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The answer is:  



One Option is YES.

Another Option is NO.

Still another option is MAYBE which is to choose to defer to choose later.

And the final Option is NEVER TO CHOOSE AT ALL.


Of course I always prefer to include Great Pop (The Creator) in all of my choices through Prayer and Meditation, especially the more important ones. I do also know that He will Not make choices for me as that would go against His Promise to all of Creation, which is that of expanding self determination or what most consider to be Free Will. However, Great Pop will guide me in making my choices and most oftentimes they turn out much better that way. Also, Great Pop has given us what is called the Prayer Proper to use in making choices which is the test of:

Does it Walk in Balance and With Harm to No One Being or Thing Including that of Oneself?

So I pray that your choices bring happiness to your moccasins and those of all others as well!

White Eagle


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