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Why should one consider Resonance in regard to Flow?


The answer is:

Because everything that is, has Medicine and thereby Resonance.

As mentioned in the question, because everything that is has Medicine, each and every thing that is, is Resonant to the All else that is, in some manner or way. And while one could consider Resonance as being of Harmony or Discord, but there can also be other Natures of Resonance, such as that of being passive, static, or neutral as well. In the really big picture of things, one must recognize that Resonance is a key element in anything at all, and certainly is a very integral and influential ingredient to those events and processes by which some type of Change occurs.

Obviously to realize the fulfillment of a Prayer of Desire or more simply put, to get something new or that which is sought, Flow must happen.  And one must by now recognize that for any event of Flow to happen, there must become a Change in something involved.  And yes, one can rightfully consider Flow to have Change Medicine. Yep, like Onement and Balance, Change is another of the Five Founding Essences.  Therefore Change is inherent in any and All things that exist, including the Potential of Flow.  And guess what?  Change has Motion Medicine, which is what is usually sought in experiences of Flow! And finally by definition, Motion is of the Medicine of Resonance, and it is as simple as that!

So for me to get what I next Desire requires the Flow and thereby Motion of that which is sought.  And not only the Motion and Flow of that which is sought, but that Motion and Flow which will provide it to become within my attainment or grasp.  Therefore if I seek that which is moving away from myself, then logically I should Change something about myself, not it, so as to be able to become Resonant with it and thereby be in a position to receive or realize it.  Yet there are also many things that are coming toward me already naturally, of which the only Change necessary for my attainment of them is simply to put my hand out and receive that which is already in process.  So if I do or do not like how my Life is at any moment, the mechanisms are now understood, and not only just how that is, but also how to make it and them different.




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