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Does God Really listen?

The answer to this first question might seem simple and in reality it is a little more involved than one might think. Many might feel that God is not there for them at times and of course this is mostly from taught behavior, guilt, fear, or Bark on tree and thereby Ego. In the experience of the Odyssey of Origins, one will find out how very different the Mind Operative of the Creator is from that of oneself or any other being or thing. Also described is pretty much how everything works in general, and much of it in specific. One certainly might think that God must get tired or overload at times having so much chatter in His ear from so many people and things asking for His support. Another consideration might be that if two people on opposite teams are praying for their side to win, How does God respond? In asking about such, I was a little surprised to find that God is Not Netural about any and all such things! And it is not that He favors any of a thing or side over another like it might seem, in fact He only cares that both sides have fun playing, period.

Nope, His personal interest and Not being neutral concerns the Unknown. God might well pick a side in a contest, simply to see how His guess will turn out just like we do! After all that is the very Why He invented such games in the first place He told me. So understanding that, one might consider Why wouldn't He also enjoy participating in them in a non interfering kind of way? Before any such game in Life, the outcome is Not predetermined like some might think or Hope, not at all. Many times playing backgammon I have prayed for doubles to come up on my next roll, only to have that happen for my opponent instead. In such instances, my prayer was in fact answered and the Potential for doubles did in fact become actively realized. In asking the Creator about such, He confirmed that indeed it was the result of my Prayer for such to occur. He also went on to explain that I had also silently expressed a Fear Prayer that the other person would get the doubles rather than myself, and that had overridden the single prayer of Hope for me to get them next. He then also reminded me that after all, it was just a game and that His Real desire was that both had fun playing, no matter as to the outcome.

To make a simple and more understandable explanation of what is being described here, one might consider their ability to think about or care about several things at once. An example might be that of driving the car while listening to the radio and planning one's next part of the day. Actually, all beings and things have the capacity of having multiple thoughts and cares. This is real and true because of the Essential Nature of these things. Some of us even have a greater developed capacity of segmenting consciousness as well. In this I mean to say that we can send segments or parts of our consciousness to several different places at the same instant. This is exactly how I can be felt or even appear to someone asking in a way for my support, and still be physically limited to being at one location.

This ability exists for each and every being or thing. It can also pretty much operate unconsciously or even involuntarily at times. Many people over the years have mentioned feeling my presence without my consciously trying to do that. What is actually operative in such instances, is my segmenting a part of my consciousness, be it through empathy or care, to respond to a call that may also be unconsciously presented to me by them. So in answer to the first question, the answer is YES as in Reality the Mind of the Creator operates more like what was just explained about segmented consciousness than anything else.


How does Prayer Really Work?

This is also a little tricky to describe. Many beings pray to all sorts of things and one might well wonder if God hears all of them? The answer to that is of course, and so do all of the beings and things of Creation as well! That is the really brilliant part of how the Creator designed these things in the beginning. When one expresses any Prayer of desire, be it of Fear or Hope, it is like sending out a message on a loud speaker that all of Creation including the Creator can hear. Does God personally answer any and all of them one might ask? And the answer is that He could. But it is more oftentimes answered by a Potential. And it can be any Potential, be it in the form of a being or thing inside his Essential Will, or operating as an incarnated Spirit of a being or thing outside of it. One might pray to Allah, the Christ, Mother Mary, Gabriel, or whatever, and the result is still the same. Many would like to have a personal servant in God, Jesus, or the like, but in reality that does not occur, nor should it. But what does occur is that Any and All have the Potential and choose to support the fulfillment of any of one's Prayer of desire, or not, through that Free Will thing that the Creator made and desires for us. So as one can see, in His brilliant design of these things, God does not have to get off the couch or miss His favorite TV show just because someone wants His immediate help. This is not to imply that God does not Care. Quite the contrary! It is because He does that it works at all, and especially this most brilliant of a way, when you Really think about it!



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