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The Medicine Way

300 Pages
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Would you like to be more successful in your relationships?

Are you interested in Spirituality and the path of the Medicine person or Shamanism?

Would you like to know about the special nature of Plants or Mineral Spirits?

Would you like to be able to talk to your guides and the Creator in a Medicine Wheel?

Have you wondered what the animals are trying to tell you or mean in your dreams?


There have been many books written about Medicine people and Shamanism in general but very few real and practical guides so as to learn and experience the Way of it. Such is predominantly the purpose and intent of this material. Over the years commonly referred to as "The Big Book" by White Eagle and those that have come to learn the Medicine Way from him, this is the first material written when Great Pop told White Eagle to: "Write This Book". The Medicine Way is actually seven books in one being that of:

The Medicine of Prayer

The How To and Why of Prayer


The How To of being incarnate on Mother Earth

Walking the Round Way

The How To of Relationships

The Medicine Wheel

Not only the How To, but also the Why and What

Mineral Spirit Medicine

Describes the Medicine and potential support from many of
the different stones and minerals that White Eagle uses in his
practice of the Medicine Way.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Describes the Medicine and essential nature of most of the
common trees and plants. Also described is the Medicine of
the Spirit of common food plants as well the support one can
receive from many of the herbs listed.

Animal Spirit Medicine

Includes what different animals mean in vision or dreams as
well as in one's daily encounters.

This material has been extensively used as support material for many classes and Workshops conducted by White Eagle over the years.


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