no matter what.  If another being or thing desires to be called something that certainly is Proper as long as it Walks in Balance, meaning that such a name does not cause the building of any one’s Bark on tree and thereby influence any one’s Ego in any fashion or manner.  Star is a title not a name, nor are The Greatest or Champ.  Bubba is a name and not a nick name, only if it is associated to a positive idea of brotherhood.  Needless to say “Sis” and “Bro” are not Real names but instead are simplified definitions of relationship. 

No matter what, no name should define any being or thing at all, as to do such is simply witch craft.

I am a PohTikaWah, it is not my name, only what I am and do.

Great Pop is not a nick name it is what He likes me to call him as that is what He is to me.

I am “Little One” to Great Pop and honored in that, which is not a nick name but instead a title of respect and value.

As described in the Naming portion of this website, I do not define individuals, I simply seek and discover the Essential Nature of the Who and What they really are.

I am Tanna-Ha Shuah at all times,

Which in my language is:



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