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The Coyote is a member of the Wolf family that is spoken of separately as its Medicine is quite specialized and separate.  The Coyote is perhaps one of the most adaptable of the four leggeds and is often called the great trickster by the aboriginal people.  The people used to follow the Wolf as the Wolf always knew where the water and food was at and the coyote, knowing this would go to the horizon where he would look like the Wolf and make Wolf sounds until the people would leave the camp to see where the new food was at.  While the people were looking where the Coyote was at he would double back to the camp and steal the food they already had.  While this seems to be mean or harmful behavior, all may learn lesson and a great part of Coyote Medicine is about lesson giving and teaching.  Many of the people that I have named as being of Coyote Medicine are illustrators, artists, musicians, photographers, newsmen, and teachers.  The Coyote is very monogamous and is usually seen by itself or with its mate, unlike the wolf that is more like the herd animals that hunt and live in packs. 

The Coyote is also given to great curiosity and it is on many occasions that I have been fishing in some stream in the woods that I would look around at times to see a pair just sitting there watching me.  The Coyote is very intelligent and even with the great slaughter by irate farmers and ranchers, has developed a great ability to coexist with the ever expanding settlements of man. Sadly, often in journey I would see where farmers and ranchers would hang the bodies of slain Coyotes on fences to keep others in the area away.  The Coyote is a wonderful and caring parent and is also a greatly resourceful hunter.  The Coyote is very psychic and has great ability in knowing of weather changes as well as dangers from fires and earth quakes and easily feels and senses the deeper vibrations of Mother Earth.  The Coyote has good eyesight and very good senses of smell, and hearing and will often bypass traps and poisoned meats as if it were watching the preparation of such although many are taken this way.  The Medicine of the Coyote is that of being a consummate and caring observer of its environment and will easily leave a territory for a more productive one.  The Medicine of the Coyote is also that of being a great professor of the lessons of growth and balance in life and while it possesses great stealth it also possesses great humor.  The message of the Coyote might well be not to take any situation too seriously but always seek the lesson in it. 

The Coyote in dreams is close to that of the Serpent in that you are approaching a new understanding and gaining wisdom and knowledge.  The Coyote in dreams and visions also represents the need for looking for alternate methods and the use of all of ones abilities in solving dilemma.  The Coyote in dreams playing is just about the need to lighten the load of self that we all need to do at times.  The Coyote in dreams and visions also often tell you specifically that which it wishes you to know.  Any Coyote dream or vision is a good one although some may be danger warnings.



These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.