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All Alligators have great patience and are very territorial.  All Alligators have a great sense of smell and smell and sound are part of their Medicine.  Stealth, Persistence, and Patience are the most significant aspects of Alligator Medicine.    Alligators often will store food in roots under water and let it rot for a while which makes it easier for them to digest.  The Alligator floats real still like a log and allows its prey which is usually fish, turtles, Snakes, or birds to come right up to it and even sit upon it for a while.  Then with minimum effort, the Alligator turns its head and swallows whatever it wants to eat whole if it is small enough.  Alligators have a great swimming ability and are not too slow on land either.  Alligators live for a long time as they do not have any predator to fear except man once they reach a certain size.  The alligator is also a very nurturing, protective, and caring parent.  

Once I saw where this Alligator had me in vision and the significance of alligator Medicine in vision or dream state is that of danger or entrapment.  The Alligator stifles ones advancement or growth.  In vision, dream, or encounter the alligator always represents a condition or attitude from which one needs to break free or release.  Alligators are good teachers about worthiness and patience and can also symbolize internal struggles or conflicts.  Alligators also represent fearlessness, especially in hunting or in warfare.

These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of
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