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Is there Really such a thing as Luck or is it just an illusion?


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 What some call “Luck” is actually a Potential just like each and everything that Great Pop has made. 

And like the seemingly opposite Potential of Misfortune, Luck can be called forth through the issuance of a Prayer of desire for such to be self expressive of itself and thereby experienced in the Life of oneself.  And remember here that in most senses Prayers can be pretty much categorized as being of Hope from the Heart or Fear from one’s Bark on tree.  And furthermore one can have a Hope Prayer that is operating but never realized, simply because it is being offset so to speak by one also having a Fear Prayer regarding the outcome as well.  So it seems to me that those that are “Luckier” than others at times, simply have mastered to some degree the process of Prayer management and thereby their Attitudes and Perspective which are the key elements to consider in this regard.  


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Because it is one’s Spirit that carries into that event the Life force Energy that is necessary to sustain the fertilized egg.


     Actually at the moment of penetration of the egg wall by the sperm, both elements die in that process.  This is real and true because each had a unique and separate Life Force vibrational pattern and energy from the different parents and these two can not occupy the same place or thing!  Yep, at the moment of conception, a death actually occurs to both separate elements, and it is the presence of the Spirit of that being or thing that is to use the results of that process, which cedes over at that instance the necessary unique vibratory Life Force Energy which necessary to sustain the merged product from that moment forward.  And as Life Force Energy is a permanent Essence that is unique to each Potential and thereby Spirit, ceding over some to the mass is no problem and no shortage is felt by the True Spirit from doing such.  Also, at times the female will actually feel such occur as a tiny or slight tingling sensation of sorts. 

 And we might also mention here that it is the presence of the Spirit that will ultimately use that product of this event, which makes and enforces the choices of chromosomal and DNA selection for the further development of that mass of body tissue and implants such at this time as well.  This of course is all part of the Plan that it brought with them when leaving the Essential Will of the Creator, and they do such so as to share and do their part in this process and experience.  Also, this is how deformities or other conditions in the developmental process of the body do become realized, always as the Will of the incarnating Spirit so as to experience Life with such.  And if the parents do not plan to continue the pregnancy, the Spirit already knows such Potential and plays in the process anyway, again just for the experience of such. 

You see if the is no Spirit present other than that of the two parents, the female can not become pregnant, period.  And if the Spirit decides to change their mind during the process of the pregnancy, they simply absorb back that ceded portion of Life force energy, and the pregnancy is terminated with a miscarriage, or the mass is simply still born.  You see, it is all about Life force energy, which by the way is what keeps the cells operating, and the mass of them as well as all of the atoms of that physical form from simply flying off somewhere in a magnetic kind of way.  And you guessed it, this is the same stuff that is measurable as being the slight weight loss at death, which is just the case of the ceded over portion of Life force energy being re-assimilated with rest of that of the incarnating Spirit which it always has, be it in the physical or True Spirit condition of self.


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