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Potential - WEEK 23




As the North is the place of Growth in the time of the Tree as well as being "Where Great Pop Lives", these will be the ongoing influences for the Potential of This Week. The North is also the direction where one Puts into Action the steps of the Plan that was decided upon in the last period of the West. As the Medicine of the Number Twenty Three is Endeavor and Action with a resolution Potential and energy of Advance, these will be the undercurrent Consciousness for this Week. Another underlying Resonance to this week is Fulfillment, and one will find oneself considering one’s relationship with and support from the Creator and others in one's life circumstance throughout This Week.

While one is the furthest distance possible from one's beginnings in the South of the Medicine Wheel, in this cycle most will find only comfort and confidence in being also closest to the limitless supply of Love and Support of Great Pop. The Medicine of this New Month is that of Passion and is of the West which will increase energy and incentive to be about Metamorphosis, Contemplation, Release, and Planning one’s conditions of being in Life during This Week.  An Abundant Energy Supply is available this week for those that wish to get on with the agenda that one developed in the West. Days to be of extra caution are this week are Thursday and Friday. So Pace oneself and not try to make too much happen on these days. This is not to say be of Fear on Thursday and Friday, only be alert and cautious. As always, if one simply listens to one's guides and Great Pop, all will be Ok.

Do Not loose one's perspective or Balance over the material and temporary conditions of oneself and especially that of others. It is the time to finish planting the seeds of a new crop for the current year. Do not postpone anythingThis Week as this as now is the time to plant them. Some individuals might be having trouble with the sense of urgency that is present in this period, and there will soon again be many whom may choose to exit. However, if one would only take a quick inventory, one can resolve this potential and type of influence that can lead to despondency, through simple Appreciation of the fact that one is at all, much less all that one is!

This Week many will find themselves in planning and taking steps towards new goals, ambitions, and Ideals. As this can be also reflected in the establishment or modification of one's Value System as well, it is important to remember what is in fact Proper here. Remember again, The End Never Justifies the Means, and to recognize that whatever one does, they do to the All of Creation.

There will be some disruption felt in the equatorial regions globally and the Mediterranean in particular at this time.  Water and Fire problems will continue to develop in the South again. Remember, Anger and Resentment are but two faces of fear, and they have a time limit, unless reinforced. To be safe, simply play it smart by listening to one's guides, the Winds of fortune and change, and Great Pop.

One can safely say that this week is definitely a Week to take Action, and one of the best activities is the enjoyment of being around those that openly respect and value oneself. Therefore, This can be a great week, especially for making Important decisions and Changes in all areas of one's Life. It is also a great one for getting things accomplished, so have a Open Mind as well as Happy Heart and feet in it!

The Color of this Week is Auburn which has a Medicine of Transference with a Resonance to Yielding and Flow.



Bloodstone is a very good one to use in relationships and the dynamics of the red blotches also reminds us that we are ever in a continuous relationship with the Father Creator and each other. -  The Medicine of the Bloodstone is Remembering and Cooperation and is good to use for all problems in relationships as well as in the centering of oneself. - Bloodstone can be used to represent one’s relationships in one’s Medicine Bag. - Bloodstone is a good gift stone as it helps all recall their true identity as children of the Great Spirit and His limitless supply of love for us. -  Bloodstone may be used in the South or the Center of the Medicine Wheel and may applied to the heart, chest, throat or any position of the back in healing. - Bloodstone wears well on rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings.


The Daisy remind us of our true condition as a child of a loving Father Creator and our potential of returning to a state of innocence, purity and truth. - The Medicine of the Daisy is that of Purity, Innocence, and Trust and is a welcome addition to any garden or room setting. - Wild Daisy is most often used as a mild laxative and the crushed fresh flowers have soothing Medicine in application in poultices to the skin especially those of inflammatory nature and burns. - The Daisy in potions and teas is a calmative for intestinal disorders as well as having the properties of an expectorant.


The Medicine of the Quail or Bobwhite is that of Joy, Softness and Pleasure in Brotherhood. - Quail Medicine might also be considered that of sharing the best in life such as to Love to Love and be Loved. - All quail in visions and dreams are excellent communicators, so ask them whatever you desire to know. - Any Quail or Bobwhite in encounter or vision or dream signifies that good things are coming and one's desires are soon to be fulfilled.


 What might be construed as being different about them in the Medicine and Proper Way, is that there is no condition to need or time, especially in regard to the Consciousness that is to be associated with the word and idea of Endeavor. - If one would liken the Consciousness of Endeavor to that of toil, work, struggle, labor or any of the like, one would in fact be most incorrect. - The Consciousness and Medicine to be considered and associated to the words of Endeavor and Action Proper is perhaps best stated as being that of an expression that is of Choice and not necessity. - If one likes to do something, and Chooses to experience that as a Free Will expression of oneself, then it is of Endeavor and Action Proper. - Any action or other expression contrary to that condition, is therefore labor, work, toil, or many of the different classifications that are used to describe such in the current society. - As with most of the other if not all of Consciousnesses in this material, the Consciousness that is to be considered with Endeavor or Action Proper has no condition to judgment or measurement of any kind. - As with most others, the Consciousness of Endeavor Proper is another expression that is both inward and outward, and thereby is of that influence and nature. - Balance is a most important ingredient of Endeavor Proper as well as the inclusion of the Medicine of number eight and thereby the Medicine of Resource. - Whatever one does as an outward expression of oneself, not only affects the All of Creation, but in the Proper and Medicine Way, expands it in a Balanced and thereby Round way. - The Consciousness and Medicine of Endeavor Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Imagination, or one plus twenty two, and fittingly the digits of the number of twenty three, total five and the Medicine of Fulfillment.


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