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Potential Summary - WEEK 08 -

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the East is the place of Share and Review as well as Reflection these will be the ongoing influences for this week. While certain projects might be started this week, more success will be resulted more easily in applying more of one's efforts towards tying up loose ends of projects and issues that have been already started or are ongoing. As the East and West are places of Balance as well one will find oneself considering one's own condition of Balance especially as relates relationships and outside influences.

There is a continuing supply of energy this week to get closure on old agendas and projects, as well as a desire to begin fresh and new. This is also a time of heightened sensitivity to material as well as Spiritual ideals and accomplishments. This time and place of the Review in the East can therefore be very positive or negative one, depending upon how one assesses oneself and one's attainments, or not. This period might be found more productive and positive if one does not measure one's attainment at all, but simply make a Proper assessment of all of the things that one can, and should be, thankful for. Again, it is not the outcome, and thereby possibly the attainment or gift that Really matters, it is the method and Motive by which anything is done or realized unto, or within, oneself.

This Week will also include the Potential and influence of the number 8 and Resources and will be an ever present consciousness This Week. This 2nd Month also carries with it West energy, so many will feel a desire to Plan new agendas that can turn to anxiousness and anxiety on or before Tuesday. Know well sure that this is normal and one can make good use of it in cleaning out the closet of one's past attitudes and ways of doing things alone. This Week many will be inspired as well as ready to undertake a new expression as well as image of oneself. And of course that can and will translate into searches for new occupational expressions in some or many individuals. The Resolution Energy for This Week is Path, and one will naturally feel a desire to establish a Path to improve one's relative condition of supply and Resources.

This is a week to be considering all of one's Life conditions and desires as well as reviewing one's actions and choices in the recent past. This also is a week to take time away from the hustle and bustle so as to Spend Some Time Alone in Reflection. Also, it is a time that most will also Contact Family and Friends that have been somewhat estranged as well as clearing out old things that are no longer of use. This is also an excellent week for Planning New Beginnings such as career, and so forth and sowing the seeds of one's desires to the Winds of Fortune and Change. However, this is also a week to Be patient, as this is Not a week to make changes or starts, but Plan for those that one wishes to instigate Next week.

Mother Earth will continue to remind us to be respectful through new expressions in new conditions about Europe, Asia, and the lower regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Big, Big Shifts are on the horizon. While things might seem normal for some and not others, soon it will not be "Normal" for any one, anywhere. This is primarily due to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and also the condition of apathy in some, and great and expanding social unrest in others. This condition results in the present and causative conflict in the Will of the general population, and therefore also the Group Consciousness of beings and things on this wonderful planet called Mother Earth by some.

New avenues of personal expression are soon at hand and those that believe that martyrdom will change or honor anything, will advance into a more positive potential of expression capacity which will complete the cycle of it as it becomes facilitated to them.

The Color of this Week is Charcoal / Black which has a Medicine of The Direction Within with a Resonance to Inner Knowing & Supply.



Diamond have little positive Spiritual or healing value. - Most circumstances about the Diamond support affairs of the ego more than the Heart. The Diamond is formed by great pressure underground, and indeed the Medicine of this stone is that of Pressure to achieve. - The Diamond is usually cut and polished to sparkle and this attraction becomes like the scattering ray of the Opal, very supportive to the ego in the enhancement of need and greed. - The Diamond Mineral Spirit like some others, has no conscience per say. - So, is it any wonder that certain curses have been associated with the stone of greed. - Diamonds are good teachers in how not to be. - Those wishing to may use them in their Medicine bag to represent the Lesson. - Diamonds may also be used in the South of the Medicine Wheel.


The Medicine of Woodruff is that of Fighting Back or Vanquishing the Oppressors in Life. - The medicinal part of Woodruff is the herb and in poultices is a good irritant in the removing of pain in the joints. - In teas and potions Woodruff is a diuretic and a calmative and beneficial for jaundice, migraine, stomach pain, and conditions of nervousness.



The Moth is best distinguished from the Butterfly by the characteristics of their antennae. - Like the Butterfly, Moths go through a complete cycle of metamorphosis and indeed metamorphosis is part of the Medicine of the Moth as well. -Most Moths spend their earlier stages in and about the trees, and indeed tree knowledge and Growth is very much also part of the Medicine of this Flier. - Most of the caterpillars of Moths live in communal societies and all are very adept at silk spinning whether for a web or cocoon and are of great enterprise, even if it might seem as a destructive endeavor. - All life named Moth people are very adept with the use of threads and in skills that require the use of the hand. - The Medicine of the Moth might well be said to be that of Renewall, as the adult cycle is about that which is to come. - The Moth in dreams and visions signifies the cycles in life and relates to periods of Renewall. - The Moth that is flying in visions and dreams, signifies the need to evaluate current goals and challenges and to possibly seek new direction. - The Moth that is at rest, signifies the need to include softness and rest in the current cycle of oneself. - The Moth in vision or dreams that is about the light, signifies the need to assess the current situation as all is not as it seems and there might be something of deception or that might be harmful that is of current attraction to self. - All Moth dreams and visions relate to cycles as well as goals.



The Consciousness that is to be considered is that in reality, the Source of any and All things is indeed that of Great Pop, the Creator. - It is Great Pop that supplies us with the Resources that we Desire through our expression of Prayer. - After all, whatever I might in fact do, does in fact effect any and All that Great Pop has made. - While the most oftentimes use of the word of Resource in the current society is in regards to elements of requirement in the Religion of Materialism, a different use and Consciousness is to be associated with this use of the word in the Medicine and Proper Way. - In the Consciousness that is to be associated with Resource Proper herein, it is that of unlimited Potential to support Change. - Resource Proper has no condition to judgment or measurement of any kind. - The Consciousness of Resource Proper is another expression that is both inward and outward, and thereby is of that influence and nature. - It is the respect to this Potential of influencing the Balance and Wellbeing of the All, that should be also considered as being a part of the Consciousness that is to be associated with Resource in the Medicine and Proper Way as well. - Resource Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Ordination, as well as a Union of Passion



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