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The Deer family includes the Elk, Buffalo, Antelope, Caribou, Moose and Gazelle and the Medicine of them as a group in general is to be given here.  While there are specific differences in the Medicine between each of these species especially when one is being named, there is much to be realized in the Group Consciousness of them as well.  Since the members of this group are all herd animals, it seems appropriate to Understand what the Medicine is that makes them of that Nature.  As one might easily guess, the primary Medicine of this group Consciousness is that of Cooperation, Support, Brotherhood, and Share.  Also in specific, we will describe aspects of one of them being that of the Deer.  The great herd animals are all consummate grazers and Deer people often are given to appear to be constantly feeding on something especially late at night in the refrigerator. 

Deer people are also extremely social, and can often be seen liking to drive in close groups down the highway while not necessarily realizing it.  Or, they also are the ones that do not mind crowded conditions and the bigger the party group, the better for them no matter how crowded it might seem.  Deer people like all herd people are seldom monogamous, and will usually have many mates during a lifetime and seldom seem to continue any relationship once the kids are grown.  Deer people also are constantly searching for greener grasses, and often will change careers and homes if for no other reason than needing the change.  The Deer has good eyesight and is a consummate observer of things of interest and have a greater sense of smell and hearing.  All Deer people will usually sense the presence of something through their body, before they will actually see it. 

The Deer if not eating or in search of food or mate, will spend much time nesting or laying down and is also a great conservator of energy.  All Deer are given to rapid and spontaneous movement with great strength and agility of movement. Fences are but small hurdles for most Deer.  The Deer or Elk that wants something on the other side of anything, will just bow its head and crash right through to it with no care for anything that it might step on in the way.  And while they most often are not purposely trying to hurt anything, the goal attainment is more important than how it gets there.  All Deer animals and named people have a great sensitivity to the deeper currents of Mother Earth and most like running or dancing. 

After the Buffalo, the Elk and Deer are the greatest source of food and clothing to the aboriginal people, and all in this family are held in high regard for their swiftness and alertness.  Deer Medicine is about swiftness and alertness and sensitivity as well as knowing where the resources are located.  The Deer in dreams and visions is about resources, and a Deer running signifies the pursuit of goals.  The Deer standing signifies that what is desired is already under foot.  The Deer laying down or eating, is about the nesting and nurturing needs of self.


 These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.