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Potential Summary - WEEK 17 -

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the South is the place of Seed Planting and New Beginnings as well as being a "Doing Place", these will be the Predominant and ongoing influences for this Week.  All will be advised to be of extra caution in safety and travel on Wednesday and Friday!   This is a week to be of extra caution in regard to ones Wellbeing and safety, as well as that of others.  Any measures to safeguard or improve such, should be employed this week.  This is a Week to make Fresh Starts and Changes in ones Life!

The All will support one's endeavors quite easily This Week. As the North and South are places of Action, one will find oneself with a heightened sense of energy as well as ambition during this Week.  The Medicine of the number Seventeen is that of Expression with a Resolution Medicine of Welcome, so one can perhaps realize the value of making fresh starts now.  As the Year also brings forth a greater Potential and Medicine of Resonance and Passion, one will find an available resource to use this energy and potential in a positive way if one considers the requirements and needs of others as well as those in one's nuclear interest and influence. If chosen, one will then continue to find support from others more readily available during this period as well.

The primary energy and influence of This Week is Expression and this is an excellent time for finishing up things as well as for establishing any type of new Beginning.  Also, any efforts or desires to let go of the past and establish New Beginnings of any sort should be made or initiated during this period for optimum effect, efficiency, and results. There will be ample energy available to develop and implement new plans towards achieving near term ambitions as well as one's life goals. There will also be an energy and incentive to develop new relationships, and a focus will be drawn towards that to some degree. Dysfunction in any relationship will be drawn into the light during this period and this is why many relationships either begin or end at this time of the year.

Also, there will continue to be a natural tendency to be in a rush to reach one's targets much like starting a journey. However, remember here just as in taking any journey, One will miss out on all that might be gained from the experience if one is to focused in arriving at one's target or destination. And in the same consciousness, The End, Never Justifies the Means in the Medicine and Proper Way!

Also, one should Share in one's abundance as well as solicit and Employ Assistance from Others during this period. This will be a very good time for Establishing new relationships of all kinds as well as developing new Skills, Interests, Businesses, and Life Conditions and Directions. Of course remember, one will receive from any of these things only that which one invests in them! Remember also, this is the Seed Planting time and therefore long term projects should be started here, but do not expect immediate results for all of them. This is to say, begin many new things in one's Life here and now, but do not always expect immediate results. Give time for the seeds planted here in this period to sprout and grow.

There are still more Earth Changes beginning to be realized, so all peoples should be of caution and sobriety this period! 

The Color of this Week is Lavender which has a Medicine of  Good Fortune  with a Resonance to Luck and Transformation.



Halite is one of the softer Mineral Spirits that is oftentimes overlooked. - Perhaps it is because of its Medicine which is that of Adaptability and Ease in Change. - As one might imagine Halite is another excellent Mineral Spirit for use in Potions and Teas, and the Prayer should be that of ease and quickness to the regaining of completeness and Wellbeing. - Halite is a particularly good stone for use in the South of the Medicine Wheel as well as that of the North.  In the Medicine Bag, Halite can be used to represent that which one desires to change or become.



The Medicine of the Rosemary Plant Spirit is that of Peace of Place, and its presence in any home or garden is truly a symbol of being at rest. - The medicinal part of the rosemary is the whole plant and particularly the top flowers and leaves. - In potions and teas the Rosemary Plant Spirit is an effect stimulant of the liver and digestive organs and process. - Caution to fatal poisoning by ingesting large amounts of this plant are given however it is a perfect additive in small quantity. - The Rosemary is quite effective in poultices as well for all irritations of the skin.



As Blue is the color of the Creator, is it any wonder that the Bluebird would be referred to in song and image as the Bluebird of Happiness? - The Medicine of the Bluebird, be it of either the eastern or western variety is that of Hope Everlasting and Fulfillment of Desire. - The Bluebird in encounter or dreams and visions always relates to issues of desire and the heart, and thereby one’s true Hope prayers. - The single Bluebird represents one’s life expressions and in pairs or groups, represents one’s relationships whether actual or potential. - The Bluebird that is singing signifies the need to be outwardly expressive of one’s hopes, feelings, or desires, and the bluebird that is feeding signifies the need to be more physically expressive of ones thoughts and feelings. - The Bluebird that is flying towards oneself signifies that ones desire is soon to be realized, and the Bluebird that is flying away from oneself signifies the need to relocate. - All fliers that are passing in front of oneself from left to right relate to future conditions and a positive result while the opposite is true if flying from right to left and thereby referencing the past. 



 There are many forms of Expression available in the Consciousness of being oneself. - In development of the material of the books on Possession and Origins, I became of Understanding about Essences and Operatives and how Great Pop made Operatives as conduits through which to Express Essences, much like water through a hose. - One should consider this use of the word of Expression in the Medicine and Proper Way to be the issuing forth an Essence or Desire of oneself in some manner that is associated with Change so as to facilitate a new condition to exist. - As one can realize in this definition, Expressions can indeed be made not only inward or outward but also both ways at the same time. - Indeed the Consciousness that is to be associated with the Medicine of the number of seventeen and Expression, embodies the key Essence of Change.  This condition is reflected in the symbol by the Red color of the two new lines within which are subordinate axis to the Medicine Wheel. - To experience the roundest Expression of Growth, these considerations must be employed and I have personally found this to be true in all circumstances, with or without Bark on tree.  As one might imagine, Balance is indeed a prime ingredient in the Medicine of Expression, especially if one wishes it to be in the way of Harmony and not conflict, remembering again whatever one does to anything in Creation, they do that the All of it, including Great Pop and themselves. - The Consciousness and Medicine of Expression Proper does easily reflect the addition or giving of Direction to Actualization, or one plus sixteen.




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