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Potential Summary - WEEK 28

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the East is the place of Share and Review as well as Reflection these will be the ongoing influences for this week. While certain projects might be started this week, more success will be resulted more easily in applying more of one's efforts towards tying up loose ends of projects and issues that have been already started or are ongoing. As the East and West are places of Balance as well, one will find oneself considering one's own condition of Balance especially as relates relationships and outside influences.

There is a continuing supply of energy this week to get closure on old agendas and projects as well as a desire to begin fresh and new. This is also a time of heightened sensitivity to physical conditions as well as Spiritual ideals and accomplishments. This time and place of the Review in the East can therefore be very positive or negative one, depending upon how one assesses oneself and one's attainments, or not. This period might be found more productive and positive if one does not measure one's attainment at all, but simply make a Proper assessment of all of the things that one can, and should be, thankful for. Again, it is not the outcome, and thereby possibly the attainment or gift that Really matters, it is the method and Motive by which anything is done or realized unto, or within, oneself.

This Week will also include the Potential and influence of the number 28 and Shamanism and its resolution Medicine of Joy, will be an ever-present consciousness This Week. This 7th Monthcarries with it North energy as well, so many will feel an even Greater desire to Develop new agendas that can turn to anxiousness and anxiety on or before Friday.Days to be of extra caution This Week are that of Monday and Wednesday. Know well sure that this is normal and one can make good use of it in cleaning out the closet of one's past attitudes and ways of doing things alone. This Week many will be inspired as well as ready to undertake a new expression as well as image of oneself. And of course that can and will translate into searches for new occupational expressions or homes in some or many individuals.As mentioned, the Resolution Energy for This Week as mentioned is that of Joy, and one will naturally feel a desire to realize some measure of fulfillment as well as improve one's relative condition of supply and Resources.

This is a week to be considering all of one's Life conditions and desires as well as reviewing one's actions and choices in the recent past. This also is a week to take time away from the hustle and bustle so as to Spend Some Time Alone in Reflection. Also, it is a time that most will also Contact Family and Friends that have been somewhat estranged as well as clearing out old things that are no longer of use. This is also an excellent week for Planning New Beginnings such as career, and so forth and sowing the seeds of one's desires to the Winds of Fortune and Change. However, this is also a week to Be patient, as this is Not a week to make changes or starts, but instead set in motion oneís Plan for those that one wishes to instigate Next week.

More Earth changes are imminent.While things might seem normal for some and not others, soon it will not be "Normal" for any one, anywhere. Soon the lack of Balance in certain regions will prevail into the attitude and conditions of others.Yet again more storms and rain will develop soon as Balance is becoming realized as the response to Prayer.These conditions are essentially the direct result of the Consciousness and Will of the masses of the prevalent culture in the most part.Unless the Will of beings individually and collectively changes towards something more in the way of Balance, Respect, Share, Brotherhood and so forth, Mother Earth will continue to respond to the continued self service and abuse in this manner.

Earthquake and volcanic activity will be soon felt again globally.New developments in political agreements will yield some help overall This Week, however economies are just beginning to reflect what has been happening all along.One cannot continue to tax the present and Future to keep paying for shortsightedness and abuse in the past, without an ultimate collapse and ruin being resultant from such acts.


The Color of this Week is Burgundy, which has a Medicine of Awareness with a Resonance to Cause and to Reinforce.


Azurite is of the Blue ray and thereby reminds and reinforces the awareness that all is possible by the Creator. - Azurite takes it one step further in embodying Strength of Faith and Conviction as well. - Strength of Conviction is the major part and aspect of the Medicine of Azurite. - The Medicine of Azurite can be considered to be that of Support to the Realization of unlimited Possibility with Faith and Conviction. - Azurite can be positively applied in any situations where there are issues with support to Flow as well as Hope - Azurite should be a most welcome mineral Spirit in any Medicine bag or on any Prayer Stick. - Azurite can be considered to represent ones Path and Prayer as well as Courage or Ambition. - Azurite is most definitely a South stone in Medicine Wheel


The Medicine of the Laurels is that of Passion and The beholding of the sweetness in the experience of life. - The medicinal parts of the Laurel are primarily its berries and leaves, which calm and stimulate the digestive process in potions and teas. - The Bark of the Laurel is also a welcome addition to any potion that is being made to relieve stress or anxiety. - Plasters of the leaves and berries aid in the curing of chest colds and oils from the leaves and berries when crushed, quicken the healing of any condition of the skin


Dolphins or porpoises have great hearing Medicine and are often linked to the psychic realms as being able to see with their ears. - Dolphins, like whales live in family groups called pods. - All Dolphins are extremely courageous and selfless fighters when it becomes necessary.All Dolphins be they of the aquatic or two legged variety are natural Nurturers. - Part of Dolphin Medicine is this innocence and courage and ever playful attitude, but in the deeper sense it is about Sensitivity and Compassion for the needs of others. - Part of Dolphin Medicine is just that, Psychic Ability as well as being very much of the Spirit of the Water which is always about Flow in some manner. - All Dolphin Medicine beings are natural partners as well as parents, which is a quality that they share with the four legged Wolf. - In encounter, vision, or dreams, the Dolphin represents deep and sacred knowledge as well as the need for playfulness in our lives. - Dolphins in vision are often messengers in how to improve relationships and experience the true Spirit of brotherhood.



There might be many concepts to Priesthood and Shamanism - The word in my personal picture word language for a Priest, Shaman, or Medicine Man, is that of PohTikaWah, and it has no specific gender associated with it. - This means that a male or female can be a Medicine person or thing is a PohTikaWah or facilitator of The Great Spirit whom is the persona that I call Great Pop. - All beings have the Potential to walk the path of Life in the Way of the PohTikaWah. - All that is really necessary is for them to Choose to express such a Desire and Motive. - This commitment and Motive then becomes their first priority and Purpose Proper for being, and being in Life on Mother Earth. - All PohTikaWah people have what I call momentary expressions of Shamanism, whereby Great Popís Essential Will is operative through the vessel that is His that is themselves. - In itís normal use and context, a Witch can in reality be a Shaman at any time despite their expressions and motives, but in any and all instances, A PohTikaWah can not ever be a Witch in the Medicine and Proper Way of it. What is to be considered in this Understanding and use of the word of Shamanism, is more easily associated to the normal and conventional ideas of priesthood, Medicine, and real Spirituality than some of the other uses or ideas of the word. - Shamanism in the Medicine and Proper Way can be considered to be The Knot in the string of the Sacred Circle. In this reality, it is both the end and beginning at the same time. - Truly as one makes a new beginning, all that one previously has done is at an end. - The Great Mystery is not about death at all, it is about Life and Life Fulfillment. - The Consciousness that is to be considered and associated to Shamanism Proper does easily reflect the addition or Giving of Direction to Motive or one plus twenty seven, as well as The Union of Metamorphosis in the manner of two times fourteen.


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