The Medicine Of Numbers

181 Pages
70+ Full Color Illustrations
Available on CD in Word .Doc format.
Text file size in .Doc format: 50.8 Meg.
Covers file size in .Doc format: 2.0 Meg.
Price - $18.00

Have you ever wondered why certain numbers keep appearing in your life?

Is it possibly some type of communication means with the Spirit realm?

What is the hidden message in your initials or even the spelling of your name?

These questions and many more are now answered in this latest material that has become produced through the channel of White Eagle and Great Pop. The large file size is due to it being heavily illustrated with many colorful drawings and symbols. Included in this material is what is called a Medicine Primer that introduces the participant to Medicine and the Medicine Way. A should read and have book for anyone desiring to study the Medicine Way of Spirituality, but also a practical resource and fun tool for any and all to use at any time. Included is a method of determining the Medicine of any number as well as the Medicines of all of the letters of the alphabet. Besides, there are all of those neat drawings and symbols, Ho, Ho, Ho!


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