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         Approved Sources of Resources for Making Things

Moscow Hide and Fur -  Skins, Teeth, Skulls, Bones, and a lot of other hard to get items.

Art by God (Mineral Spirits) - A great Mineral Spirit resource if you are buying in bulk, otherwise check out local or cyber Rock Shops.

Cedar Mountain Drums - A great Resource for making ceremonial items.

Another source of Resources can be found in the pages of -  Shaman's Drum Magazine  (We do Not necessarily recommend any or all that appear).



Native Languages - List of Native American Indian Tribes and Languages

Language Resources – Some More Native American Language Resources

More Native Languages – Another Native Languages Page


Algonquin – Native Languages of the Americas:


1st Trbal Lending - A Resource Support - A Resource Directory


To Help – An American Indian Relief Council


The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Feather Atlas – Promotes feather identification, research, and appreciation


Shaman Links – A Website on Shamanism & Guide to Resources & Practicioners



David Hewson – Fine Art by a Master

Sheercraft Limited - Jeffrey Alan Sheer / (910) 693-0331 – Fine Jewelry by a Master

Free eCards,Greeting Cards - Send these Free Love Greetings, Birthday E-Cards, Friendship E-Cards, Flowers & Gift Cards , Wedding, lovely E-Cards to your near and dear ones.

Raggio Visivo - A Source of Spiritual Support in Photography - Free "Spirituality" E-Cards.

Spirit Find - A Search Engine for Spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics and more. Updated daily!

Feng Shui - - Great Feng Shui Products and Feng Shui Tips

A H A M - Meditation Retreat & Spiritual Training Center Spirituality

Manchester School of Massage - Training, Supplies, & More

Center of Awakened Health- Alternative Medicine & Cancer Treatment & Detox. Support, & More

Spiritual Endeavors - Expanding Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Consciousness

Or for Addiction Issues:

Addiction Resource- Helps local communities stay drug-free

Teen / Parent Addiction Resource- Parent Resources: Helpful Tips for Teen Addiction Recovery

The American Society of Addiction Medicine- Support for drug abuse prevention and treatment

Non-Drug Support for Sleep Problems- A Variety of Non-drug therepies for people with sleep disorders

A Teen Addiction resource for teens & parents- Dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders into recovery


The mission of A SpiritWalker is to "Bring The Creator's Word to the Mountaintop".

By doing such, our motive and Prayer is that of Supporting the betterment of the condition of Balance and Wellbeing in the All of Creation.

As most realize, there is a certain cost associated with the development and continuous maintenance of A SpiritWalker, both in terms of time as well as money.


To Actively Support this Mission through a Sponsoring Donation and Help us To:

Keep Reflecting the Light of Great Pop in the Darkness

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In an effort to expand public awareness to our mission and presence and thus make the support that is offered available to more individuals, A SpiritWalker has chosen to participate in several promotional campaigns.

Of course the best promotion is your recommendation, and we pray that you do also pass the message and therefore Light of A SpiritWalker amongst your friends and family members as you choose.


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