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Potential Summary - WEEK 43 -

(To find the specific directional influence of any Week in the Medicine Way, start counting clockwise around the Sacred Circle beginning with 1 in the South then 2 in the West and so forth, until one finds the location of the week in question.) 


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As the North is the place of Growth in the time of the Tree as well as being "Where Great Pop Lives", these will be the ongoing influences for the Potential of This Week. The North is also the direction where one Puts into Action the steps of the Plan that was decided upon in the last period of the West. As the Medicine of the Number Forty Three is Learning as well as Realization and Ordination, these will be the undercurrent and prevalent available resource for this Week. As the resolution number of Forty Three is The Way or Path this too will be available in this period.

While one is the furthest distance possible from one's beginnings in the South of the Medicine Wheel, in this cycle most will find only comfort and confidence in being also closest to the limitless supply of Love and Support of Great Pop. An Abundant Energy Supply is available this week for those that wish to get on with the agenda developed in the West. Be Wary of Deceptions though and of those that might lead one astray or off track this week in their desire for sympathy or companionship and at times even Power.

Days to be of extra caution are this week are Friday and Saturday. One approach might be get as much done as possible by Thursday and then sort of coast through to the end of the week whereupon again one's efforts or a new beginning can be more easily realized. This is not to say be of Fear on Friday and Saturday, and if one simply listens to one's guides and Great Pop all will be Ok.

The recent events have created many challenges to some. Yet remember, it is one's experiences that one takes with them in passing not material possessions, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. Do Not loose one's perspective or Balance over the material and temporary conditions of oneself and especially that of others. This is still the time of The Harvest and it can also be a time of remorse for some that feel that they are not getting their fair share of what they consider to be the good things in life. However if one would only take a quick inventory, one can resolve this potential and type of influence that can lead to despondency, through simple Appreciation of the fact that one is at all, much less all that one is!

This Week many will find themselves in the review or the redefinition of, goals, ambitions, and Ideals. As this can be also reflected in the establishment or modification of one's Value System as well, it is important to remember what is in fact Proper here. Remember again The End Never Justifies the Means, and to recognize that whatever one does, they do to the All of Creation.

This is also a time of dark thoughts as well as thought form and witchcraft attack, so keep one's Spirit complete and Do Not Fall Prey to those that would rob or diminish one's own self respect or self esteem. Many will find themselves stretching themselves almost to the limit from the great energy supply that is available in being close to Great Pop, so the caution here is to Pace Oneself and Do Not Worry about what needs to be done, just take the next best step in doing it! And of course that next best step is usually found from asking Great Pop for His Guidance and Support in one's daily walk in Life this week and month.

Many more Threats of Violence and protests will be felt This Week as the group consciousness of certain regions do or do not react under the continuing pressure of Fear. This too will ebb in time, but stay out of regions of unrest when possible. Mother Earth is also warming up for a new expression, but will be in the most part quite calm as will Mother Nature. There will develop new threats to populations world wide this week. There is a continuing biological threat to larger cities and one can expect explosions to occur again during this period. Remember Anger and Resentment are but two faces of fear, and they have a time limit, unless reinforced. To be safe, simply play it smart by listening to one's guides, the Winds of fortune and change, and Great Pop.

One can safely say that this week is definitely a Week to take Action and one of the best activities is the enjoyment of the Harvest Time and Preparation for the new beginnings and season to come. Therefore, This can be a great week, especially for making Important decisions and Changes. It is also a great one for getting things accomplished, so have a Open Mind as well as Happy Heart and feet in it!

The Color of this Week is White which has a Medicine of Spirit with a Resonance to Innocence and Truth.



The Healing Stone - Has great sucking Medicine as well as that of Renewall. - The Medicine of this beautiful stone is also that of Passion and Compassion - Is the stone of choice to be applied in all healing situations - Likes to be regularly cleansed in salt water and loves to spend time in the light of the sun and moon. - Use the Rose Quartz in all potions and teas - Likes to be worn anywhere upon the body. - Likes to work in the East, South, and Center of the Medicine Wheel


The Medicine of the Garlic is that of I Forgive and that of I Believe. - Is high in iodine and sulfur - Makes it extremely effective chopped and placed in poultices to the skin. - When eaten and in potions and teas has Great renewing effect to the pulmonary system - Found to be an effective treatment in problems of asthma and tuberculosis. Garlic in teas and potions is an excellent diuretic, expectorant, digestive, and antispasmodic - A good preventive to any distress to any system or onset of a cold. - Garlic is good for the returning to balance the condition of any and all systems. - Garlic also has good effect in clearing work and ceremony. - Is also effective in relationships and situations where one wishes to rid oneself from unwanted witchcraft influences and effects.



One of the favorite foods of the aboriginal peoples - One of the Medicines of the Squirrel is indeed that of Adaptability - A highly vocal communicator, this aspect of Squirrel Medicine is only surpassed by its consummate efforts at storing away food supplies for the needs of the winter. - Has very good vision and hearing augmented with a great sense of balance and curiosity. - Medicine is that of Communication, Saving for the future and a Sense of home and Softness and Comfort in life. - In dreams and visions Signifies the need for thrift as well for communication - Signifies both Hope and Renewall and is often a forecaster of good things to come - The Squirrel in vision or dreams that is running away is a sign of danger or the need for relocation or journey


Medicine is that of an Extension of the Medicine of Realization. - Relates as much to the Consciousness of Actualization as that of Realization. - Each and all Potential incarnate as a Free Will expression so as to primarily experience something. - Is that of a process by which one embraces the Medicines of Openness and Flow so as to become something new in the experience and expression of Growth - Giving of Direction to Adaptability - The Motive of Actualization


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