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As regards the Question:


Why does Great Pop allow for such abuse

and mean behavior to exist in Beings and things?


The answer to This Week's question is also quite simple, it is:


(D) It is all a part of the responsibility that comes
with having Free Will


Yep, it is really all our fault in a way. When Great Pop enabled us with Free Will there became what I call the two swords of ability and choice that came with it. For every Choice made, there are immediate consequences associated with making that choice. For every Ability expressed, there is an automatic responsibility that goes with any expression of that ability.

Whatever one does, they do it to the All of creation and thereby to themselves as well in that. Great Pop can and will help, but only if asked. Of course that is what that wonderful design of His called Prayer is about anyway. However, Great Pop made a promise way back in the very beginning when He asked all of the Mega Multitude of Potential which included ourselves to come inside His Essential Will. That promise was that not only would He keep making places and means by which we could experience being ourselves, but also would ensure a continuum to exist of expanding personal self realization, self actualization, self expression, and last but not least, self determination which led to the Origin of Free Will so as to be able to experience and express it through.

Therefore for us to have real self determination, He must allow us the freedom to make mistakes, hurt ourselves and each other and so forth. He is not happy when that occurs, not at all. But He also has hope that we will learn from it and behave better towards ourselves and other beings and / or things, although it is by no means a mandate.


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