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As regards the first Question of:

What is the Self or Selves that actually goes into and experiences one's dreams?

The answer is:

The Real Self


Yep, as Great Pop explained it to me, in any and all cases it is only the Real Self that experiences the dramas orchestrated in one's Dream world theater of one's Emotional Body. Even though one might be working out fear of death in such episodes, the Real Self can never die. Also, only the Real Self is associated to or had direct awareness of past life episodes and so forth. That is precisely Why it is that some have recurring dreams about events and issues that one has carried forward into the present incarnation. While one might wonder as to the presence of Fear that the Real Self knows is a pseudo Essence with a time limit and in a sense even an illusion in a way, it chooses to act out each episode as if it were as Real as it always knows that is the condition of itself. Even though most oftentimes one will act out scenarios with many other people in one's dream episode, one in reality knows that one is alone in it as a complete self. Great Pop explained to me that He designed things this way for the Real Self to personally resolve all issues that it chooses to, before beginning the experience of the next new day.


Now for the second question of:


What is the actual type of energy is it that one uses to create the setting and experiences of ones Dreams with, and what specific Self is used to generate or design each drama episode.


This one is a little more tricky in a way and I will explain why shortly. The answer to the first part of this question as some might have figured out is in reality:


Thought - The stuff that we send out as our Prayers of desire and so forth


Yep, the Real Self uses Thought energy to create the people places things and events in the theater of one's Emotional Body that we consider as being our Dream world. Now this is pretty simple to do when one realizes as we learned in Origins that in our Emotional Body, all of our past experiences and expressions are permanently recorded as memory energy. Also, in Origins we learn that our Emotional Body is a walking Billboard so to speak broadcasting, again stored in it as memory energy, all of out Prayers of Desire, be they of Fear or Hope as well. Now, one might say well if that is the case why is the energy used not Memory instead of Thought? And the answer becomes self evident when one remembers as is also learned in Origins that all thought energy has a time limit to it before it naturally turns into Memory energy, no matter what. Yet, that is what people do when they think, they read some memory energy from some source and then use the pattern of it to issue something forth as thought! And from this one can rightfully assume that in the sensing of both, Memory seems static, and Thought seems in motion, always.

And the second part of this question is tricky in that while it is the Real Self that generates the setting and experiences each episode, it is a Projected Self that actually used to generate and define the drama of each episode. Now, as has been Understood and mentioned recently, only the Real Self and the Cosmic/Communal self exist in True Spirit form, meaning before one incarnates or returns to the Essential Will of Great Pop after exit and Transition. So if one were to ask if this means that we do not dream in heaven so to speak? Bingo, as Great Pop says! Nope, we do not, as there is no need or benefit to do such!


And finally for the last question of:


What happens to the energy of a Dream episode after it is experienced?


Most will probably correctly figure this one out. As Great Pop likes thing to be real neat and tidy, All of it reverts instantly to Memory Energy when the episode is completed, and stays contained within one's own Emotional Body for reference as necessary.


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