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Potential Summary - WEEK 25 -

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the South is the place of Seed Planting and New Beginnings as well as being a "Doing Place", these will be the Predominant and ongoing influences for this Week. As this is a full moon week, all will be advised to be of extra caution in travel ALL Week!!  Also, the energy and influence of the recent full moon will be more influential in its impact than those of previous months.  Therefore, this is a week to be of understanding as to one’s sensitivity and the feelings of others.  Any measures to safeguard or improve one’s personal safety should be employed this week.  Also, this is a Week  to make Many New Fresh Starts and Changes in ones Life!

The All will support one's endeavors quite easily This Week. As the North and South are places of Action, one will find oneself with a heightened sense of energy as well as Sensitivity during this Week.  The Medicine of the number Twenty Five is that of AWARENESS with a Resolution Medicine of Behold, so one can perhaps realize the value of making fresh starts now and appreciating what one does already have in every aspect.  If chosen, one will then continue to find support from others more readily available during this period as well.

Any and all efforts or desires to let go of the past and establish New Beginnings of any sort should be made or initiated during this period for optimum effect, efficiency, and results. There will be ample energy available to develop and implement new plans towards achieving near term ambitions as well as one's life goals. There will also be an energy and incentive to develop new relationships, and a focus will be drawn towards that to some degree. Dysfunction in any relationship will be drawn into the light during this period and this is why many relationships either begin or end at this time of the year.

Also, there will continue to be a natural tendency to be in a rush to reach one's targets much like starting a journey. However, remember here just as in taking any journey, One will miss out on all that might be gained from the experience if one is to focused in arriving at one's target or destination. And in the same consciousness, The End, Never Justifies the Means in the Medicine and Proper Way!

Also, one should Share in one's abundance as well as solicit and Employ Assistance from Others during this period. This will be a very good time for Establishing new relationships of all kinds as well as developing new Skills, Interests, Businesses, and Life Conditions and Directions. Of course remember, one will receive from any of these things only that which one invests in them! Remember also, this is the Seed Planting time and therefore long term projects should be started here, but do not expect immediate results for all of them. This is to say, begin many new things in one's Life here and now, but do not always expect immediate results. Give time for the seeds planted here in this period to sprout and grow.

There is a quickening in the tectonic plates of Mother Earth at this time and more tremors and quakes will soon occur and all peoples should be of caution and sobriety this period!  More conflict and incidents of social unrest will continue during This Week.  There will be more significant weather and Earth Changes during this period, especially in the far East and central portion of all continents in the northern hemisphere.  Mother Earth is getting ready to make a significant Move, so get ready by sharing one’s care and value for it all!

The Color of this Week is Royal Blue, which has a Medicine of Realization with a Resonance to Potential and Fulfillment.


Lapis Lazuli is the stone that I call the Father Stone in that it represents the Great Spirit Creator in my Medicine bag. - This stone belongs only in the North, where the Great Spirit lives, in the Medicine Wheel and if I were to have or carry but one stone it would be this one. - The Medicine of the Lapis Lazuli is that of God Consciousness, the Source and perhaps even more significant if possible, that Truly Any and All Things Can Be. - The Lapis Lazuli is truly a Left side Receiving Stone and wears well on hands necklaces and about the head. - In healing work it is the Lapis Lazuli is the stone that I wear as I indeed know the source from which all things come and pray to be a channel of His Light and Love especially in the healing way as it is His will that I pray comes through me.


The Medicine of the Magnolia is that of Softness in the Abundance and Fullness of Life. - The medicinal part of this Plant Spirit is in its bark which works well in potions and teas as a Calmative for nervousness and fevers and poultices from its bark are effective in the Remedy of many skin diseases. - Some people have been cured from the tobacco habit by drinking Magnolia bark tea as a curative.


The Bat is a great communal animal and a great caretaker and nurturer of its young. - The Medicine of the Bat is that of Caretaking and Community. - The Bat in dreams and visions signify the need for change and new direction in growth. - The singular Bat winging its way signifies the need for Journey and the Bat that is flying in groups signifies the need and value to community or working in groups. - The Bat that is flying at one signifies the challenging and need to release ones fears and the Bat that is eating signifies the need for rest and sustenance.


The Medicine of Awareness Proper is that of the Opening of One's Consciousness so as to merge and become in Medicine and thereby possible Understanding, than any other idea or use of the word. - So one can see that an Awareness in the Medicine and Proper Way, is a Consciousness of not only that of Openness and recognition, but also of Embracing that which is recognized as well. - Needless to say, anything that clouds or restricts one's Potential of full Awareness is not to be considered as Proper in any fashion or form. - As with the others, the Consciousness of Awareness Proper is another expression that is both inward and outward, and thereby is of that influence and nature. - The digits of the number of twenty five total seven, and this aspect of Ordination in the Medicine of Awareness Proper is reflected in the symbol in the way of the addition of another circle to the perimeter of it. - The Medicines of sameness and Change are very much inherent in the Medicine of number twenty five, which is that of Awareness.  - It indeed is the Medicine of Awareness Proper that allows for one to discern what has changed in the symbol so as to realize the Medicine of twenty five. It is one's Awareness and ability to discern what is different or unique, that is a part of the Eagle Medicine that is of myself. - It is one's Awareness expressed as lesson taking, that enables for one to Grow. It is my Awareness that taught me that for myself to Grow, something must be given away for Change to use to build that which I desire new in the Expansion of my Real Self.  - This is also the real and true method of Receivership of anything that I am also Aware of. - The Medicine of Awareness and twenty five is that of Openness of Consciousness and recognition, and thereby acceptance, of what is different or changed, and what is the same. - Ordination is an important ingredient to Awareness. - The Consciousness and Medicine of Awareness Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Expansion, or one plus twenty four, and as the Fulfillment of Fulfillment in the manner of being five times five as well.

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