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20+ Full Color Illustrations
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Have you ever wondered about the Spiritual dynamics that can lead to conditions such as Multiple Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, and other psychological conditions?

Have you ever been afraid or angry and later told that you behaved in a manner or said things that you can not remember or that was seemingly out of character for you?

Have you ever wondered what your Conscience is and how it operates, or how you think as well as feel?

These questions and many more are now answered in this material that has become available through the channel of White Eagle and Great Pop. The large file size is due to it being heavily illustrated with detailed descriptive diagrams to facilitate ease as well as complete Understanding. It is being presented in this manner so as to best enlighten and educate the reader as relates to the physical as well as Spiritual dynamics of the Mind and other parts of what can be considered as one's persona and thereby Spirit.

In the experience of this material, one will discover that there are not only varying sources of Possession, but also varying degrees of it as well all of which can be Remedied, if truly desired by the individual with such a condition.

The different elements of what can only be described as being the real and perpetual self are defined and described in a manner so as to enable all to be able to relate to their own. It is presented in this way to enable both personal identification and management. Included in the back of this material is a section on Remedies for any condition of imbalance as well as Possession.

This is a must read book for all health care practitioners, educators, and therapists, as well as counselors and Spiritual leaders of any persuasion !!!!


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