The Medicine In Names

118 Pages
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This material and book was primarily prepared as support material for individuals that have been Named by White Eagle as is another offering in this Website. Included in this material is much information about the Medicines of a lot of things that would be beneficial for anyone to know about, hence it's inclusion here as a general offering. Also included is a cross reference between certain animal forms that predominately share the same Medicine and thereby essential nature. For those that have been or are desiring to be Named, this is an invaluable tool in getting to know the true nature of oneself and as White Eagle says: "What doesn't need fixing".

Each family would do well to have this material as well as have each member named. Such insight is especially valuable for parents to support the balance and wellbeing in the growth of their children as well as that of each self. Certainly such insight will better espousal relationships and can be a great asset in business relationships and other working conditions as well. Included in this material are not only insights to the nature of each individual and thereby their spiritual persona, but also things to do in times that one becomes in dilemma. Positive stimuli are also provided for certain Medicines and thereby essential natures.


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