This Day’s Medicine in Farms and Gardens

The Current Moon Phase is -

This Lunar Cycle Began on -    And Ends on -

While the Season is primary, consideration to the phases of the Moon should be considered when determining planting dates. The goal is to plant in resonance (Medicine) with these phases so that the Plant Spirits will thrive. Different types of plants have differing resonances with any particular phase. Plants that set produce above the ground are connected to the Moon’s increase in size from New Moon to Full Moon (the waxing period) because the Moon is growing “Up.” Plants with the edible part growing below the ground are related to the phase between the Full Moon and New Moon, when the circle of light diminishes or grows “Down” (the waning period).  One will benefit considering the Medicine of the quarters of the Moon as well.


A Guideline to Moon Phase and Plant Spirit Gardening:

Lunar and Moon Phase Cycle starts with the New Moon on -

Sow and Transplant plants that produce their seeds on the outside, such as lettuce, broccoli, annual flowers and herbs during this phase.

End of the first quarter (Half Moon / Waxing) -

Sow and Transplant plants that set seeds inside a pod or skin do best when planted in this quarter. These are primarily vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.

End of the second quarter (Full Moon) -

Sow and Transplant plants all vegetable root crops such as potatoes, onions, radishes and beets do best planted in this phase. Perennial flowers, flower bulbs, shrubs and trees also prefer the third quarter.

End of the third quarter (Half - Waning) -

Weed in this phase. There’s a gardening rumor that weeds pulled during the fourth quarter won’t grow back!

End of the fourth quarter (New Moon) -



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