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The Hawk family includes the Harrier, Falcon, and Kestrel as well. These sports car or racers of the Fliers love to perform at great speed and make sharp turns in the air as well as many other acrobatic flying feats. Quite vocal and being of keen vision as well, very little escapes unnoticed by this often impatient predator of the sky. Primarily feeding upon other bird species that it often takes in great diving feats from high in the sky, the Hawk is also a consummate carnivore as they truly will attack and eat anything that moves including insects, amphibians, fish and reptiles. Being considerably smaller than the Eagle, the Hawk is however often mistaken for it in the skies as it likes to take advantage of free rides upon the thermals there. The Hawk that zooms so well all over the skies also has pinpoint or crystal vision as its prey never leaves the focus of its eyes.

Unlike the Eagle that can snatch its fish way behind the position of its head as it flies over the water, the Hawk only sees that which is its target well out in front or as to say, dead ahead. This has sometimes gotten many of these high speed racers of the skies in trouble as they slam into wires and even parts of Mother Earth at times of the chase. This crystal or highly focused vision is a part of the Medicine of this mostly solitary bird of prey. Although some of this species migrate in groups, most often they are seen in their solitary way of hunting. Unlike the Eagle, most of this species are not much in the way of nest building and some will often just lay their eggs on a rocky ledge or in the crotch of a tree or often in the nest of another type of bird. Both male and females share in the raising of the young and good parenting skills are exemplified by this species as well, as they teach the young to hunt and fly and are ardent protectors and providers to the needs of them.

Part of the Medicine of this highly vocal and communicative bird is that of Sharing The Vision with others of that which it can see, or perhaps more simply put, Nurturing in a visionary way. More about the Medicine of the Hawk is that about ardent focus and swiftness in the pursuit of a goal. My guide at the time of the writing of this in the Medicine Wheel way is a Hawk and his name is Ille-yea-ha and he is of the red tailed kind in vision but all kinds in Spirit. Hawk Medicine is about sharpness and clarity of vision and the pursuit of ones goals. Hawks in dreams and visions that are circling or soaring signify the need to redefine direction and assess the validity of the current path of pursuit or goal. The single Hawk in vision, being also a great communicator, will most often tell you specifically what it is for you to know. Two or more Hawks in flight signify the need for new support or direction, while a single one flying signifies the need for constancy in your pursuit. A Hawk that is feeding or has caught its prey signifies the condition that success is near at hand and the Hawk sitting or in a tree signifies the need for patience and a more favorable wind. A mated pair of Hawks with young in visions and dreams signifies the need to resolve some issues, usually in communication with other members in the condition of relationship or family. All Hawk visions and dreams are about Value Systems and Goals.


These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.