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It has been over a decade since the Creator told White Eagle to "Write This Book". It happened during one of his daily Meditations when White Eagle asked the Creator what he could do so as to best please and serve Him. White Eagle's first response was something like that of a child being told to go to bed at night who wanted to stay up longer, even though he was obviously real tired. Several days then passed with each day yielding the same response from the Creator to the same question from White Eagle in his daily Meditation. Finally, White Eagle accepted the response and said something like: "But gee Great Pop, you know that I do not really like to write and besides I never have been very good at it, especially in school". The Creator whom White Eagle calls "Great Pop" then responded with: "That is Ok as I will help you in it".

The Books being offered are resultant from the material which has been presented in "Channel" and recorded and illustrated by White Eagle. It has been prepared on the "Wonderful Writing Machine" that Great Pop, Grey Owl, and several others have facilitated so that the Beginning Medicine of White Eagle can be fulfilled, which is that of Bringing the Word of the Creator to the Mountaintop.

Over the years as each new work became completed and available, White Eagle would ask Great Pop about getting them edited and published. Great Pop's usual response was pretty much the same which was "Not to Worry, I will provide in time". Needless to say it would be nice to have this material edited and published in such a manner so as to be available for everyone's bookshelf or night stand. White Eagle's prayer is that in time soon to come that does become so and is clearly open to any such opportunity and support. In fact, he even feels that the series of Origins would make an excellent movie or television series as well. It is given to also state here that all accounts in the material of the books being offered are factual and did occur as described within them. There are actually several Advantages in having Books on CD, not the least of which is the capability of using the find feature of MS Word to Quickly Locate Any Subject or item of interest! Of course some of the other advantages are reduced Size for storage as well as reduced Cost over that of a printed document.

It is important to note that what is being offered is Unedited copies of the Original material as it was first channeled, experienced, and presented through and by, White Eagle. This material is presented in book fashion using Microsoft Word97. It contains many full color illustrations that are original art by White Eagle and are already embedded within the content. Each CD contains both the covers as well as the main document, with the covers being presented together in a separate file for ease of reading or printing. The material being presented is protected by copyright and is the sole property of White Eagle and all rights are reserved. The page count listed for each book is single spaced, and all books are already formatted to be printed on a full sized page in MS Word.

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The Medicine Way

The Medicine in Names

The Medicine of Numbers

Origins - The Series


The Medicine of Selves - How To and Self Help Books

Volume 1 - How to Realize Real Success in Life

Volume 2 - Tribes

Volume 3 - Life & Survivors Guilt

Volume 3 is of special help and support at this time and to Help get this material available to any and all, Please select: To Help,


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The Great Spirit's Plan (The complete Original Version)

The Proper Way


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