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    The Moth is best distinguished from the Butterfly by the characteristics of their antennae.  The antennae of the Moth is much fuzzier or feathery as well as having some of the same fuzziness on parts of their bodies.  Like the Butterfly, Moths go through a complete cycle of metamorphosis and indeed metamorphosis is part of the Medicine of the Moth as well.  Unlike the Butterfly, most Moths are active primarily at night, and do without food during their adult life.  The Moth also has to fly by very rapid wing strokes just to support its much greater body size in flight.  Most Moths spend their earlier stages in and about the trees, and indeed tree knowledge and Growth is very much also part of the Medicine of this Flier.  Most of the caterpillars of Moths live in communal societies and all are very adept at silk spinning whether for a web or cocoon and are of great enterprise, even if it might seem as a destructive endeavor. 

All life named Moth people are very adept with the use of threads and in skills that require the use of the hand.  Moths do not see so good and are constantly drawn to and blinded by bright lights and like the Butterfly, have an extended sense of feel or touch.  The Moth in its adult stage is usually a solitary creature that likes long rests between periods of flight.  Moth Medicine could be well expressed as being quite reclusive at most times.  The Medicine of the Moth might well be said to be that of Renewall, as the adult cycle is about that which is to come. 

The Moth in dreams and visions signifies the cycles in life and relates to periods of Renewall.  The Moth that is flying in visions and dreams, signifies the need to evaluate current goals and challenges and to possibly seek new direction and the Moth that is at rest, signifies the need to include softness and rest in the current cycle of self.  The Moth in vision or dreams that is about the light, signifies the need to assess the current situation as all is not as it seems and there might be something of deception or that might be harmful that is of current attraction to self.  All Moth dreams and visions relate to cycles as well as goals.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.