Each Day as well as Week, Month, and Year are outwardly expressive Potential which have a unique quality of Essential Nature and thereby Spirit.  While the Medicine and thereby Essential Nature of each day is unique and specific, the full Potential of each day is actually influenced by the prayers of desire of oneself and those beings and things that one is in relationship with as well as that of many others such as the Week, Year, and Month.  Yet through one's choices and expressions, the Potential and Medicine of each new day can and does supersede that of the other influences as one walks the path of it. In the following description of the Medicines and Potential of This Day, one can rightfully consider them as being presented by weight of Potential or influence, as the day of the week is more influential than the day of the month and so forth.

Today is -

Today is also with being day of the week and hence Today has the Medicine and Potential of: . Therefore to get the fullest measure of the Potential of Today, one should consciously seek any and all ways and means to experience and express one's own in pursuit of one's Life Goals and Objectives in it.

Today is also day of the 28 Day Calendar or what is called the Lunar Cycle, and hence Today also has the Medicine and Potential of: .

Today is also day of this month and hence Today also has the Medicine and Potential of: .

Therefore This Day is a Great Day to seek and be of and and


Today is also day of this year.

Has a Medicine Of:
And this will be the predominant influence and Potential of This Day.


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