Have You Ever Wondered....

Where God came from?

How life really began on Earth?

What happened to the dinosaurs and where did they come from?

Why the human form is different than all others?

The real story about the rise and fall of Atlantis and the Great Flood?

What is God's desire and plan for humankind and the "End of Mother Earth"?

The answers to all of these questions that are a part of what are often considered to be the "Great Mysteries" are found in the four volume series of Origins. More than four years in it's development, Origins is the documented journey of the Spiritual Odyssey of White Eagle as the Creator shares with him all that has come to be, including that of Himself. Truly a Great Adventure, Origins could be considered to be the autobiography of the Creator whom White Eagle calls Great Pop and is represented by the circular shaped symbol depicted above. Share in the Adventure as most all of the questions that people have had about Creation over the ages are resolved in this experiential journey that not only goes into the depths of the Past, but also into the Future as well.

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Origins Volume 1 - The Very Beginning

Origins Volume 2 - The Beginning of Life

Origins Volume 3 - Being Human

Origins Volume 4 - The Future


Price For the Series (All 4 Volumes) - $62.00

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