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Potential Summary - WEEK 16 -

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the East is the place of Share and Review as well as Reflection these will be the ongoing influences for this week. While certain projects might be started this week, more success will be resulted more easily in applying more of one's efforts towards tying up loose ends of projects and issues that have been already started or are ongoing. As the East and West are places of Balance as well, one will find oneself considering one's own condition of Balance especially as relates relationships and outside influences.

There is a continuing supply of energy this week to get closure on old agendas and projects as well as a desire to begin fresh and new. This time and place of the Review in the East can therefore be very positive or negative one, depending upon how one assesses oneself and one's attainments, or not. This period might be found more productive and positive if one does not measure one's attainment at all, but simply make a Proper assessment of all of the things that one can, and should be, thankful for. Again, it is not the outcome, and thereby possibly the attainment or gift that Really matters, it is the method and Motive by which anything is done or realized unto, or within, oneself.

This Week will also include the Potential and influence of the number 16 and Actualization and its resolution Medicine of Will, will be an ever present consciousness This Week. This 4th Month also carries with it East energy as well, so many will feel an even Greater desire to Realize new agendas that can turn to anxiousness and anxiety on or before Friday.  Know well sure that this is normal and one can make good use of it in cleaning out the closet of one's past attitudes and ways of doing things alone. This Week many will be inspired as well as ready to undertake a new expression as well as image of oneself. And of course that can and will translate into searches for new occupational expressions or homes in some or many individuals. The Resolution Energy for This Week as mentioned is that of Will, and one will naturally feel a desire to improve one's relative condition of supply and Resources as well as to Actualize the Fulfillment of one’s Plan or Desires in some manner.

This is a week to be considering all of one's Life conditions and desires as well as reviewing one's actions and choices in the recent past. This also is a week to take time away from the hustle and bustle so as to Spend Some Time Alone in Reflection. Also, it is a time that most will also Contact Family and Friends that have been somewhat estranged as well as clearing out old things that are no longer of use. This is also an excellent week for Planning New Beginnings such as career, and so forth and sowing the seeds of one's desires to the Winds of Fortune and Change. However, this is also a week to Be patient, as this is Not a week to make changes or starts, but instead set in motion one’s Plan for those that one wishes to instigate Next week.

While the ongoing effort of liberating some of the worlds population from the tyranny of those that employ such tactics for self promotion and power, there will still be a few that may choose to continue such through suicide acts in this period. Therefore, is will be wise to stay out of regions of unrest whenever possible as well as limit travel.  On the plus side there will be the redirection of attention and personnel in the Middle East towards Renewall and many positive Potential are readily available for not only the stabilization, but also the New Beginning of more equitable and respectful sharing Life conditions in that region.

Mother Earth will also express herself in new conditions again with a heightened potential of Volcanic and earthquake activity as well as flooding in certain regions that are already saturated.  Most of the areas of this activity are already in the sense of it.  Many more changes are on the horizon.  While things might seem normal for some and not others, soon it will not be "Normal" for any one, anywhere. This is primarily due to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere coupled with a new type of El Nino development that is in process.  This will result in a sense of apathy in some, and social unrest in others. These conditions are essentially the direct result of the Consciousness and Will of the masses of the prevalent culture in the most part.  Unless the Will of beings individually and collectively changes towards something more in the way of Respect, Share, Brotherhood and so forth, Mother Earth will continue to respond to the continued self service and abuse in this manner.

The Color of this Week is Canary which has a Medicine of Potential with a Resonance to Hope and Actualization.



Oftentimes confused with Rhodochrosite in appearance, Rhodonite is quite different in its nature and Medicine which is that of Freedom and Self Support or sufficiency. - An excellent Mineral Spirit to use for centering or what some call grounding, especially after clearing work. - An excellent Mineral Spirit for use in Potions and Teas, and the Prayer should be that of support to the regaining of completeness and Wellbeing. - Rhodonite has been used in the ground up state for treatments of emphysema at times, - A particularly good stone for use in the South of the Medicine Wheel as well as that of the West. - In the Medicine Bag, Rhodonite can be used to represent the Self as well as the Potential of self.



The Medicine of Marjoram is that of Heart Felt, Heart Sent, or simply Thankfulness. - The medicinal part of Marjoram is the leaf and stem, and in poultices have a good drawing or sucking effect in the removal of pain. - The oil of the Marjoram is a good toothache remedy - In potions and teas Marjoram is very effective in pain relief in any and all systems, and especially that of the stomach and head. - Marjoram in potions and teas is a good stomatic, calmative, expectorant, diuretic, and tonic and a very good Plant Spirit to have around where ever pain is at.



The Robin has a great Medicine of Family and Community, as well as working well together in one's endeavors in life. - The message of the Robin or Thrush might well be stated as that The storm is indeed over and that one's needs are every provided in the easiest way by trusting in the abundance provided by the Creator if one will only pray and be patient and of faith. - The Medicine of the Robin or Thrush is that of showing us the force of Change by Prayer and Faith. - The Medicine of the Robin is indeed that of the Peace that comes from Trust and Faith in the Creator - In dreams and visions, a Robin or Thrush that is feeding in any way is a messenger that one's true wishes are close at hand. - Robins and Thrushes in pairs are a message to share and communicate with one's partner or mate the endeavors or desires of oneself - A Robin or Thrush alone is a message to work independently for one's goals, - Robins or Thrushes in visions or dreams that appear in groups, is a message to seek support from one's family or community for one's aspirations or way of service or share. - As the Robin has it's red breast in the male, it is to remind us to keep heart with Change providing a betterment in the condition of self and be of Trust and Faith.



The Consciousness that is to  be considered in the word and Medicine of Actualization is that of Facilitation and Support to the Flow of the Light Love and Benefaction of Great Pop. - Can also be considered in the simplest terms as being the reality that All Prayers are answered by Great Pop and the All in some manner or form. - While Actualization Proper is most often considered as being participant in an expression or experience in some manner, it also is a State and Reality as well. - To Actualize one’s Hopes and dreams and thereby Desires into a sense of accomplishment or reality, an expansion of Consciousness must indeed first take place. - To experience the Medicine of Actualization Proper, one must first express and embrace Openness and a belief that indeed it is possible for oneself to be able to realize a fulfillment of one’s Prayer by The Creator for that which is sought. - A Consciousness to experience and Receivership, and the key ingredient to it is Prayer and one’s Openness of Consciousness. - If one does not truly believe a thing is possible, it simply will not be. - To Actualize a thing into existence, be it for oneself or any other being or thing, one must first believe that it is possible and that Great Pop and the All of Creation will support the fulfillment of that Prayer of Desire, whatever it is or might be. - Change is reflective of that of the Medicine of the number of sixteen and Actualization as well. - This reflects the condition that Openness is necessary for Actualization to occur, as well as the expansion of that All of Creation that will result in the experience of that Actualization. - This Black circle reminds us that whatever we might choose to effect and Actualize for ourselves through an expression of a Prayer of Desire, will also effect any and the All of the Web of Creation as well. - This reflects the Medicine of Balance that is necessary and resultant from Actualization in The Medicine and Proper Way - One might also recognize the reflection of this Medicine of Ordination in the number sixteen, - Actualization Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Realization, or being the Resonance of Resonance and Medicine or four times four.




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