The Medicine Of Selves
Volume 2 - Tribes

254 Pages
20+ Full Color Illustrations
Available on CD in Word .Doc format.
Text file size in .Doc format: 6.5 Meg.
Covers file size in .Doc format: .5 Meg.
Price - $18.00

Have you ever wondered about How The Creator intended for us to Live here on Mother Earth?

Have you wondered about Pole Shift, Aliens, 2012, or Armageddon?

Have you ever desired to break out of the Mold and Restrictions of the Prevalent Culture?

Have You Really considered just What a Life experience Should be?

Have You ever considered What The Creator desires of and for You?

Do You have any Idea as to Why You are in Life here on Mother Earth?

Do you have any desire to be of Real Success and Proper in Life?


These questions and many more are now answered in this material that has become available through the channel of White Eagle and Great Pop. This material is in a sense an extension of Origins and includes the parallel experiences of the continuing Odyssey of White Eagle in both the physical and Spirit Realms. It is also heavily illustrated with detailed descriptive diagrams to facilitate ease as well as a more complete Understanding. It is being presented in this manner so as to best enlighten and assist the reader in realizing the Reality of Being a Being in Life, as Well as How to start Realizing a greater Potential than one might have ever imagined for oneself.


This is a must read book for anyone that wishes to make positive changes in themselves or the result of their being in Life and thereby....
the Future!!!!


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