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The Raven, Crow or any Black Bird is a Path or Direction finder. Is it any wonder that the needles used to indicate direction or anything else on most indicative devices and gauges would most often be black like the Pathfinder Bird? The Black Bird or Raven has been the center or focal point of countless stories in the aboriginal teaching and societies of North America. All of the Ravens and Black Birds are great communicators and some seem almost to be able to imitate the voice of one at times. Often one will hear the sound, usually loud as well as unusual, of one of these Fliers long before one will finally spot the location of it.

By some considered to be the most intelligent of the bird species and having the ability to learn to count as well as repeat certain tasks, the Raven and Crow have a complex language as well as well developed social structures. The great intelligence of these birds has often been to the disadvantage of many gardeners and farmers who have often put a bounty upon this sly Fox of the bird species. More cleaver at getting into things than any Raccoon or Fox, the Spirit of these pathfinders might well be put as extremely bold. Boldness is indeed perhaps the most significant part of the Medicine of the Raven or Crow. What better to serve as a Pathfinder than a fearless as well as, extremely intelligent, explorer. Just as I tell the tattletale Blue Jay the prayer I want all to hear, upon sighting any of these birds in flight after a prayer for direction, I know where to find that which I seek.

The feathers found of these wonderful birds are also of great value and the direction that it is pointing from the quill is important to note as well. All of these great communicators operate well alone or in a large or small group and Resource Sharing is indeed some of the Medicine of all of them. This consciousness to Resources combined with their high intellect however, gives cause to associate all encounters with the Crow especially to that of Witches and Witchcraft. The reason for this is that like the self-serving way of the Witch, which is predominately associated with willfulness and operating more from the mind than heart, the Crow also operates from the ideology of having the end justifying any means necessary for its own advantage or self fulfillment. So as one can now understand, any vision or encounter with a Crow or Black Bird such as the Raven is most often a great signifier that one is under the pressure of a witches desire or influence of some sort. Of course this is not to imply that this is bad, only a warning from these most specific and capable communicators and direction pointers. Any Raven or Black Bird whether in the awakened state or in dreams or visions is always a good sign as they confirm our communications channel to the Great Spirit and the Spirit world is well and open. While felt by some societies to be of darkness or mystery, these wonderful communicators represent the true light that lives in each of us which is the Spirit of self.

The Raven in dreams and visions will most often tell you specifically what it is for you to know and will often be found or seen to be bearing a item that is of significance to you. Any of these birds in flight in dreams or visions are pointing the path or way and a single bird that is perched indicates the need for rest and to start fresh on your pursuit of that which you seek. Often enlightenment is shown to one in dreams and visions within the conscious or telepathic ability of these great communicators. The Black Birds in groups in dreams and visions indicate the need to share ones needs or aspirations with others and to develop support in ones immediate society. The Black Bird nesting or with young usually indicates the need for home repairs or improvements to the condition of home or family and the Black Bird feeding usually signifies the need for improved diet or that a new resource or direction is soon at hand.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of
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