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The Weasel family also includes the Mink, the Ermine and the Marten and while the size and colors may vary slightly with diet, their basic habits and Medicines are predominately the same. Being almost singularly responsible for keeping the rodent populations in check, including that of the Squirrel, the Weasel will often eat the birds from nests and has been known to also eat a Snake or two. As all of this family live near the water and are ardent and most skillful in aquatic sports, their diet also includes the fish as well.

The singular concept that might best describe the Weasel and its family might best be described as Ardent, as it plays as hard as it works. Often seen in pairs, the Weasel likes to play together but hunts alone over usually a quite large territory. The Weasel, with its long and slender body, is a great tunnel explorer and its hunting habit might well be called tenaciously aggressive as it gets what it puts its mind to and it is extremely intelligent. An extremely ferocious fighter, the Weasel also knows when it is outmatched and is a master of evasion and escape. It great playfulness and curiosity has led to its decline to the traps of man, however the Weasel is most elusive in any manner of a chase as it seems to somehow evaporate from sight in sudden moments of movement. An agile climber as well as swimmer and burrower, there is little about the Weasels environment that can truly be considered a safe place for its prey.

Prized for its soft and fine pelts, this beautiful creature has great sensitivity to the deeper vibrations of Mother Earth and often will be seen playing in swimming pools immediately after the storm has passed, and indeed these are one of natures very best weathermen. Having extremely fine eyesight, hearing, as well as sense of smell and agility, very little was over looked when the senses were given out by the Great Spirit by this one. The Medicine of the Weasel is that of Ardent aggression and tenacity and might best be expressed as To live life fully from the heart.

The Weasel in dreams and vision is always one of Prosperity and the escaping Weasel is a sign to examine the safety of ones resources, while the Weasel at play is signifying the need for recreation and ease of stress. The Weasel fighting is a direct warning of a pending conflict and the Weasel that is showing its prey signifies the pending success of ones endeavors and to not give up yet. The Weasel in a trap signifies the need to examine the safety of ones resources and to examine ones current direction. The Weasel with young signifies the resources of the family and to value the lesson giving and nurturing of and to, others.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of
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