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The Robin as well as the rest of it's family of Thrushes have a great Medicine of Family and Community and Working well together in one's endeavors and expressions in life.  The Robin as well as the other members of the Thrush family, are very often found in the society of mankind living and nesting in the middle of the cities and suburbs.  Robins are often the first seen active thing after a period of rain, as they are ever present showing that the storm has passed as they easily feast upon the worms, grubs, and insects flushed by the cleansing waters of the storms and showers.  Certainly the message of the Robin or Thrush might well be stated upon observing this beautiful bird in it's effortless endeavor of gathering up the harvest in its peaceful and trusting foraging, is that The storm is indeed over and that one's needs are every provided in the easiest way by trusting in the abundance provided by the Creator if one will only pray and be patient and of faith.  The Medicine of the Robin or Thrush is that of showing us the peaceful way of living life on earth in the community and Brotherhood way of coexistence with others, and the force of Change by Prayer and Faith. 

The Medicine of the Robin is indeed that of the Peace that comes from Trust and Faith in the Creator and in dreams and visions, a Robin or Thrush that is feeding in any way is a messenger that one's true wishes are close at hand.  If the Robin is on the ground during its feed is a message to increase one's endeavor.  And a Robin sitting on a branch, is a message that patience will soon provide a windfall and not to disrupt the flow of one's benefaction through one's acting in impatience, which will only be an expression of fear thus pushing one's benefaction away. 

Robins and Thrushes in pairs are a message to share and communicate with one's partner or mate the endeavors or desires of oneself or both in bringing forth that desired by each and to be more about the co-operative way of goal attainment.  While a Robin or Thrush alone is a message to work independently for one's goals, one should also seek support from others as well.  Robins or Thrushes in visions or dreams that appear in groups, is a message to seek support from one's family or community for one's aspirations or way of service or share.  And any Robin or Thrush that is landing on earth, is a message to soon rest one's endeavor or that one's efforts are soon complete.  Any Robin or Thrush flying in any manner, is a message to seek more fruitful ground for self attainment.  As the Robin has it's red breast in the male, it is to remind us to keep heart with Change providing a betterment in the condition of self and be of Trust and Faith.


 These weekly messages and understandings are excerpts of Unedited Original channeled material (hence the phrasing and long sentence structures) from the offerings as described and available under the section of Books in this site.