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How can there be so many millionaires now, than there used to be?


The answer is:

Because there is a lot more money available,

Because there is more people now in the hive!

You see, money is not in a limited and finite supply at all, like I was led to believe when I was growing up.  Nope, governments print more and more money as time goes by.  And the real tricky part of this condition is that there is more money primarily because there are more people.  This is the foundation of the Religion of materialism and the mechanism that facilitates the Bee Hive way of life in the prevalent society. 

You see, the more worker bees that are out there working to gather resources, the more money that governments can print and the few at the top can tax from them.  And of course, this also fosters growth of governmental positions and operations so as to oversee that all of the worker bee are working, and making more money for them to take by decree.  The Bee Hive game actually needs a continuing growth in populations to stay successful.  This is because fewer people, Need Less to sustain themselves.  And fewer people spending less money to live, would mandate a drastic lifestyle change and such for those at the top of the Bee Hive hierarchical structure.  The funny thing about it all, is that there really is no real sense of growth in security when one makes more money now.  This is Real and true simply because it takes more of it to get the same thing as before, because of time and inflation.  Nope, money is not like land, or clean water or air, which now are in a condition of finite supply.  And is it any surprise that people are making money now, by selling these things as well?


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