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The Medicine of the Wolf is about Earth Wisdom, Resource, Family, and Protection. The Wolf is a gatherer and bringer forth of knowledge about family and brotherhood to the people. Like the Buffalo, the Wolf is held in high esteem and as a sacred symbol in vision and dreams by aboriginal peoples. One of the main Medicines of the Wolf is that of Teacher and the tribal way of the aboriginal peoples are direct patterns of social structure copied by the societies in all cultures. A large carnivore that preys predominately upon much larger game, the Wolf lives in a pack structure with a chief or dominant male. All of the members of the pack provide for the care and well being of old and young and share in all aspects of life from hunting to the defense of its members and protection of its territory. Being extremely good communicators, the members of the pack will share in the discipline of the young as well as adult members and often one mother will nurse the young of another.

Respectful Sharing are the key words of relationship proper and is quite evident here in a most nurturing and caring pack society, and as the definition of Brotherhood is Sharing in the wellbeing of the condition of the all, it seems well that we see the Wolf as the great teacher of how to live in a society that benefits all. The Wolf is an extremely intelligent hunter and carnivore and often aboriginal peoples have followed the packs of Wolves as they always knew where the resources of food and water were. Many clans of tribes were named after the Wolf and it is still held to be a most sacred brother in the animal kingdom in both the physical and Spiritual plane. Long periods of predation by man have left the Wolf in almost an extinct status with the Red variety almost eradicated in the south. Being of great communicative and social skills, the Wolf also has good eyesight, hearing and a keen sense of smell.

While the singular description of the Medicine of the Wolf might well be that of Teacher, the Wolf in visions and dreams usually Relates to relationships, sensitivity, and most often resources. The Wolf in vision or dreams that is walking or running signifies the need for direction or a change in the current goals of ideals for growth. The Wolf often will tell its own lesson or message in visions and dreams as it is the most adept communicator and a Wolf that is bring something to you signifies to accept that condition or resource to self. A Pair of Wolves in visions and dreams signifies a condition about a relationship or mate and the action of the pair will speak for itself, while Wolves in a pack relate to family or relationships such as business groups. A hunting wolf or hungry Wolf signifies the need to expand upon the resources for self and can signify to be of caution of a possible betrayal by a close friend or ally. A Wolf bringing food will signify the potential of and closeness of success in an endeavor and a Wolf at play or rest signifies the need to do that as well. A howling Wolf in vision or dreams signifies the need to communicate with others about a deep disturbance or condition of unrest and a crying Wolf signifies an impending death. My Wolf Spirit guide is a young white female named Kikiyaya and she has taught me very much about Relationships and Love.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.